The Simpsons couch gag [YOU'RE NEXT]

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sofia Esmeralda : I'm in shock

YouTubeLogo : Play D'OH

Happy Heavy : It has been 2 years and it's still the creepiest animation i have ever seen

Laene Santos : Algum br?

F A : Who came from #R3bd?

et 37 : That’s enough internet for today

Natsuki Doki Doki : I can’t stop watching these types of animations ._.

Jose Arizmendi : 😭😭😭 You will be deported for creating this.

Lex_memes : i wish the pump only did 9 damage right now

Codebreaker45 : That didn't affect me at all. *slowly reaches for cyanide pill*

Naiara Miranda : Like si viniste por Mister Adrián

Synacc : This hit me idk if it’s the face expression or the deaths but it’s been in my head all week

Checkmateboi Jr : JESUS CHRIST is what you need my friend

OMG they killed Kenny! : This was really creepy and sad but when the main theme came at 1:53 I burst laughing

Top 10 Archive : Damn Chief Wiggum always messing things up...

MemetosEFX : Legit depressed me like a hell lot of amount i think its going to take a few months before i wash this out.

Alex Horrocks : Lee. You're either very talented or very f#%*ed in the head

Alice Ángel : 2018?

Raden Fearles : Song name ?

Milin Lovey : NOOOOO i am sad ; - ;

Reckenz-daily : look dude im ten years old and i just have to say...... thats SICK like in cool way your next was a good movie not the best but good you just made it 1:56 long with the simpsons

Bryan Herrera : not gory enough tbh

Tombo late : damm you jimbo

CLOUT CO13AIN : 2018?

LeoTM : Damn.. So Hard ;-;

Damien Ramirez : Great now all you need is depressing music 😁

hyago : Oloko mermão

screaming Illuminati : WTF?!

Reckenz-daily : Did any one watch the movie

Cartman BR : At least Marge got a positive K/D

a : For some reason this made me laugh

Zombiecat9717 2 : well I'll never sleep again

Unknown girl : wow so sad. It’s also sad that I sat here and watched the whole thing


Justin Grant : feel violated now

kauan Gordão : #Quem *Aki e Br?*

Jose Daniel Lopez Palta : Balla pedoXD

angela luna : C mamo Wey XD

G. Watson : Bro this is isn't funny this would make ppl commit suicide and its a family to this could happen😭💔

kolopanoco : pretty brutal

sophia petruzzi : Song?

Wolf White 59 : Omg 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

otava boy : Wtf

El Loco : This is just scary and seeing homer cry from fear just breaks my heart

zoozbuh : This is one of the most horrific things I've ever seen...

Principal of The thing : I strongly believe I have had enough internet today

Pamela Rovirosa : Yo me imagino q en lo simso los brabu cones son los más odiadoss

Marcelo Games : OMG

Lexx Loud : This is so werid

Tapport : Damn gunshot made me jump.