How to build a small roof

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Comments from Youtube

EngineerPrepper : I'm not afraid of heights...but watching this made me nervous...great vid

Chris Pearson : anyone else feel sick but at the same time amazed?

Enrico Valiant : You have testicles of steel and the agility of a Ninja. Awesome video.

lpenap : I always have a beer in the fridge waiting to see your next video. Awesome mate! I'm gonna get that beer now

William Weston : Hi TheCrazyframer, I hope everything is going great with the house.. I had a friend that fell from a roof he was building just like you.. He worked with building houses for over 20 years. And had never been in a accident. Until last year when he fell from a roof without any safety gear.. I asked him what he would change in his way of working if he was able to do it again.. He told me "I would probably just use safety gear.." He is now Paralyzed, so be safe out there.

Joe GOD’s Son : I’m framing for 30yr and ur the best buddy just remember safety first ur family is waiting on you bro

J A : mad respect for that balance

Adam Moore : He gets the job done fast before safety has a chance to come and give him a fine for not tying off.

marc nathanael : no wonder hurricanes rip them up so easily......

Rick Joneshy : Is it just me or does anyone else believe this guy needs a safety harness. hmm

Bob's Barn Workshop : Apparently no OSHA agents around.... If you fall, your employer gets sued...

Rick Jasper : I've done framing, but this guy's acrobatic skills are impressive and terrifying

Greg Lindsey : I have been framing since 1976. Watching you makes my hands sweat. I have been as careful as can be, and still have had some close calls and one accident that almost took my leg. Not to mention a couple others that almost took my life, because I was tired. That's when it happens. I see that you are very confident. Don't trust your life to wood. I have had 2x6 DF snap in two under my feet. I have been trimming 2x6 tails and had one snap off at the plate line. Walking a cat walk without a stud under mid span is not wise. Don't be a hero. You should be teaching safety. You have young guys watching you. Hey, your great on your feet, better than I ever was. But your gonna die , or worse. Slow down and live. All The Best, Much Respect, an old Framer.

lostc0z : You put your family and loved ones at risk because you didn't want to tie off. You may be the one dead or injured but they'll be suffering hurt and pain too

John Mason-Hill : Can you do a quick video on your tool belt and what you carry? Thanks for the vids. Love them!

clevertech74 : I know why your are called the crazy farmer now, dude you are putting your life at risk big time... Do you know what security means?

TheJimbob1603 : Informative and fun to watch! Thank you!

John Strand : It's not IF it's WHEN you will fall. FFS start doing things different.

pendulousphallus : I don't know if it's the fish eye lens or whatever the fact that I'm softer than frig but I got vertigo watching this fullscreen.

Jacey Jefferys : It's not worth it. No safety measures?One slip up and your dead or you get to join the "paraplegic for life' club..No thanks!

Peter Kiernan : Really enjoying your videos,learn something new every one. No job to big or small to put on u tube, really appreciate your content.

Captain H : Seems rather flimsy overall...but I suppose this is how the majority of housing is built these days. This is craftsmanship?

Ok Ok : For future reference, you can use the nail rack of your nail gun to plane the sub fascia rather than having to reach for your speed square. This will make it easier since you’re hanging it alone.

la : How long have you been in the business? And, I swear for the longest time I read that username as "ThecrazyFARmer". Had me confused...

William H Bonney : This guy is very talented. He's also a great example of why workmen's comp is so expensive.🤑

AndreiPauloification : Ha! All the comments the same. Thanks for the vid but be careful

Cocora22 : I totally admire your skill, but I agree with all the other comments. Wear a safety line all those who love you will be soooooo much happier.

skeon67 : Thanks for taking the time to film and explain for us weekend warriors. This will help with my next project.

urbano268 : Essa técnica de construção não é comum no Brasil,onde se monta as estruturas e esquadrias na hora,não vêm tudo já pronto assim.

Roy Patterson : Damn homie, Slow Down song Speedy Gonzales! Lol. Are you taking speed??? That's a good way to get hurt, you could slip up and lose your balance or anything. I've been in the construction industry my entire life, and I've seen people get seriously hurt by rushing, that's how accidents happen.

mapiador : Some people are just gifted at certain crafts, Amazing!!

Skip Rope : You are DA MAN! TIE OFF next time. All it takes is a split second. I know.

Brian Eaton : Serious butt pucker watching this. One puff of wind while he’s walking that gable across that flimsy plank and he’s gone.

Joe Worden : Watching you fly around those braces makes me cringe. But that's why you're building a house and I have to buy one already built. Nice job!

Des Cheers : You can tell this wasn't done in the UK as there would've been 27 people in hi viz gear writing out reports and discussing the safest way of getting you down without hurting anyone. That being said you would have built the whole house by the time they sprung into action 😂

marcos22571 : You have an 8" 12' pitch on the roof?

daniel hammond : Hi bud great vids. I admire you skill and balls climbing around that high up. I dont want to be a safety sally but i know a chap who fell of a ladder and he broke his back he is now in a wheelchair and has to be fed by his wife. He is 28. Be careful for god sake no job is worth that. Great vids nice to see how you do things stay safe

Dan Wheeler Photography : And this is why you don't buy a track home LOL!!

Callum murphy : Lost for words here watching This, obviously v good carpenter but total stupidity with the lack of safety, some guys just think it's never gonna be them but if u work like this then u really looking for trouble......

Guust : Nice video if you're not afraid of heights and/or fast moving video..... 😉👍😁

Migue Gtz : Pure skills, perfect but level the truss - wall before to put other trusses and you could have cortado el plywood antes de instalarlo y mis respetos para ti. Bravo !!

Roy Patterson : And you're not leveling the gable, you are making sure the gable is plum. Lol. Just saying.

Eddie B : Best framer on YouTube but the end of that video was crazy cut off dude! #TCF

David Bustam : yep that is why you are calling The Crazy Framer. Good job btw good vid :D

B Pease : thank you for taking the time to film what you do. That's difficult work that not many people get to see to appreciate.

Frank Ugarte : Wow. This dude is crazy. Holy dookie. My heart races from just watching this video. Amazing.

Kristopher FrootLoops : POV framing is exhilerating. Fastest my heart has beat all day. lol

Keith Tomczyk : Fell off a fourth floor mansion and was tied off by my boss who claimed to be a Ranger. Couldn't even tie a figure 8 over a bight. You should tie off.

friendlywhiteguy : Damn, you framers must be adrenaline junkies. You work at those heights with no ropes and swing around material and tools like its nothing.