Two time - meme

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starstruck17 : every frame can be a sweat shirt I love it

Kotte Animation : Okay youtube, I watched this

Noble : Nice

Blueberry Yogurt : What the *heck* your art style is my aesthetic

Shadowbat Nation : This animation looks like what the official video for this song would look like. The style just fits so well.

lil Beast : Creepy, but so awesome.. OдO

Satanicum : 0:35 *Y E A H*

해환 : We can leave the lights on suntan We can get lunch Awe man I think that I like you (You do?) Yeah, but something bugs me about the way you lick your envelopes so... I'm out on the block again So hoppen up that I can't pretend Two time Stay friends Problem that you can't defend Hands up Feel okay Whose heart could I break today? Two time Stay friends Problem that you can't defend Oh... Slip me in your porket Chew the way out Oh man, was that your last piese of gum? Come on! But we both wanted some I know, and you can get in the hole too ER, what can you say I never read the package anyway I'm out on the block again So hoppen up that I can't pretend Two time Stay friends Problem that you can't defend Hands up Feel okay Whose heart could I break today? Two time Stay friends Problem that you can't defend

Elias Dailey : I’ve watched this like 8 times.

ssregrets : Thank you youtube, for recommending me something that isn't garbage.

Daisy the fox! : 1:15 if someone ever killed my hamsters I would've done the same thing..

Kim sol김 솔 : 와.. 원곡보다 조회수가 더 늘어났어요.노래 제목만 쳐도 다람님 영상이 나와요.축하해요!!악플들은 무시하세요ㅜㅜㅜ

Ivan Artemov : This is so sick. I actually love this video so much. It has this really weird special vibe to it which others do not have.

실친 : 진짜 진심으로 람다람님 브랜드 만드시면 안되나요. 이 느낌 그림이 에코백이나 티셔츠 가디건 뭐 여러가지 있으면 너무 이쁠것 같아요..

Kayla Gaines : Wow thank you YouTube recommendations

TheFamily OHare : From what I am able to see from the last few videos and its interesting lore, The Protagonist (Pink person, I don't know)Had two friends One is a sporty blonde girl and the other is the White haired girl that you see at the candy ad. So in the earlier videos (mainly wonderland meme), her two friends get in a fight. And White haired girl just so happens to, I don't know, Beat her to death. That is why we see her holding the blonde locks of hair in this "meme" (As a note this shouldn't be called a meme and its too meaning full and rather beautiful to be called that). this can be found with the medal as that's pink girl's remembrance of the blonde girl. So after pink sees this she runs to another classroom and thinks it over. Then the white girl walks in and asks, "are we still friends?" or something like that. Pink girl comes to a decision. And then beats white girl. after this, there is the next video (before this one) "Ghost town" and from what I understand Pink girl finds a relative of the white girl or friend, maybe the white girl her self? I'm still unsure on that. Anyway, she finds her in a weird ghost town and remembers this girl crying or something like that. I'm also unclear on that. anyway, she leaves after a short while and comes back with the medal to show the girl what white girl or she did. but before that Relative girl starts choking her and pink girl smacks her in the head and runs away. And now finally to this video I am commenting on. The Pink girl now remembers and thinks over the many years. She still has trouble coming to grips with I think killing the white girl. As shown in the "still friends" part And she thinks how it could have been with the two of them. along with this whole remembrance piece, we have more lore about other things. one part zhthya tell in a great way about the part from 1:09 to 1:18, "you see her smiling and holding hands with her parents, and then she was staring at their pictures (with black ribbons, which meant they passed away) then you see her moved in with some relatives(?), and you see a shot of her staring at her dead hamster in shock. she then bashes the boy who killed her hamster." Also in the piece after that and a bit at the beginning of the video you can come to the conclusion that pink girl has no friends as both of those she did have are, well, dead. so she tries to take on different looks to be more "appealing" . and finally (this took me way longer than it should of.) the subtle add on to this is she also has taken a liking to cigarettes to try and let her forget as she can't really drink. I am still confused about some parts of the story but I'm sure I can get some help on this from you people, and once again Thes videos are so great in their way of storytelling and not to mention visuals. that is my take on this roller coaster of a lore with these few videos and i still haven't read them all so i probably missed something huge if i did, well ill probably edit this later. also i don't know how to end this. so bye

mushroom : this has got to be the 30th time ive watched this today. it's so amazing, the animation makes me love the song. continue doing what you're doing, it's lovely.

Goldie Tamamo : This is so MTV before MTV sucked...

Wondering Mind : Been watching this everyday for three weeks.

LimboGen : This video reminds me of a game I used to play.

