Excuse me - Eurotrip

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Gay guy enters train


hassan farooq : To whoever thought of this scene in the move, You sir are a God damn genius. 100% loved it.

Earl C. : I like the looney tunes music playing throughout the whole scene.

Dark Keiron : His when massaging him

Tyler Crane : at first i thought it was a filming error when all 5 of them were on the seat he used to be on. but then i realized that he tried making his move on all of them (save for the woman) so they all scrambled to the other seat lol.

Ping├║ : Best part of the whole movie :)

Ghost : It's Mr. Bonding!!

SOLDIER OF ALLAH.SWT. : what is the name of that comedian guy pls? he is the coolest comedian i ever seen :D

Keshab Kuikel : Has no relevance to the story but funny as hell!

plateshutoverlock : I would have just sat there and enjoyed it

Thiago Cardieri : lolllllllllllllll  comedia!!!!

Andrew Black : LOL!!!

609blondebomb : That guy is fducking not right. :(