Why Scooter Startups Are Worth Billions

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tod berry : What's next… driverless scooters?

Reza Murfi : lmao its just america have a crap public transport

Kung Fu Kenny : Hey Polymatter, quick sidenote, in Asia they use QR-codes a lot!

NutHoofd : At the start of this video I immediately thought; _"Why don't we have those scooters in the country I live in?"_ Then I realized that I live in the Netherlands, where bikes are literally everywhere, including swappable bike services and whatnot. Heck, even the hobos usually have multiple bicycles here.

Holly Plyler : Isn't this basically what china's been doing for years?

Mega Smith01 : Not going to lie, at first glance I read it as ‘Why school shooters are worth billions’.

GhostZodick : I'm expecting a start up for shared girlfriend/boyfriend. "Sir, I'm not prostituting. I'm spending my time with a shared girlfriend."

Majidul : Always wanted to flex on others with a supreme scooter

Maebbie : lmao slowed down the video to strech it to 10 minutes

_Bob McCoy : *Next Big Thing will be Rental Jetpacks!*

Dio Brando : QR codes finally found a use ? Do you know nothing of china literally everything is done by QR code I gen even register my house to the police with a QR code and this scooter stuff has been in china for years but with bikes

Thomas Hirtz : Just FYI, QR code in China are used absolutely everywhere and all the time, and it's insanely convenient You use it for all the everyday transaction (groceries,...) every time you pay/give money to friend (split bill,...), every time you met someone (to add him in WeChat/others, or when you want to make a group), all the share bikes, all the banking (ATM,...), when you log on website on computer,..

boson96 : I think scooters are great, they are like bikes but more portable, hi-tech, and you don't sweat. Combined with an uber like business model, I can see these working.

Sownheard : Build better sidewalks Problem solved

Nash Milani : That pile of bikes in China made me so sad and angry

Janmay Singh : Waitm five years till Apple creates a new model and calls it *original*

Er ic : jokes aside and all QR codes are actually a huge thing in Asia

uberminseok23 : Those who complain America's crap public transport and sidewalk or why people would not walk 20 minutes to stations just don't get it. It's not for your understanding or empathy. If there's a market to exploit, it happens and benefits both the provider and consumers however niche.

Christian Hernandez : seems more useful for major cities

shatley123 : I love scooting 🛴 in Austin and I don't have a car so it's very convenient. But 2 billion valuation? A little high if you ask me.

Austin Martín Hernandez : Let me tell you that not everyone lives in metropolitan areas. In my small hometown there's no such thing as these scooters or bike lanes. There's sidewalks but absolutely nobody walks there. More people are starting to use bikes but the main road is a fast highway so the bicycle riders use the sidewalks. There are a few cabs but barely anyone uses them so they are very expensive. I was very surprised one day this year to find a small transit at Walmart. I had never in my life seen one in my hometown. It must be new. My point is these transportation services and options aren't available everywhere. I think they could be useful but in my hometown literally everyone uses a car unless they are poor. My family lived in the countryside 15 minutes away from town so a car was our only option. But even if they live in town a few blocks away from their job, people still use their cars. It would be hard to make them start using anything else.

Ashiente : Sounds like a bubble that will colapse aaaaaaaaaany time now

fuck : Do a video on Discord. That'd be nice.

Big Daddy Toyota Corola : the "litter bikes" are useless in Urban cities. In London, the wheel lock gets broken by kids to get unlimited rides

Proactive Thinker : Every video is a masterpiece! Good job!

Chris Raw : Turn it to 1.5X speed..... your welcome I saved you some time because he talks slow

MWB Gaming : 15c per minute my ass In Australia lime scooters are 30c per minute

Jenn Samantha Mima : Me: this is probably the most useful piece of technology I've encountered Polymatter: I guess we finally found an use for those

向你祖母問好 : Rofl that news caption *VICIOUS CYCLE*

Krishna Mahale : Man! your videos make my day.

Mason Juarez : Showed up in Fresno, got banned in about 2 weeks 😅

Gianluca Ariello : The fun thing is that in Europe we have these things for already 5 years, even more

Victor Minasian : They came to Stillwater, Oklahoma in September 2018 now they are banned on OSU campus which takes up about 2/3 of the city

Rubin Daija : When you say we found a use for QR codes do you know that they are used for everything in China.

a g : qr codes revolutionized the shopping industry since their invention. They are more useful than we realize.

XueGuang Lu : buttery smooth transition into sponsored content.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classique : The future looks dreadful….

Dante : does anyone else hack the scooters with a card that has a no spending limit? thats how i get them for free

Thomas Snijder : Lol I was just thinking ‘I wonder when polymatter is gonna upload again’ AND YOU DID!

Wholesome Lad : I havent been on a scooter since 2010

Burz Wild : I had no idea these existed

ElyssaAnderson : These are a great idea for everyone who: 1) lives in a city 2) with permanently nice weather 3) and a reasonably low crime rate 4) and don't have physical disabilities 5) and don't need to haul any sort of gear or equipment 6) and don't get reimbursed for parking by an employer. So... that's gotta be like...90% or more of the populace...right?

Peter Xie : this time America copycat china.

Jayden L : Or ya now make public transport like Europe and Asia.

FrostFinn123 : Thanks for recommending me this, Youtube

bertjesklotepino : Wanna hear something funny? We USE to have electric trams. Even here in the Netherlands. A shitload of cities got rid of the trams. Now we have a few cities with trams, and we have Arnhem with electric trolly bus. What is funny? Well, its old technology. And we will use it, one day. We havent, because of all kinds of BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like oilcompanies who had to earn shitloads of money and so on. BUT, eventually people will use it. I wonder how long it will take before people realize Chernobyl and such was BULLSHIT and that we SHOULD be using that kind of energyproduction. After all: There are SHITLOADS of nuclear subs. Howmany have experienced any problems with their reactor? Sure, we dont hear about it is the excuse.................. But comon........... Howmany have had a meltdown like chernobyl? Galen Winsor already told us about the Nuclear Scare Scam. When will we finally realize that it is big bussiness which is setting us up to use SHIT, and which is keeping us from actually PROGRESSING?

Da Cheez : These aren't banned in Columbus Ohio. DEFINITELY NOT. They are EVERYWHERE. They are just banned from being rode on the sidewalks.

Santiago G. Fuentes : Can you please use the metric system...

Ryan Dempsey : I live in Seattle and deadass saw the thumb nail and was like that map looks like Seattle