The Christmas Candle (Emma Stone) - SNL

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dandanthetaximan : ahh.... re-gifting season is here again :)

Tyler Oakley : omg

jillian b : But why is this so true

Julianne Hannes : Brought to you by Yankee Candle----that store in the mall that miraculously hasn't gone out of business despite selling $20 candles

Tazzi R : I feel personally victimized. I just gave my friend a candle but I thought it wasn't enough so I gave her some lotion and perfume too

theghostofbrooklyn : "She doesn't know what Jen likes and she doesn't super care so she goes inside a closet just to see what crap is in there" I DIED!! This is my favorite thing ever!!!

radrickdavis : Don't laugh. Celine Dion would have made millions with a song like this.

serious22 : I know the hair is supposed to be terrible but I think Emma Stone's wig strangely works for her.

Lorena Jordan : 524 people disliked because they got cream with the candle.

Jesse Stevenson : 1:40 - Aidy Bryant's exaggerated reaction on the couch. Best part of the video. I laughed hard.

Borut Levart : That same candle should've returned to the first giver.

Spongebob Sucks : Aidy's breakdown killed me😂

ernest747 : great early 1990s Mariah Carey-style video.

Jason Jimerson : The Christmas Candle, The modern day equivalent to the Christmas fruitcake.

broadwaymelody33 : "Don't overthink the candle!"

manthasagittarius1 : And then some idiot actually lights the frickin' thing and breaks the chain . . .

Mia Dowd : And eight hours later I got an email from Bath and Body Works for on sale candles. Lol

RubyTigress : I watched this last night and then today I was talking to a friend and practically spluttered when she said, "Yeah I'm not really sure what to get her so I think I'm going to go for a peach candle.."

Jessica _Jam : I actually get excited when someone gives me a scented candle 😅

Brittney Johnson : "French Tip Records 1994" hahahaha

Paul Meredith : Aidy Bryant is by far the most underrated cast member on SNL working today.

LatinaKamilla : Low key Emma stone looks really great with curly dark hair like that. Fo sho fo sho!

tiffgif : Anyone else lose it at 1:41 when Aidy sings "just oooone daaaaaay" ? LOLLLL not gonna lie I keep reliving that part of the song and I just can't

lafairweath3 : Can't lie, the song is a bit of a tune

Korey Green : aidy kills me with her bridge od this song

themelonsoup : So, I know it is supposed to be dumb, but the women looked beautiful, the song sounded oddly good, the sign language part warmed my heart, and the very much outdated appearance made me happy. lol

Just the Coolest Dude Yo : Sasheer does the best "hiding my disappointment" look.

little rhinoceros : The square format really completes the whole 90s vibe

moiraine_damodred : this reminded me of Point of Grace for every sheltered kid who knows who I'm talking about...

franko6677 : Wilson Phillips meets Tammy Faye Bakker meets Glamour Shots meets December 1990

hang1iderswing : I know that Emma Stone' hair and make-up are supposed to look bad but I am sort of in love with this look it's so retro.

Eric Ritz : This nails all of those early 90s Sandy Patti vibes. Soft lighting, gelled curls, swept bangs, and a $14.99 candle marked down to $9. It's perfection.

dipdipish : That 90s vibe, those catchy lyrics, the fact that this is so true = best sketch of the night.

Nate M. : So I'm a straight guy and I would love to get a candle as a gift!

YoncexMimi 4 : Aidys solo kills me every time

MARGIE DANIELS : oh, man...I was on my way to Tj Maxx to buy a gift candle....😅😅😅

Jenny V. : Wait but I actually like candles

franko6677 : Can't believe it's been almost a year since this very important work of art came into my life.

Bria Penn : Aidy, Emma, and Kate deserve an Grammy for this

Amber B : I can't get over how well they captured the 90's in this skit. 😂

William Jones : My wife laughed so hard i think she was crying...

Christopher Cipollini : that was hands down one of the funniest skits they have ever done.

Opaulo Quartz : is it weird this has turned into one of my favorite songs....

Highwind Odyssey : Can Emma Stone just be a part of the cast now and not just a host please? She's on point with all her expressions and gestures. :)

ay up me duck : For a song based on a candle this was oddly uplifting

Channel T : Love that ending: "FRENCH TIP RECORDS (C) 1994"

cryofpaine : I asked my mom what she wanted for Christmas. In true mom fashion, she said lotion. I was thinking what else I could get her to go with it, and my first thought was a candle. Thanks SNL for saving me from that mistake. :D

C. Moore : I think this is secretly a candle commercial.

D L : 'so just give the candle, don't overthink the candle....we all get the candle, we all give the candle, that nine dollar candle, that almost new candle, the gift of having a gift to give away.' brilliant writing, and the music was really good too, and the acting, props, costumes, fur, was fab. And the honesty.. 'passed to every single woman, and most gays'. it is true, and fun... and makes us laugh at ourselves, without shame, too.

Liv T : If you laughed or cringed during this skit, you have intimate knowledge of the peach candle 😂😳😭