Making raspberry perfume

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In this video, I get a bit back into making compounds with odors and scents. I chose to go with Raspberry Ketone, because I thought it was an interesting molecule and the synthesis seemed fun. However, in the future, I think I'm going to venture into the territory of nasty smelling compounds. For some reason, I enjoy the suffering that they bring. Procedure: -------------------------------- Nile Red Shop: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


Jonas : 22:30 "I could also just be bad at chemistry, but I prefer not to believe that." 😂

rest_in_prince1994_I_h8_trains : Nile: **tries to purify the final yield** Tar: *I'M BOUTTA END THIS MAN'S WHOLE CAREER*

Ender Yılmaz : "with chemistry we can often just disregard nature and build the molecules ourselves" best quote ever

Akrer Games : This was like the very first time i got to see his face and DUDE, he looks a LOT younger than he hears! I was expecting a guy like 35 or so but to see a roughly teen to tweny guy knowing that much of chemistry and being able to teach that well just blows my mind! Keep it up with the good content!

Vex_Mistaken 0649 : I don’t know shit about chemistry but I love these videos

Mr Joesefus : Who else understands nothing that he's saying but just enjoys watching and listening

CALEB DURFEE : Doctor: You have roughly thirty minutes to live Me:

Ariadna Gaytan : Why did I believe Nile was a 40 year old with big mustache?

Dennis West : NileRed drinking game: Take a shot every time NR says "I added a random amount of ethanol". Also: Your end plan is Monsters Inc approved.

God's Left Testicle : Smelliest substance known to man: Thiophenol. Make it.

Michael O : Rasp Barree™ a fragrance for her by Nilered© of Canada.

Martin Clementz : How I thought making Raspberry perfume were/ Alcohol, Raspberries, blender, coffee filter.

檳榔配煙 法力無邊 : Lol based in the title I thought that you will just dissolve raspberry juice in alcohol.

Virgilio Ebajo : I handled 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde before and it easily gets converted to 4-hydroxybenzoic acid when exposed to moisture. Might have contributed to your low yield.

NeonSeas : i don’t understand what’s going on but i’m having fun

Sean Wright : I sometimes listen to your videos just to veg out because your voice is hyper relaxing to me 🤤👍🏻 Hope that isn’t too creepy I also love they outro tune it’s preety slick 👌🏻

Idvar Hurd : "disregard nature" sounds like "disregard authorities" but brought to a higher lever xD

PotatoSmasher : So, can you now make Lilac and Gooseberry perfume? For the Witcher fans here.

fredric augustyn : Next episode: Making Crystal Meth from Batteries and Urine

Kei_mei 9710 : Damn. I clicked on this vid thinking, "oh fun cute diy raspberry perfume" but instead I got chemistry class. Not disappointed.

Holy Blade : A knoevenagel kondensation with 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde and ethyl acetoacetate, followed by a decarboxylation could give you the intermediate much more cleanly

Zach Fry : I cant believe I didnt know TLC existed and I thought you'd have to use electrophoresis lmao im clown

Wesley223332 : I was legitimately going to ask if it was safe to consume, then I realized I had eaten it before.

4sym m3trica1 : damn, I envy your patience. This took you days of just waiting. I would go nuts.

John Baker : Hello NR, I would like to make an investigation request. This is not related to the red raspberry chem, but related to bird chem. Many bird owners such as myself have noticed what we call the "wet bird" smell. It seems that when water is added to a bird, there is a aromatic change (not offensive per say, bit noticeable and very distinct). It lasts only as long as the bird is wet. Now, I know that birds excrete their own kind kind of "talcum powder" that they use to lubricate their wings so that they slide smoothly with less less friction, and I suspect that it is this that is reacting with the water. But this is only my guess. Might be worth an investigation, and I'm sure bird owners would find it interesting. Thanks for your videos.

Andrew Maksimovich : If you make a naturally occurring substance using chemistry and artificial processes, is it natural or artificial? mind blown

Jay Cobie : Are you using distilled water? If not, then I'm guessing it might help; so as to keep everything as pure as possible.

David : the worst smelling perfume: Pyridine as solvent some Isonitrile as odor some "thio-" compounds as supplement

Joel Nilsson Hedekäll : I like your channel. You make chemistry accesible for people that are not AS nerdy for it as you. Good job!

acciaiomorti : you might be the first person whose voice actually matches their face when you see them for the first time in a positive way

honey y : I'd really like to see how you would make unwithering flowers or preserved flowers in general

Giulio Rossi : 7:12 did this man just say "fluffy crystal?"

Just Nobody : I do not like the way you said capillary while talking about thin layer chromatography. Is that actually the way you say it?

Purifier Phoenix The Mecca : The goal would be to make it smell like raspberry tastes.

Constant Chaos : I love that he's doing more on-screen explanations

Jared Jonas : Are you still planning on doing the dye series?

Ecktor : Raspberry essencial oils works better for that. Since it has most of the other smell bits.

Jon Doe : Will you ever attempt to make ferrofluid again? One of my favorite evpisodes

Mitko Mitkov : I'm no chemist but thet intermidiate molecule is somehow suspiciouslyy not named and looks similar to some psychoactive ones :D IDK :D

Mark Merin : You're a god damn genius, I hope Youtube pays you well, with this content you deserve it sir.

Tryphon, un ZOUAVE ??! : "temporarly placed on the side" and "I ended up with a crystal clear solution" should be shirts designs, given how many times you've (I guess purposely) said these two

Lexi Hamm : this is the first time I've seen you do a TLC! which seems so weird to me because I do TLC everyday in my lab

Joshua Thomas : "Worst thing possible".... you're going to make thiolacteone?!

Chris Woolvin : do bike shop scent, if you walk in to any bicycle shop they will just give you tubes.

Grace Lol : Does anyone else appreciate how good looking of hands he has

T. B. : Can you please make hydrogen peroxide and could you please make essential oils? Thanks. Dig your channel

Ishan Sinha : @27:25 Okay, but please don't die trying to make it

wzd leo : Make a video about plasma arc in gas tubes or vapor tubes?

ItzYoBoiTino 1 : how to make uranium 233 out of thourium 232 and a neutron gun please nilered please!