The Simpsons couch gag [YOU'RE NEXT]

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et 37 : That’s enough internet for today

LED_ Gaming : That part that really hurt was when the dad turned to his wife, and cried that tear saying his final goodbye.

Adrienne Simpkins : At least Marge Simpson didn't go out with out a fight

Emory Kahn : usually I don’t care about these type of videos, but this made me sick.

Brielle Washington : This sucked the living words out of me. Like I got nothing to say but I wanna say something.

BenjiXAddictX4Ever : I'm not gonna lie, this really hurt. The part with Maggie is so sick, though! She's just an innocent baby!

Eikman Almond : I think I’ve had enough internet today. Just watching that I feel very disturbed. I actually wanted to cry while watching that

The Amazin Taco! : I actually cried watching this.....And then couldnt go to sleep.

Gamer Bros : What ever Bart did this time it made the bullies murderous

Captain Antilles : Shit like this always gets to me, like imagine if instead of the Simpson family it was yours, it makes me rethink life and how cruel the world can be and how everything can be gone in a matter of minutes. But then again it is just a claymation It’s scary how possible situations like this are, “family’s house broken into and murdered” when you hear it on the news you don’t give it a second thought but when you actually know the family it hurts, the people that were close to them and what’s worse is that you can’t really do much to stop it, sure you can get a security system but that probably won’t do much, you almost just have to pray that it doesn’t happen t

zoozbuh : This is one of the most horrific things I've ever seen...

Hafid Garcia : They shot bart Simpson's hair how cold he be dead?

Miles Clarke : Marge went out like a boss 😂😂😂

0 0 : Hey kids want to get desensitized

Thomas the cringe Engine : I think I. Need. Therapy now

UnderAgedAussie •ω• : Thought these were one of those kid friendly play doh videos.. *SO I SHOWED IT TO MY COUSIN*

BreeZee Fox : Who knew play dough could be so gruesome? Edit:it's depressing to know that this actually happens in real life when you least expect it...

Feyyaz Das Knabbermix : Marge looks really Creepy without her Headskin

Caden : man I legit feel sick after watching this

Big Chooc : Maggie didn't deserve to die

Top 10 Archive : Damn Chief Wiggum always messing things up...

Jovem Dinâmico : Wtf, I'm traumatized before it.

boot_danker : This video to me means that you don't take life for granted. You never know when shit like this is gonna happen and it can for sure happen to any of use. Live life like it's your last day on earth and spend quality time with your family because you never know when it's your last. I wanna thank the maker of this video because I wasn't frightened I was enlightened on how short life can be.

Caitlin : That actually made me nauseous

Shantal ASMR : Sounds better with SuicideBoys in da backround.

YouTubeLogo : Play D'OH

Charles Boyle : Ok im not usually like this at all like im cool with scary movies and stuff but this legit kept me up at night. Im fr never sensitive to this kind of stuff but ive genuinely lost sleep over this like what is going on?

skyr3x : hey im james a janisse and welcome to another kill count. the video starts with the entire simpsons family sitting in front of the tv when BOOM bart gets a nice shot trough his head. homer tries to call someone for help but gets some stabs into his hand. yikes. one of the masked men holds a shotgun at his head and homer gives his wife his last looks. awww. this makes our second kill, things are going down real fast here. after that, marge and lisa get thrown on the ground and one guy chops marges hair off. now marge needs to watch how meggie gets some serious chops with a machete, this making our 3rd kill. marge now manages to take all 3 intruders life, but with the cost of her own. this making our kills number 4, 5, 6 and 7. now only lisa is left, in shock she stands up and sees an officer standing outside the window and shooting her with a pistol. what lame and sad way to go. so there you have it: 8 people died in the simpsons couch gag, 5 of which were men and 3 were women. with a lenght of roughly 2 minutes, we have one kill every 15 SECONDS! dull machete goes to bart. he died offscreen with a single arrow in his head. golden chainsaw goes to homer because of his sad look and the gory finger mashing.

Moca Loca : the saddest anime death I ever seen.

Cxan : Corrupted ?

Ryan Brown : the saddest part is when Homer looks at his family and cries before he dies😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Top blue Bomber : Came here from twitter

Mr. Crazy Psycho : I actually feel like I need therapy after seeing this again (●__●)

lil _army : This some messed up shit man like wtf whoever liked this is wow......ok

pwndanik : The worst death was when magie died by being chopped to bits😂 (btw a rip for my childhood)

sofia Esmeralda : I'm in shock

Maliek Whitebull : People really scared of this video😂😂

Daddy_ Lillian : Don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't

AJ The Life Gamer : Was this really a couch gag...if so. WTF?!?!?!?!?!

meerie are kawaii : This watch corrupted

Cartman BR : At least Marge got a positive K/D

Tamas Martinez : I laughed at the end

隆先輩Takashi Senpai : Holy shit was that sad...

ToruKun1 : Thumbs up if you're here because of Super Eyepatch Wolf This is better than the actual movie "You're Next" (which I thought was kinda meh). Chief Wiggum at the end made me jump.

wes103 : So twisted

biella gamer 199 : You need a psychologist! My God!

Default S : This is the guy who made hamster hell no wonder

SH5NK : apparently people found this pretty sad but all i could do was laugh when the cop shot Lisa plus the animation was sick

gamed hc : No faltan los que se creen sádicos

cinégeek : Qui est la grâce à la vidéo de the reg