Burning A Dog Corpse - Peep Show

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Szaam : Most people I've talked to about Peep Show agree that this is one of the funniest episodes but also one of the hardest to watch. It's a cringe comedy masterclass.

Peep Show : Thank you :)

Sj Dly : "I need to head back to my barge for 5 minutes" would've solved everything xD

prince : the funniest part was when he had to eat the dog in the boat lololol! i cried bcoz it was that funny

WTF Kieran : "Do you think I'm some sort of freelance dog-murdering mafia man?" 😂😂😂

Captain Midnight : Why didn't they just throw the dog in the canal?

A BeeCee : GREAT episode!

santino4561 : do you think im some sort of freelance dog-murdering mafia man? Kills me every time.

Adam Smith : 0:59 

deseasedracoon : By far the MOST fucked up scene/ episode EVER!!!

careduro : Greetings from Lima Peru! I managed to find chapters on iSat

Quick Jack : I killed someones dog once, cos the owner tried to disrespect me.

Misos : This is my favourite episode of the show. Brings back so much memories.

gunners KW : This episode always bugs me, made it look so hard to get rid of the dog when it could've been done easily

Joaquin Bottom : I remember when i watched all season of peep show in a week. Best time of my life.

Will : He should have thrown it in the river

Jatham K West : They should have just left it there

David Nolan : have i just found the best channel on youtube????

AaronGX : What episode and what series? :)

Sid Morris : "You shouldn't need firefighters to burn a dog Jeremy"

Adventure King : Jeremy, there are many things I would do to help you, but digging a hole in the wintry earth with my bare hands so that you can bury the corpse of a dog you've killed is not one of them.

Mirata87 : Classic Peep Show moment xp

Beau Daniel : I almost cried laughing watching this haha

airindiana : “Put the legs back on in the middle”. With that point of the finger, this whole dog thing has me clutching my sides. Ah so funny