Gordon Ramsay insult kids

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Horizon '_' : fake! his insult is from hell's kitchen

Itzjoseph : Lmao "it's black" *shows black woman at the end*

Space Person : I would watch Masterchef junior if Gordon Ramsay was like this


Lord Beerus : 0:05 The way he was mixing it killed me.

Abhishek Nair : He never talks to kids that way

Nico Marquez15 : It's been years.... And he still can't find the lamb sauce

Timothy Crowell : omg at least try and make it look real

Jackly'son Sw4g : "WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE!?!?"😂😂😂😂

Planet Dolan Fan : 0:20

999999999 : 0:16

Arab Catholic : JESUS

Secret_Vlogs : I’m dying XD

100000 subs with no videos : WHERES THE LAMB SAUCE

HumansDemons : Go to 00:8

Pet Videoz : Perfect edit moments, this made it LOOK real, but not so much

Akime 53 : I know its fake, but still so funny

Nomad Viking : He just took clips from Hell's Kitchen and clipped it in to master chef kids.

jose rodriguez : Eso es un montaje el audio es de hell's kitchen

EDBREAD megabyte : Yep he just edited in the audio from hell's kitchen

vYung Baebayv : fr i thought this was real...

A.J Lewis/Sonicski : Top 10 Anime Children in Slavery

Lancer :P : *W H E R E S T H E L A M B S A U C E ! ?*

Juan Frate : It is funnier when there is child traume involved.

High Mugician Najarin : I died lol

Mohan Guruswamy : Even an idiot knows that this is fake... EDITED

Kitsuopiatn Batisuu : It fake

AkaoGaming : the kids just feel bad (fake insults)

jimbo : imagine if this was real

ByTheTimeYouHaveFinishedReadingMyLongUsernameIHaveTakenYourBagel : Hoodclips stole this lol

The Dankest Jesus : Been looking for this lol. You made my day good sah.

チルノ : ololi

hartstochtelijk : me irl

Renzo Obando : I found out this was a rip off with the "WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE" thing 😂

Shimmy Potato : No way. He's the greatest and kindest. (in kids hears)

Eisonara : ?

Rαveɴ Kυrαтα : this is not real

Cynthia Morton : Feel so bad😢😢😢😢

Max Weber : Yeah this is fake. The Lamb Sauce audio was taken from a Hell's Kitchen Episode.

Jagaimo : why is this so fake?

Jordan W : Ughh I’m trying to find a real video of him yelling at the kids

Jesus XL : What's with all the retards feeling the need to point out this is fake?

anroo : There are actual retards in this comment section