-지나가던그림쟁이 : 람다람님 초면이지만 급하게 글올려봅니다... 예전부터 bilibili라는 중국사이트에서 밈러들의 영상이 불펌 됀다는 것을 알고계셨나요? 현재 람다람님과 또 많은 유명한 분들이 불펌을 당하고 있습니다. 하지만 중국 사이트인 데다가 수도많아서 신고할수도 없는 상황입니다.. ㅅㅋ 님이 올린 계시물을보고 저도 방금 처음 안겁니다. 람다람님도 알고 계셔야 할것같아서 이렇게 몇자 적어봅니다...ㅠㅜ

Beware of xXNoobXx : This really reminds me of Mob Psycho 100 because of the art style Edit: after looking at her Tumblr yap! That is definitely isnpired by Mob Psycho 100

JAMS Dream : OK, this is my interpretation about the story that RDR (Maybe is this animator's name?) made: First let's say the names: Daram: The red haired one. It's the canon name, so... Yero: The blonde one. It's not canon. Icy: The white haired one that wears candy themed clothes and appears on Wonderland Faith: The white haired one that appears on Ghost Town. Let's start with Wonderland: Basically, Yero and Icy are, like, fighting over Daram's friendship, but Daram doesn't give a cr*p about their fights, but since Icy is too crazy, she kills Yero and tries to be Daram's friend. But Daram doesn't feel so forgiving, so in a rage, she beats Icy to death with a baseball bat. Before beggining with Ghost Town, let's say that Daram doesn't live where she was raised. Because unknown reasons, everyone who lived on Underfity, including Daram, had to move to New Underfity, that it was a bit far from the previous town. On Ghost Town, it starts with Daram going on car to the old Underfity because she received a letter with a map leading to that old city, where she finds an old friend: When Daram was young and lived on Underfity, she wasn't friends with Icy, but she met a smart, kind, white haired girl whose name was Faith. But Faith had several problems that led her to suicide. Faith's ghost stayed on the old Underfity, and Daram found her. Faith tried to kill her by asphyxia, but Daram freed herself and hit her lost friend, but... it was too late. Daram was a ghost... or at least the video leads to think that, but I prefer to think that Daram became a zombie, because Faith killed her, and the soul came to her dead body. Let's move to "Two Time": Basically, the video tells us about Daram's story, with some details about her old times: For example, she has a history of killing people because of a rage (Icy wasn't her first victim): She had a hamster, but the hamster got killed so she, in a rage, murdered the hamster's murderer with the hamster's cage. There's nothing to say, just views to how Daram's life was destroyed, with that weird nostalgia feeling that gives the song. Two Time is only Daram's recap of her own life after she got turned into a zombie/ghost on Ghost Town.

GollyKun : Don't get me wrong this is great... But how is it a meme??

Igorephony : This is good animation and it goes with his song

누구 : 너무 좋아요. 노래의 분위기랑 애니메이션이 너무 찰떡임......한글 써 있는 부분이 이렇게 잘 어울릴 줄은 몰랐네요ㅠㅠㅜㅜ존좋.....

Dabrien Williams/Hacker Cat : 2nd result when searching "that one meme with 2 hands".

Kim sol김 솔 : 람다람님.. 저 또 왔어요.. 다른 영상 보다가도 람다람님 영상 보이면 자연스레 눌러서 들어오게 되고.. 마성의 람다람님 사탕합니다

Милашла-Крутяша : Рус. есть?

WooleyWorld : I enjoy this thoroughly.

doggosinpajamas : That’s some beautiful animation, but I was wondering how you did the effects to make it look really 80’s themed if anyone has any advise pls tell thanks

EvaMarie Anderson : To me it's like 80s and 90s style with aesthetic

Pink Cunt : I can't stop watching it God damn (^o^)(^o^)(^o^)(^o^)(^o^)(^o^)(^o^)

ITOPS_MaCHine : LSD is one hell of a drug

Starbeam : I like the subtle story you get from each vid - it's never the whole story but interesting snippets

Kize : every like I will wrote pizza Pizza

gigalord : I don't know why it reminds me something

Jose Trinidad Vargas Sanchez : a s t h e t i c

Mabel 0.12 : Like si hablas español

Diamond Pastry : omg so cool

Keetz : I want to live in the world that this video portrays I don't know if that makes sense but like, I really want to live in it

ヤマグチサキ : 素敵が一杯つまってますね✨ 女の子の過去がチラチラ見えて 作品が奥深いものになってて またさらに引き込まれます🍕

Shiffty Stan : Eyes remind me of Mob Psycho 100

sp00ky heART : I love the old retro style in this 😊👍

Poniaczowa : Geez, darling this is great :0

Shin Chan : This song describe as “Introvert”

audio :P : i think that i like you you do? _y E A H_

EvilDorito : So her name is Daram

impliqued : im confused

E C : 푸른색상으로 차가운느낌하고 따뜻한느낌을 둘다 줄수있구나,,, 노래에 어떻게 이렇게 찰떡이지 ...