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ArticruciA Williams : that finale was really good though lol

Jam : air is heavier than sugar LOL

swinggcat : He's right, air is heavier than sugar. Learned that in chem class

Ian Fraser : Air is heavier than sugar!

yolanda Esquer : I saw the green gumball in your hand BUSTED!


Ruthless Loginman : They should do one where it's like... he does the trick, but the store is supposed to be against weird 'stuff'... so when he does the trick, he's supposed to act like it was normal for the store, even though the trick surprised him even. What I'm basically saying is that he should pose as a normal employee in a store, then becomes confronted with something crazy, and his job is to explain the weirdness, despite (I'm going off the rails now) he's the magician showing of the show. I want the background crew to surpirise Carbonaro. I don't care whether the crew gets a magician with different styles than Carbanaro, or whatever magicians defines skills, I just want to see him stunted as a magician, by another magician. That would be an amazing twist episode! I want a pro against him. Not saying Carbanaro isn't a pro, but, c'mon, there are people out there that can do some crazy stuff. _crazy_ Perhaps even youtube itself will give good hints.

deejaydfc : "Oh I see..I see" Sure ya do. 🤣

aditya pradipta : now is almost 1 am and i get stuck on this carbonaro effect...

Ole Solheim Salvesen : I feel bad for the female human. At least I assume it is a female. I guess gender doesn’t matter. I changed the topic quite fast.

zhulia : She is so adorable

Tom Stoner : Not sure what the bigger trick is in his shows- the magic, or how he gets people to believe his made-up physics.

IamMrMoss : Air is heavier than sugar.  LOLOLOLOLLLLL!!!!!

Charlie Tango : Incredibly awesome how he does that. She was really cute, too.

Robsic66 : At 1:51 through 1:53 you can see part of the gum ball in his hand lol. Still love him though!

keshav maheshwari : 1:52 something green is visible in his hand..

GodsSon987 : Ok I saw the green gumball in his hand before he "popped" the green color, but how did all those other gumballs fallout?

F V : You can see the gum ball in his hand at 1:50-1:54

ChuckyT : She's like a "trailer park" kinda cute.... I love trailer parks....

ADAM MILES : So funny she acts like she understands it

RustyAsh : Carbonaro Effect is COMPLETELY FAKE. All actors. They stop camera and tell actors to look surprised. Show is produced. NOT REAL.

Darian wuz here : Bruh he had the green in his hand

Thomas : Carbonaro Effect is COMPLETELY FAKE. All actors. They stop camera and tell actors to look surprised. Show is produced. NOT REAL.

Finn McCool : Spilling all the gumballs was a great bit. The big fin.

Realmasterorder : You were right they did perfect it !

Bulasturu Bula : I love when he says things that make absolutly no sense like "air is heavier than sugar" with enough confidence and people always act like "ohh yeah aight" to not appear dumb xD

dtadeo2006 : aww would have loved to watch the reveal!

John Cromwell : Leave it to the Danes to come up with something like that.

Colors in Motion : i like how he prevents her to take it at 1:16 :p

Jayy Stepp : I'd only be in a candy store if i was high and that might push me over the edge

sean m : air is heavier than sugar.....OOOOOHH that makes sense lmfao

Dillon : At 1:50 you can see the green gumball in his hand!

Dick Fuckington : meh.. I could do this one

butsik finkel : Air is heavier then sugar 😂

Jess Lee : is ot fake or what ?

Andy Tanui : I am really a simple guy, i see a thumbnail with a pretty girl i click.

Jacquelyn Benford : My favorite part of these is him making up scientific explanations lol

Hasan Armstrong : Your videos are so cool. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttt

chelsi irvine : Can someone plz upload the video where he become trapped in the arcade machine and then he ends up in the claw machine plz?

Flame Standish : Air is heavier than sugar xD

XxViktorijaxX : Because air is heavier than sugar. .................

Jonas Haugen : people are so gullible

Heru Muharman : Soooo, at 1:47 he already has the green gumball on his hand under the paper, you can see it clearly on the closeup (1:51). But the scene just before that (before the cut), where he takes the paper from her, there is nothing on his hand. What I'm asking is, did they cut the part where he did the trick and sneaks the gumball so we don't see how he does it? Which of course make sense. Or did the entire show staged?

Ian Albright : Mind blown


Fox Law : "air-wafting sugar" "air is heavier than sugar" Oh boy.

Patrick Wu : air heavier than sugar he's the best hahahahahaha

Gabe Giguere : The magics beautiful but its the personality that makes it.

Juann Ovalle : If I could actually make that, I would be richer than Gates...

The reasonable Vedic : Air is heavier than she believed it..