Chicken Nugger

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Freddy Spaghetti : Top 10 saddest anime deaths

The Parakeets : I went to an Asian restaurant and the French Fries were literally called French Fried

MewTDM - Aka Mew The Dimond Mew : This is real poetry

Lewis Ebdon : You son cries the tear of a chicken nuggerless child So random and funny


Brandon Reck : *Chicken nuggerless child*

Jasmine Rothnie : Brings a tear to the eye.

8bitpineapple : You sit at the restaurant with your young son. He says he is hungry. You agree to get him dinner. You open up to the kids menu; your child is far too young for adult food. "Chicken Nugger" stares at you from the page. You don't understand. Your palms get sweaty and your son complains, he says he's hungry, your mind strains searching for an answer, in a world of "Sweer Potato" and "French Fried". You try to order the chicken nugger but you cannot! The words cannot escape your lips. Your son is hungry he complains. The waitress stares at you her head a spinning chicken nugger, her arms swinging french fried. Your son cries the tears of a chicken nugger-less child. In your mind you scream, it is raining sweer potato now. You have "French Fried" engraved on your left temple and you do not understand. Your son weeps in the corner; he is staving, starving for the chicken nugger.

KP Drax : This is art

TastyMrPancake : The saddest anime of our generation

comides adictus : *It is raining sweer potato now*

Ed Alzr : “Stahving foh the chicken nuhggeh”

LupoWolf : Why is this so funny and addictive? 😂

Sir Rivian : 1080p chicken nuggers

Dana Osgood : Myself, my BFF, my mom and my dad all fell on the floor laughing because of this video.

Comrade Nugget : people think of this when they see my name so i am told

Deepak Narayan : French fried?

The Hundredth Monkey : *You Don't Understand*

Dawan The1 : Art is life brah this is life

sonyviva308 : Anybody found the original version where it zooms in the Chicken Nugger?

Caelin Pellegren : Lol they were a key off on each dish (keyboard)

Mr.Tree : this is a masterpiece

Todd Vallier : Every parent's existential nightmare.

Purrtendo : *starving for the chicken nugger*

Blueberry Muffin : Did no one notice ...Sweer Potato?

spoer : This is by far the scariest story I have ever read in my life,I cant sleep..

Not today Son : From PewDiePie anyone ?

Ikkini Chan : Replace the 'u' with an 'i.' Now that is a Kid's menu

Rowan Blalock-Bassett : I showed this to my mom and she said "how many brain cells did I just lose"

Griffin Teller : Barber would be proud that his music could be used in such an emotionally profound context.

Hugh Yan : Why is this in my recommended?

Garbis Sallakian : What's the background music?

Munchy PuffxD437 : If you think about it this is a overly dramatic poem about menu typos

Dank Skywalker : Chi🅱️🅱️en Nu🅱️🅱️er

Dazed : Your palms are sweaty Knees weak arms are heavy Theres vomit on his sweater already *chicken nugger*

Guima Gamer : Top 10 Impossible Choices in Telltale games

Kami Lee : I'm so glad someone did a dramatic reading of this

Gojida : This sounds like a game narration.

Spooky Scary Skeleton : I'm having ww2 flashback, help!

Max Darkclaw comics : Vsuace should explain the secret of the chi chicken nugger

Izzy Pop cola : What is de music?

Koala_Cookiez : The videos you watch at 2 am when you can’t sleep

Danko55555 :P : Such wow I just found my new favorite word "Chicken nugger"

ZACHARY ATTWOOD : The true definition of art. I feel touched

Mustard Warrior : And the oscar for the best drama goes to (Emotional sniffle) ch...chicken nugger!

Big Brother : I literally cried to this. This is Hilarious. God, I couldn't stop laughing.

Rockwizard5 : lmao

Ned Mundy : Top 10 anime betrayals

DaJPlayz : You sir have just gotten yourself into a reality war.

Beth H : No one should be chicken nuggerless. Donate £3 today to help this cause. Thank you.