The Simpsons couch gag [YOU'RE NEXT]

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BenjiXAddictX4Ever : I'm not gonna lie, this really hurt. The part with Maggie is so sick, though! She's just an innocent baby!

UnderAgedAussie •ω• : Thought these were one of those kid friendly play doh videos.. *SO I SHOWED IT TO MY COUSIN*

Kracker Boi : Homers death was the most disturbing in my opinion but that was just horrifying

Adrienne Simpkins : At least Marge Simpson didn't go out with out a fight

LED_ Gaming : That part that really hurt was when the dad turned to his wife, and cried that tear saying his final goodbye.

zoozbuh : This is one of the most horrific things I've ever seen...

OMG they killed Kenny! : This was really creepy and sad but when the main theme came at 1:53 I burst laughing

Eikman Almond : I think I’ve had enough internet today. Just watching that I feel very disturbed. I actually wanted to cry while watching that

djfunkey 6115 : What time is it? *ITS MEDICATION TIME*

The Amazin Taco! : I actually cried watching this.....And then couldnt go to sleep.

et 37 : That’s enough internet for today

Emory Kahn : usually I don’t care about these type of videos, but this made me sick.

Brielle Washington : This sucked the living words out of me. Like I got nothing to say but I wanna say something.

Big Chooc : Maggie didn't deserve to die


BT -7274 : Really well made, but... Why? I guess it succeeded at being horror though *shivers*

0 0 : Hey kids want to get desensitized

Caitlin : That actually made me nauseous

Straight Facts : The face expressions nearly made me cry 😢

Top 10 Archive : Damn Chief Wiggum always messing things up...

Top blue Bomber : Came here from twitter

LolDed XD : The new Saw movie looks great !

Thomas the cringe Engine : I think I. Need. Therapy now

Lulu super epic videos : I strongly believe I have had enough internet today

YouTubeLogo : Play D'OH

Valeria : Trauma de por vida :c Mucho internet por hoy

Maliek Whitebull : People really scared of this video😂😂

boot_danker : This video to me means that you don't take life for granted. You never know when shit like this is gonna happen and it can for sure happen to any of use. Live life like it's your last day on earth and spend quality time with your family because you never know when it's your last. I wanna thank the maker of this video because I wasn't frightened I was enlightened on how short life can be.

momos y chstes : Algunos latinosss???

sofia Esmeralda : I'm in shock

Daddy_ Lillian : Don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't

BreeZee Fox : Who knew play dough could be so gruesome? Edit:it's depressing to know that this actually happens in real life when you least expect it...

CLOUT CO13AIN : 2018?

Joel Siviloj : Me dio mucha tristesa cuando mataron a Maggie 😖😖😖😖😖

Ryan Brown : the saddest part is when Homer looks at his family and cries before he dies😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

gamedhc nightmare : No faltan los que se creen sádicos

Cheryl Bombshell : Who's here from a edit

Moca Loca : the saddest anime death I ever seen.

ToruKun1 : Thumbs up if you're here because of Super Eyepatch Wolf This is better than the actual movie "You're Next" (which I thought was kinda meh). Chief Wiggum at the end made me jump.

Jhonatan cortez : the scary part is that this can actually happen to anyone

Neki gamer : de pequeña me enseñaron estos mis primos por que estaba muy aburrida cuando fui de viaje y me enseñaron eso que estaba en su facebook y literal no pude dormir en dias fue cuando tenia 9 :'v

tokyo ghoul : How is this a gag Look at the tittle

Anette Farías Martínez : Para qué haces eso niños ven eso

Unknown girl : wow so sad. It’s also sad that I sat here and watched the whole thing

Cartman BR : At least Marge got a positive K/D

TheLogicalWizard : I am just scared and sad 😞 I never want to see that again

German Ihlenfeld : Este tipo tiene que ir a un psicólogo urgentemente

Mr. Crazy Psycho : I actually feel like I need therapy after seeing this again (●__●)

YUM YUM : After this, who Stopped watching “The Simpsons”

Dr Jacket : Can we take a moment to appreciate the amount of time it must have taken to make something this impressive.