Two time - meme

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Good news! I have been worried about writing Jack Stauber's song without permission. But Jack Stauber allowed me to use music, and I was able to upload it thanks to him. Thanks you for waiting. original meme deleted song Two Time - Jack Stauber


Fl!ngo Dingo : This isn't a meme. _It's a music video_

No.9 : *Every frame of this video can be a wallpaper*

Eye Zodiotic : Your art style works so well with vaporwave and stuff... this is the only meme thing i genuinely like

Sins_amon xx : im gonna say again. *THIS VIDEO IS REALLY GOOD.* (i originally said “this animation is really good” but then people were like “bUT THIS HARDLY HAS ANIMATION” so i changed it, happy?)

ConLad noC : This song, and this animation, it all feels so uncomfortable. In a good way.

I want to be a water bottle when I grow up : "I think that I like you" "You do?" "Y E A H"

Crossark1 : Genuinely creeped out by the lackadaisical approach to brutal murder throughout this video

Mr.吉澤 : Play it at 0.75 or even slower, And get some weird satisfaction...

mynamesismarshall : 0:19 just so you know, this korean message box means "would you like to turn back time?"

Dalton Miller : It was here ONE TIME. Got deleted, now it’s back. It’s been released TWO TIMEs

Dastanovich : Mob Psycho 100 III looks great!

Mr Moustache : Every single frame of this video could be a cool shirt design


Chito47 : The animation reminds me of mob psycho 100

fries : I’m absolutely speechless this fits my aesthetic so much

berkky boi : The art style is really mob psycho 100 style

Koddy : 1:31 not sure why I find that hilarious

Trash Child 2.0 : 1:03 *this is normal at a Mexican party :>*

Blitz_Arena : *_A E S T H E T I C_* Edit: No joke I love this style, like oh Jesus it's **click** *_N O I C E_*

Banana Bread : What the *heck* your art style is my aesthetic

X_DeMoRtE_X : Congrats for 4.5 Million views!! You deserve it!! 💙

Delta Nine : Didn't know I needed this in my life. Thanks.

Cristian Pablo : I would like someone to write a theory about the main character and the others to see what’s the inner dark part about each character is about

I so wanna die : Why do I feel like watching a candy company ad from the 90's or 80's? I know what Vapowave is but still this feels weird

MoonlightPotato : I love your style way too much. I'm sorry I don't speak korean Edit: Bish where did all these likes come from

chades channel : Usually I hate these stupid animation memes but I’m gonna be honest this is truly amazing I love the character designs and art style especially the vapourware in the back

Илья Владимирцев : Просто красивое залипалово. Особенно гипнотизирует меня ее покачивание головы с этим пустым взглядом.

The Scout : Holy shit! An actual animation meme that has animation! Amazing!

온비 : 으이잉 분위기 너무 묘하고 중독성있어요 아마 내일 또 올듯.... 진짜 이뿌다.. 맘에든다..

chookity.dookity : This is so aesthetically pleasing and I adore it so much

Jimmy The Cat : I watched it more than "TWO TIMEs!"

Duckie : We can get two time, but we can't get one time... This song makes me d3pr3ss3d :c

Twitch HDmonumint : 1:25 - 1:34 this is relatable when you have gum at school.

Reichuu-. : 0:34 LOOΠ∆ Background? Lol

Elias720 : We could leave the lights on Sun tan We could get lunch Aw, man I think that I like you (You do?) Yeah But something bugs me 'bout the way you lick your envelopes so I'm out on the block again So hopped up that I can't pretend Two time Stay friends Problem that you can't defend Hands up, feel okay Whose heart could I break today? Two time Stay friends Problem that you can't defend Oh... Slip me in your pocket Chew the way out Oh man, was that your last piece of gum? (Come on!) But we both wanted some I know, and you can get in the hole too E-R, what can you say I never read the package anyway I'm out on the block again So hopped up that I can't pretend Two time Stay friends Problem that you can't defend Hands up, feel okay Whose heart could I break today? Two time Stay friends Problem that you can't defend

타크//Takq : 한국인 이라도 댓글이 잇으면 좋게다...

Andalusi : 뭔가 묘한기분이 들고 빠져들긴 하는데 아직 이해하긴 너무 힘이 들어요

Elan Emilio : I rewatch this literally every time it’s in my recommended

J.I.N.X : This ain't a meme this is a full on animation right here

Jannah 0 : 1.25 or higher= Happy song 0.75 or lower= little peculiar song (?

이수진 : 한국사람채널에 외국인밖에 없는것같네....

some dude that's a artist : To be honest this is what got into Jack Stauber which I freak when seeing new content coming from him.

meme shark : i heard an "oof" at some point

Kayla Gaines : Wow thank you YouTube recommendations *The amount of likes holy crap 😂 thanks*

김 김 : 좋네요 여러가지 생각이 들게하는 아이디어

신숙사녀 : 핑크머리 부모님이 돌아가셔서 다른 가정집으로 입양됬는데 그 새가정집 아들인 민트머리가 핑크머리 햄스터 죽인듯 그래서 핑크머리가 민트머리 통같은걸로 내리쳐서 죽인거구

ref the generic : I love how you used jack with that art style mixes so well love it

Kristaps Judeiks : I can't explain how, but this whole things vibe feels too much like my insides. In a good way.

Flavored Chip : Buddy, don’t label this a freaking meme. This is a MUSIC VIDEO! All the work you did greatly surpasses a regular ol’ meme!!