Two time - meme

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람다람 : Good news! I have been worried about writing Jack Stauber's song without permission. But Jack Stauber allowed me to use music, and I was able to upload it thanks to him. Thanks you for waiting.

Star Boi : 0:45 meme review

Literallyhating Mylife : *dies of aesthethic*

Tobias Durham : Okay guys so here's my theory (warning dark) Cute girl in jacket wobbles head from side to side.

lil Beast : Creepy, but so awesome.. OдO

Professor Blight : The animation style is amazing

Lamina de Quezo Gamer 432 : TwoTimeTwoTimeTwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTimeTwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTimeTwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTimeTwoTimeTwoTime TwoTimeTwoTimeTwoTime TwoTimeTwoTimeTwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTimeTwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTimeTwoTimeTwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTimeTwoTimeTwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTimeTwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTimeTwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTimeTwoTimeTwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime TwoTime

Alex Booty : 1:31 in this world is to yeet or be yeeted

Ojo Momoko : I'm glad he let you use the song again. It gives him a lot of exposure and this is even how I found out about him. If your stuff is good even if others use it usually people will take the time to see where it comes from. The song inspired you and you gave him credit and it allowed you to make your own art making it something new. You have every right and like I said I'm glad Jack was kind enough to see that as well. I can't wait to see more memes from you I hope you upload a full version of the caravan palace one I enjoy your art style! :)

Prometheus Xavier : Glad this video is back. Did anyone else notice how she made the audio louder and distorted at 0:35? That isn't in the original song but I think it really adds to the mood there.

Shade-Akuma : Alright, since the other “theory” thread is kinda clogged up, I thought i’d give my two cents in a fresh one. I’ll try to keep this simple. I’ve went through all the content on this channel and I’ll try to tell the most solid story I can with what I have. Red - our main character Candy - the long-white-haired girl White - the short white haired girl Cream - the blond haired ice cream girl Liquorice - the short black haired character (Not official, just for reference.) So from what I can tell, Red was born with black hair and suffered from some kind of mental illness causing some kind of psychosis / hallucinations. As a child, red made friends with white and cream in school, but before they graduated, white hung herself and red found her corpse, traumatising red. After this, red continued to be friends with cream, and at some point (chronologically unclear) made friends with liquorice and candy. On red’s twelfth birthday, presumably her brother kills her pet hamster / guinea pig, and as a result she is sent into a rage, killing him, or at least injuring him, which somehow turned her hair red. (You could say that she dyed it, but the animation seems to elude to something else.) From this point on red goes from being seemingly a cheerful school girl to an aggressive, depressed delinquent. As red continued in her life, somehow not serving jail time for assault / murder, her, cream and candy all become idols, or at least cover girls for Donut, Ice cream and candy companies respectively. This job allows red to get her own apartment and car, optionally living alone. Eventually heat rises between the three as their companies compete, red keeping the neutral stance as the level headed one (ironically) and before red can stop her, candy attacks cream, and beats her to death. The lack of regret or anguish on candy’s face suggests that candy was insane by this point anyway, and suggesting that they remain friends enraged red to the point that she beat candy to death with a baseball bat. By this point, red has seen 3 of her closest friends die and murdered her own family member. As a result of all this stress and trauma, red turns to drugs and cigarettes as seen in this video, in order to forget about her past. Somewhere along the line red picks up satanism as shown by her ear rings, not important but fits in around here anyway. After this point red receives a letter in the mail instructing her to come to an abandoned city, or a *ghost town* , where she meets up with the ghost of white. After having a nightmare the day before about dying to the ghost, she beats white over the head with the #1 medal that belonged to cream, that red now seems to carry in memory of cream. The ghost somehow bleeds onto the medal as seen in the ending of ghost town, and red somehow ends up possessed. Now that we’re caught up to this video, red is clearly spending time just living a daily routine life while trying to forget about her horrible past, all the while having her memories distorted by the ghost possessing her. Liquorice’s place in the story is unclear, other then their momentary appearance in this video. Likewise for how the tail came into existence, we can only assume it suddenly existed one day. Of course, it’s totally possible that the creator didn’t intend for a story like this to be created or I’m just totally off the mark with this theory. But oh well.

CandiToons : 1:31 when you glitch out of roblox

Foxyness : *Aesthetic levels are over 9000*

LimboGen : This video reminds me of a game I used to play.

Lion Tyan : I love your retro style, it's so cute and evokes a sense of mood or something, I'll wait for your new cool video, if that, I'm Russian, write through the translator xD

merp merpins : It's good to be back. Was definitely worth the wait.

I love Everything!!! : 1:I woke up 2:I went to school 3:I asked my crush I liked him 4:He said yes Now read 2 3 4 then 1

Clementine's Thigh Gap : this could be the music video!

