Pyrkon 2016 COSPLAY video Industrial Dance Madness by Sayomi [Dance Music Video]

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ANNIVERSARY of ours first year of making Video Clips. Pyrkon 2016 was amazing! We hope that quality of clip turned out incredible. Place: MTP Poland / Poznań === MORE INFO about dancers UNDER === Feel free to critique too, we are open on whole your ideas ! Diason as my idustrial dance guest. ============================= BIG THANKS FOR ALL DANCERS and COSPLAYERS ! ======================= Jeśli jesteście na teledysku to dajcie znać ^^ --------------------------------------------- MUSIC - Mental Discipline - "God & Devil" (Feat. Cold In May) (Ginger Snap5 Remix) ! ! ! be MY Patreon ! ! ! ! ------------------ You can support me and my projects ------------- - dla POLSKI be a Fan of SAYOMI - dancer (cybergoth subculture) Facebook / Google + - Instagram Annihilation - Polska grupa tańca Industrial Dance Art k Nowak - cammera operator Facebook / Google +


Adrián Salcedo : I love this clip ´cause, despite there will alway people that keep trying to build walls upon differences, here we got a proof that we can share, validate and apreciate that differences and have fun together.

Solar Flame : pt. 1 Mental Discipline - God Devil (Feat. Cold In May) pt. 2 Mental Discipline - God Devil (Instrumental Demo) For The Alliance, Industrial Save Us! > : -)

Nerdfuchs aka Fynx89 : I can't stop watching your Videos. I love your dance, your outfits an the idea. Dancing on Conventions, thats brilliant and everybody has fun. Greetings from Germany

Jacqueline Fitzy : Share some of that energy with me please😂😄😁

Nerv BC : Jestem tam! Mało nie zahaczyłem bronią Sayomi :P PS. Zajebista muzyka, ściągam do samochodu :) PPS. Arshania jak densi :D

cyber neon : I very happy to watch this video :D it is amazing and incredible beautiful cosplayers and dance greetings from denmark

Art Comics Andrés : Good video and good music ! .. It makes you want to dance or to exercise .. I love it

MOTOKO2501ghost : It's cool ;))) I very glad to watch this video and I like many persons on this! Sayomi is great =D greetings from Russia

Atalay Ant : that is the true industrial dancing, outfit, and beauty all over... thanks for the video!

j e s s i k a es : Everyone dancing and having a good time, then there's Goku standing there trying to transform.

NZO MV : Ah, reminds me of tank9's vids. Good video.

morzsaszem : I don't know how I got here, but I truly suprized that I love this kind of music (I usually listening epic and power/heavy/folk metal) and the whole idea what was under this video. Tahnk you for sharing and keep up the good work! And more on that: thank you for opening a new door for me. :]

[Removed] : Amazing :3 Brazilian here :3 uhull

Marzena Zajda : OMG...I can't believe that this is Poland Amazing and I love it

Иван Иванофф : this is cool conception! dancing w/ characters from so different fantasy worlds. there are and marvel, andfurry, and Akatsuki. that wonderful!

ミレナMija : Jestem dumna z Polski :D

Insanity 223 : Wee! Jestem tam! Yooo! XD Świetnie wideo :3

impactQuake : Nie wiem czemu ale podoba m isię ten styl ubioru (chociaż sam szaraczkiem jestem) :D

Astraea Invade : Badass!

krlx : zanime grubasuy

Musu Chan : Tam jest moja siostra (dokładnie0:43 sekunda)

catface : I've watched it like 5 times today XD so delightful to see lots of people in just amazing costumes having fun <3

Nie Fidiasz : Jestem tam!!!!!!!!!! Ach ta ekipa z naruto! Ogółem świetne wykonanie, na prawdę, jak się patrzyło z boku to zastanawiałam się co nagrywają, a tu taka niespodzianka! :D

Xazax Airsoft / ASG : Pyrkon! <3

Dominik Szymczak : nie zawiodłem się :D Dobra Robota !!

Pyodeisanshideiyuki : Rly nice outfit :D Love ur Locks ;D

Oliwia Dominiak : Świetnie wyszło! Nie mogę się doczekać następnego konwentu żeby znowu zatańczyć ^^ <3

Ruth Hunsbedt Paulsen : Idk how I ended up here but I'm glad I did

Vileights : I got so excited when I heard this song in the video, I've been listening to it for the past week all the time lol. I love your cosplay videos and dancing ^_^

duicu dacian : Das ist wunderbahr! The best image ,is the last ,with that sniper ,awesome !in this kind of dance , no movements are spectacular ,look are everything , image of dancers ( with more or less imagination)..girls with poison masks;green,red or blue hair ,who move almoust on the rythim,. Movements ,just movements,are so....predictible ,lineare and limited ..But it is something ,and good for health!

MintoCherry : Ojaaaaa jaka zajebista nuta <3

John Black : Aside from the fact that she looks hot in that outfit i don't really know what made me watch it to the end :))

Die Please : 3:42 pedobear

herrjakub : Super!!! :) Daję suba z miejsca. W 2017 muszę koniecznie na Pyrkon zawitać i mam nadzieję że zatańczę razem z Wami ;)

zeleniks : nice beginning

Matthew Joseph : A Browning 50 cal. at the end.OH! just airsoft.

Michał Piotr Stankiewicz : Świetny filmik, trochę za ciemny.

TurinekSS : Świetnie zrobione! A tą Sayomi mógłbym tańczącą oglądać bez końca, niesamowicie hipnotyzująca!

Heri Kaniugu : sexiest creature on the earth

Daria Kostaniak : Naprawdę świetnie wyszło! Gratuluję też rocznicy :D

The Fallen : Super styl i bit Sayomi wie co dobre

Dark Angel : Me encanta!! Saludos desde Chile!!! :)

Klaus-Dieter Adis : Macht mich glücklich

Bianca C da Kitteee : This is beautiful! I love this!

CyberGoth Demon : She is so talented

Alizon Enriquez : Saludos desde México

NE0TIMELESS : Fantastic people, Greetings from the Second Life Virtual World - Peace

inf1n1 : i love the cybergoth dance ting but i wanna see it with more freestyle movements

Acc_Gamer : 1:04 Happy Raven :D