The Simpsons couch gag [YOU'RE NEXT]

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et 37 : That’s enough internet for today

Milmiskew : Homer’s death was so sad. We know how innocent he is, and when he shed a tear, it was heart breaking.

Alberto Avila : Are we going to ignore the fact that she went sicko mode

lucas Banda : I saw this on instagram and looked it up here and the music on the instagram one made it even more sad😐


zoozbuh : This is one of the most horrific things I've ever seen...

KingWoods : Can someone explain to me how seeing clay figures getting mauled and mutilated makes me feel uneasy, but when I see real people getting mauled and mutilated it doesn't affect me like wtf

LatinoJackson : I hope Marge goes back in time via a toaster after a bulking up and fighting like He-Man, I hope.

M Y S T O : I would say it's creepy and it is, but wow... I find it actually quite impressive how well made this is.

Cupcake Lover : The background music, the deaths, and the expressions on there face just makes this video so damn traumatizing

BenjiXAddictX4Ever : I'm not gonna lie, this really hurt. The part with Maggie is so sick, though! She's just an innocent baby!

Redo Non-original content : *bart gets arrow in head* What that’s not bad *Rest of the Family gets killed in a brutal way* Nevermind

Subscribe to pewdiepie R : I have one question 1: why did they murder the whole family?? WHATS the point of murdering a happy family i know its an animation but some times it happens in real life like dude its really sad 😞

Juan J. : Just the thought of thousands of Simpsons fans coming on here and watching this without any idea what they're in for is hilarious to me.

Jeremiad Dionysus Ozymandias : When I first saw this, I thought this had to be one of the rejected Guest Animator couch gags. This was just haunting. 1000 times darker than Banksy. At least Rick and Morty kind of brought them back to life after accidentally killing them in their couch gag.

Austistic Aussie : Thought these were one of those kid friendly play doh videos.. *SO I SHOWED IT TO MY COUSIN*

Nasexsav Kifs : The bullies have gone way too far this time.

Tamas Martinez : I laughed at the end

Blastoise :v : Top 10 muertes mas tristes del anime Edit: Nunca tuve tantos likes en mi vida :"D

Iverson 501 : My question is how tf did the cop get there in time also why tf would be shoot the girl aren’t they friends or sum.?.....🤔🥺

Top 10 Archive : Damn Chief Wiggum always messing things up...

Dugeez No Cap : Thank you Kanye, very cool!

Rad1an 737 : This made me think about life, how it could start off all happy and historic like your Bday, but an unknown death date. Your just gonna and not around ppl you know anymore. How ur body would explode or hand cut severely like Homer, sometime in the future (if that did happen) And how your gonna die is unknown right now. You were given to the world up until that point...

Owen Bentley : Man fr that was disturbing as hell. I usually am pretty used to watching war and horror movies but the worst part of this is imagining putting you and your family into their shoes.

BartekGamerPL : The Purge in a nutschell

YouTubeLogo : Play D'OH

Richard : i was not ready for that. I will never unsee that.

Carlito Menem : Marge now is He-Marge 😂

Dogeboi9378 : Sneak peak: *final episode of the simpsons* Final episode premiering in 2099

Itz Catriel : Marge Te recordare como un heroe

Lil Nugz : Everyone always talk of how disturbing these are but they are great. Real creativity and talent goes into these

FNaFplays198 7 : This made me had to sleep with mom cause I always had a fear of dying like that

Six Nekys : Esta cosa es real hijo :v

The Estru : Couch "Gag"

The Unknown Anonymous : Baby's don't what's going and they're also self defenseless and can't help others it's just sad the way Maggie died in this

sofia Esmeralda : I'm in shock

circus baby gaming : I had a dream simaler to this

Feminist : Simply the most f***ed up thing I've seen all year

paula noku : Er 2:27 da manha e eu nem queria dormir msm

Karissa Schindler : Okay time to watch some vines now... Heh 😅😷

Jhonatan cortez : the scary part is that this can actually happen to anyone

Tobias Gallardo : *FUE FLANDERSSS*

LV. 4999 Soldier : This guy should see a psychologist

Mexican Justin Y. : I mean I would pray to God so this won't happen to any of us. There are people that are really sick.

Mariela Lorenti : Qué feo te lo juro soy el único que habla español 2019 XD

Logan Taylor : I know this vid is messed up but chief Wiggums face had me dead

Mr.PotatoChip : This was the most horrifying masterpiece of bloodcurdling brilliance I have ever seen in my entire life... *Props to you...*

Нитро Флэш : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😔😔💧💧💧💧💦

Swed Mapping : Homer scene was sad , he cried for his life :c

Cartman BR : At least Marge got a positive K/D