How to build a small roof

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EngineerPrepper : I'm not afraid of heights...but watching this made me nervous...great vid

Enrico Valiant : You have testicles of steel and the agility of a Ninja. Awesome video.

William Weston : Hi TheCrazyframer, I hope everything is going great with the house.. I had a friend that fell from a roof he was building just like you.. He worked with building houses for over 20 years. And had never been in a accident. Until last year when he fell from a roof without any safety gear.. I asked him what he would change in his way of working if he was able to do it again.. He told me "I would probably just use safety gear.." He is now Paralyzed, so be safe out there.

Chris Pearson : anyone else feel sick but at the same time amazed?

lpenap : I always have a beer in the fridge waiting to see your next video. Awesome mate! I'm gonna get that beer now

J A : mad respect for that balance

Johnny Foodstamp : I think my favorite part of your videos is reading all the comments from the Safety Police. Cracks me up every time.

Joe Framer : It's hacks like this ,that make us professional framers pay high insurance rates, workman's comp rates, liability rates. ...and keep osha hanging around jobsite... Not to mention extremely bad framing practices,lack of hardware( H2.5) rafter clips..ect...just a complete Hack

Joe GOD’s Son : I’m framing for 30yr and ur the best buddy just remember safety first ur family is waiting on you bro

marc nathanael : no wonder hurricanes rip them up so easily......

pendulousphallus : I don't know if it's the fish eye lens or whatever the fact that I'm softer than frig but I got vertigo watching this fullscreen.

Jacey Jefferys : It's not worth it. No safety measures?One slip up and your dead or you get to join the "paraplegic for life' club..No thanks!

lot maakchos : You'd be so much faster on Meth.

Peter Kiernan : Really enjoying your videos,learn something new every one. No job to big or small to put on u tube, really appreciate your content.

Ok Ok : For future reference, you can use the nail rack of your nail gun to plane the sub fascia rather than having to reach for your speed square. This will make it easier since you’re hanging it alone.

John Mason-Hill : Can you do a quick video on your tool belt and what you carry? Thanks for the vids. Love them!

B Pease : thank you for taking the time to film what you do. That's difficult work that not many people get to see to appreciate.

TheJimbob1603 : Informative and fun to watch! Thank you!

Callum murphy : Lost for words here watching This, obviously v good carpenter but total stupidity with the lack of safety, some guys just think it's never gonna be them but if u work like this then u really looking for trouble......

la : How long have you been in the business? And, I swear for the longest time I read that username as "ThecrazyFARmer". Had me confused...

sgorno : This guys puts a lot of trust into 2x4's at that height. This makes me nauseated.

Marcos Noble : I can't believe these little pieces of wood with nails are mainstream building in USA.

Adam Moore : He gets the job done fast before safety has a chance to come and give him a fine for not tying off.

mojave stalker : I have a question about using nails for joints , don't you need brackets , can you build everything just with nails?

Guust : Nice video if you're not afraid of heights and/or fast moving video..... 😉👍😁

Elvis Putnoee : Is this how you build a house these days? F me no wonder it goes up so quickly it holds on bunch of thin nails that's it.. Wow..

dex D : As soon as the camera came on i knew i could never be a roofer. But great job! Also do u ever miss with that nailer i did exactly what you were doing holding the board behind and not once but twice a nail went through the 2x4 and got me in the hand : ( fear not, i am a tough guy and it did not hurt very much o.O well not when anyone was looking. Excellent video mate. Cheers

Daemiex : if this was the uk there would be fkin scaffold up all around that lol you couldnt just walk out along it like that

mojave stalker : How are you not scared of falling from such heights , are you like those adrenaline junkies that climb towers and stuff lol

Jan Hanebeck - AmiLoGiXx : These measures are just weird if you're from the other side of the pond. :0

GoldenShaolinNutz : Much Props Bossman! Taking the first measurement, If it was me. I woulda bent down to mark and flipped over, By the way....umm...wheres the net at the bottom. =)

Nalu Rash : Best channel on YouTube. Please keep it up man. On another note, have you ever fallen off a roof?

Tahir Chaudhry : Wow man, just impressed by your skill, talent and craftsmanship. You provide such great value on this channel. Love your channel bro. I am a contractor in NYC. I watch all your video! Bless up.

DJAZAlwayz : Whoaaaaaaa buddaaay slow down !! Wanna hear a quick joke ? Got time for another lmao ! That first minute had me shaking then I remembered I'm a roofer and it's never felt like that before looking down . That lense got me all messed up buddaaay

Rick Jasper : I've done framing, but this guy's acrobatic skills are impressive and terrifying

Prawnchowmein : Hey look at me I’m superman I don’t need safety gear, the film superman is fictional the paralysed person who played that character isn’t.

RangerCaptain11A : things i learned framing roofs: before you stand your gable truss, 'set' all the toe nails in the bottom chord of the g.t. so when you stand it your nails are waiting for you. nail on the ridge block onto the truss you are carrying, so when you get there, you can nail it. do all the ridge blocks before you start standing trusses. save the side walls nailing for last, so you take many less steps and save time.

daniel hammond : Hi bud great vids. I admire you skill and balls climbing around that high up. I dont want to be a safety sally but i know a chap who fell of a ladder and he broke his back he is now in a wheelchair and has to be fed by his wife. He is 28. Be careful for god sake no job is worth that. Great vids nice to see how you do things stay safe

Luke Edwards : definately living up to your youtube account name, respect

A O : Wow, no safety rope in case of something goes wrong? so brave, so fearless, nice video too master.

JusBrewIT : One man show. Very nice. But when doing layout, it's 23 1/4" when pulling off the end of a building.

Dale Miller : You wouldn't want to have a big hangover up there young fella.

JonZielCiara : Just one grave mistake and you're done. Safety first.

Ala Real .Estate : Whoelse besides me while watching this.. fell to the ground? 😂

Adrian Serna : No drywall nailer on that bottom cord of the Gabel? It would also help to nail gable to wall


Javier De Luna : hi a'm a carpenter I have 27 years experiece u do nice job

Michael O'Donoghue : So you're not in favour of Safety Harnesses for working at height?

sylenceexposed : Man you got nerves of steel omg

Outlye : How would a young dude get into the field you're in?