Stardust (4/8) Movie CLIP - Twinkle Toes Shakespeare (2007) HD

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Solverson : Forget Taxi Driver, this was De Niro's best performance

Joseph Goebel : There is no way DeNiro didn't LOVE doing this scene, I know they call it acting for a reason, but you can tell...he is having the time of his life in this scene!

ShadowSonic2 : I want to know how many takes they had to do this without Mark Strong laughing.

Losaru : I don't care if Captain Shakespeare wasn't in the book, this was awesome. XD I also wonder if for that scene they said, "Here's the music, here's the clothes, now act like a kid going through their mom's dresses." XD Love it

Classic Flix : Stardust is currently on Netflix for those who wish to see the whole movie.

Grace Jackson : One of the funniest scenes of the film, love the contrast between the pirate fight and the Captain dancing. The best part is when Septimus discovers the Captain dancing and the camera continually cross-cuts between his face and the Captain playing with the feathers and looking just beyond the camera.

Peter Franks : WARNING!! The Following Video will make it impossible for you to ever take Robert De Niro seriously again.

John Freedman : The aggressive pose and the "What are you doing here?" kills me every time.

BloodylocksBathory : Robert de Niro is adorable in this movie... and Mark Strong is so freaking hot.

Channel Aum : Are you dancing to me? Are you dancing to me?

Verena Mlinar : This is so underrated.

manofthetardis : De niro was having too much fun with this scene.

Mitch Gibson : Proof that Matthew Vaughn is a genius director. Especially when it comes to fight sequences. The Hallway Fight in Kick-Ass, The Church and the Disco Fight on Kingsman, and this sword fight. And he's only directed 6 movies!

Jack McConnell : Best scene ever it is the funniest thing I have ever seen, especially as it is Robert De Niro, the hardest actor ever.

347Rika : 1:36 who is that guy on the right fighting with two small swords? His fighting is AWESOME!!! I think he is Asian...that fight was crapping cool! even thou it's a few secs...

Guitar Hero : 0:46: When your jam comes on and you're alone so you don't care.

Cakeslam x : I need to stop watching this repeatedly and go to bed already. I have class in the morning. This is ridiculous. Robert what have you done to me.

KingsHead : The song is "Orpheus In The Underworld" by Offenbach.

FlashakaViolet : captain shakespeare was such a sweetheart :3 Plus, I love it when this music is used during fight scenes xD makes everything better

frisco21 : I'll never again be able to listen to Offenbach without thinking of Robert DeNiro in drag.

Nancy Delain : Love this scene! It makes me laugh every time I see it.

R4tB0y5 : 1:39 super saiyan mode engaged

ScarlethazelJ J : One of my fav moments in one of my fav films! love it!

flapte : I loved this part of the movie!!!! hilarious!!!!!!!

ThemisTheBlue : I could frame the photo of Mark's Strong expression when he spots the captain :D.

Melly : If you're in a bad mood, watch this :)))

mrFalloutFan95 : When you have watched Goodfellas and you watch this its even more funny

Xandra Nicholai : SHAKESPEARE IS SO CUTE HERE!!!! AWWW!!! I'd love to hang out with him :3

Fernando Ramos : Saw this film yesterday on Syfy, and it was a delightful film!!

rodstartube : "what the hell is this?" "... twinkle toes..." ..... LOL!!!!

culdee4 : Great movie.

shastapurpledaisy : “We always knew you were a bit of a woopsey” favourite line in the movie

Sagar L Patil : Yesterday I was watching this movie and this scene came outta nowhere XD

drummerboi357 : 0:34 I mean honestly who would bow like that and not be punished for it XD

zach jensen : my favorite scene from the movie

Shazzkid : Best scene in movie history

Ordonity : 1:17 was pretty much exactly how I looked the first time I saw this scene

ztslovebird : The best part? Shakespeare’s crew knew about his double life all along, and they didn’t care.

Mr. Mark : The clanging blades just make this even more enjoyable!!

roux_ga_roux : my most favorite character in the whole movie

Gilnéas Fogg : Ce film est incroyable de drôlerie et de fantastique, c'est un petit bijoux !

曾沛豪 : I want to know this symphony music~thank you

Jackie Mcelveen : Lol queen of the fairies

Elador1000 : "Now remember, Captain Shakespeare has a fearsome reputation."

Fernando Ramos : 0:48 Shakespeare, how can u be doing the cancan when your ship is under attack?!

CharlesXVIofTakicardia Loiseau : we always knew you were a whoopsie

Mia Gerson : Omg I love this part of the movie!

Zolim Enamorado :  robert de niro  es  grande jajajajajaj

Milian Cify : 1:11 had me in stitches!

Korean Cowboy42 : Septimus reminds me of Snape from Harry Potter lol.