Kotte Animation : Okay youtube, I watched this

JustAnotherGaian : People go on about manic pixie girls, but depressive pixie girls are where it's really at.

최햇살_ : 영상을보다 느낀건데.. 해석같은거에요 주인공은 일단 고아이고, 고아원에서 보호(?) 받고 있다. 주인공은 가정은 화목한집이였고 뭐에따른 사고가나서 부모님둘다 돌아가셔서 친척으로 보이는 사람들집에서 살았다. 친척은 주인공을 그렇게 반가워하지 않은거 같다 주인공에게는 키우던 햄스터가 있었는데 친척중 한명이 주인공을 괴롭히려고 햄스터를 죽이자 주인공은 그 친척을 죽였다. 그에 꺼림찍했던 친척은 주인공을 고아원으로 보내버린다. 거기서 정신적 스트레스를 받은 주인공은 원래 모범생이였지만 마약과 담배를하면서 점점 불량학생으로 변한다. 중간에 약이사탕으로 변한이유도 아마 마약을 바라보는 주인공의 시점으로 바뀐게 아닐까 생각해요! 아 그리고 중간에 하얀머리 여자아이는.. 마약을 먹어 나타난 주인공의 마음에서 일탈을 꿈꾸던 자아가 생겨서 염색과 마약..담배를 시킨게 아닐까 생각이 드네요! 끝까지 봐주셔서 감사합니다아ㅏ

Nguyen Jolie : Yay the video is back! 💖

three dollar bill, yall : 이 명작은 지구 끝장나는 그날까지 살아있어야함

Starbeam : I like the subtle story you get from each vid - it's never the whole story but interesting snippets

Bubble Gum1234 : I really like your art style

Bad Meme : Stauber's voice makes me think of david bowie at "stay friends"

Max Diaz : The masterpiece is back

Öatmeal : I highly recommend Staubers other work.

WooleyWorld : I enjoy this thoroughly.


oops my gayness is showing again : *im like obsessed with this it’s a problem*

티슈 : 부모님이 돌아가시고 보육원 내에선 왕따, 그 이후로 학교에서도 친구를 사귀지만 모종의 사건으로 멀어지고 완전히 인간관계가 박살나서 마약에도 손대고 망가져버렸지만 중간 중간 나오는 " 시간을 되돌리시겠습니까? ", 라던지 " stay friends "등을 보면 예전 시절을 그리워하고 후회하고 있는듯 싶음.처음과 중간에서 계속 우주배경이나 그런게 지나가는데, 굉장히 공허하고도 멍한 주인공의 심정을 표현한것 같음.

Harry tado : This gives me a adult swim vibe Like if u agree

Igorephony : This is good animation and it goes with his song

SlimeLover26 : I was super stoned when I first watched this. ‘Twas quite the trip.

풉킥 : Jack Stauber님 노래사용ㅇ 허락해주셔서 감사하구요ㅜㅜㅜ 람다람님 정말 멋쪄요ㅜㅜ❤️

ari k : this is by far the most unique meme i have seen. i love the aesthetic and originality and art style and colours and vibe and ahhhh its perfect

fellfreundin : Yay, it's back! ^^

Diamond Pastry : omg so cool

bird blue : 람다람님은 어딘가 비틀어지고 방황하는 청춘 그자체를 숨김없이 표현해내신다고 생각함..키치한 그림들과 휙휙바뀌는 그림편집 사이사이마다 어딘가 불안정한 감정들의 모습들이 잘나타나있어서 어딘가 공감도 되고 왠지 눈물이나는...

F0X R0S3Y : 0:34 😂 I love that " *Yeah* " 😂😂

Valyrus! : Y nuevamente volveré al vicio de ver esto más de una vez Arte.

Alcer The Demon : Yay, it's back BD

Poniaczowa : Geez, darling this is great :0

German Emmanuel : We glad to see the original again. ❤️💙 💜 Thanks and dont give up, you have a great talent.

-รเииเиφ เи ร†ýℓэ- : This Is Exactly My Aesthetic 👌

Panda_love : Finally😭💗 I’ve been waiting for this!!

N ¡ku : Vaporwave Music and pictures+ Korea ... OH MY !! I LOVE YOU!!

공레Gong re : 이번에도 너무 멋진 영상 재미있게 봤습니다😭😭 진짜 너무 좋다....ㅠㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜㅜㅠ(+누가 이런 느낌 밈좀 더 만들어주샘 이사람 갓갓 엠페러 존잘 맨 인데 진짜 너무 좋아.., 앞으로도 영상 너무 기대하고있습니다. 다시한번더 멋진영상 너무 감사합니다 영감 받고 가네요😭🌈

Riley Cooper : 0:15 that my boy Mob?!?