Pyrkon 2016 COSPLAY video Industrial Dance Madness by Sayomi [Dance Music Video]

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Mathieu Latour : Poland knows how to have fun, subscribe.

Adrián Salcedo : I love this clip ´cause, despite there will alway people that keep trying to build walls upon differences, here we got a proof that we can share, validate and apreciate that differences and have fun together.

Solar Flame : pt. 1 Mental Discipline - God Devil (Feat. Cold In May) pt. 2 Mental Discipline - God Devil (Instrumental Demo) For The Alliance, Industrial Save Us! > : -)

Nerv BC : Jestem tam! Mało nie zahaczyłem bronią Sayomi :P PS. Zajebista muzyka, ściągam do samochodu :) PPS. Arshania jak densi :D

MOTOKO2501ghost : It's cool ;))) I very glad to watch this video and I like many persons on this! Sayomi is great =D greetings from Russia

NZO MV : Ah, reminds me of tank9's vids. Good video.

catface : I've watched it like 5 times today XD so delightful to see lots of people in just amazing costumes having fun <3

cyber neon : I very happy to watch this video :D it is amazing and incredible beautiful cosplayers and dance greetings from denmark

Nerdfuchs aka Fynx89 : I can't stop watching your Videos. I love your dance, your outfits an the idea. Dancing on Conventions, thats brilliant and everybody has fun. Greetings from Germany

Jacqueline Fitzy : Share some of that energy with me please😂😄😁

Die Please : 3:42 pedobear

impactQuake : Nie wiem czemu ale podoba m isię ten styl ubioru (chociaż sam szaraczkiem jestem) :D

j e s s i k a es : Everyone dancing and having a good time, then there's Goku standing there trying to transform.

Heri Kaniugu : sexiest creature on the earth

Senso Noren : Jestem tam!!!!!!!!!! Ach ta ekipa z naruto! Ogółem świetne wykonanie, na prawdę, jak się patrzyło z boku to zastanawiałam się co nagrywają, a tu taka niespodzianka! :D

[Removed] : Amazing :3 Brazilian here :3 uhull

Oliwia Dominiak : Świetnie wyszło! Nie mogę się doczekać następnego konwentu żeby znowu zatańczyć ^^ <3

wykoptunes3 : śmiechłem z pierdzioszka w 0:32, ocet z jokerem okazała się prorocza xD

ミレナMija : Jestem dumna z Polski :D

herrjakub : Super!!! :) Daję suba z miejsca. W 2017 muszę koniecznie na Pyrkon zawitać i mam nadzieję że zatańczę razem z Wami ;)

Vileights : I got so excited when I heard this song in the video, I've been listening to it for the past week all the time lol. I love your cosplay videos and dancing ^_^

Astraea Invade : Badass!

Art Comics Andrés : Good video and good music ! .. It makes you want to dance or to exercise .. I love it

John Black : Aside from the fact that she looks hot in that outfit i don't really know what made me watch it to the end :))

Linhael : Wykonanie trzeba przyznać świetne, bardzo dobry montaż, ale takiego bólu dupy i buractwa jak w wykonaniu kamerzysty na samej imprezie to dawno nie widziałem.

Xazax Airsoft / ASG : Pyrkon! <3

Иван Иванофф : this is cool conception! dancing w/ characters from so different fantasy worlds. there are and marvel, andfurry, and Akatsuki. that wonderful!

Pat B : Nice happy people!!

Artur Janczak : Świetny materiał, super nuta! Takie rzeczy to ja rozumiem. Tyle pozytywnej energii, oby więcej :)

iceman67 : cyber goth girl in blue is yummy

Kacper Popko : Krzysiu zachwycony tym tańcem 😁😁

Alizon Enriquez : Saludos desde México

The Fallen : Super styl i bit Sayomi wie co dobre

Nightmare Of The Doll : 2 diferentes mundos se unen. 2 different worlds in 1

MediaDestinyStudios : Please Take me industrial master😏

morzsaszem : I don't know how I got here, but I truly suprized that I love this kind of music (I usually listening epic and power/heavy/folk metal) and the whole idea what was under this video. Tahnk you for sharing and keep up the good work! And more on that: thank you for opening a new door for me. :]

Andrew Rusin : fajnie

inf1n1 : i love the cybergoth dance ting but i wanna see it with more freestyle movements

TurinekSS : Świetnie zrobione! A tą Sayomi mógłbym tańczącą oglądać bez końca, niesamowicie hipnotyzująca!

Valynaz Valkynaz : You, that Ezio dude, that guy dancer who I think may be an industrial dancer as well, the cute girl dressed as Yuno Gasai, the girl cosplaying deadpool, and the guy in the plague doctor mask are all awesome

Raziel Tempest : just wonderful this shows exactly how we are we would do not just anything to have fun and to all those who hated it lol at least the view is still there lol good work guys. pay no mind to the ignorance out the other window (dislikes) do what you do best goth love..

Shadow Princess : this video was amazing ! I usually watch this kind of videos to discover new music and get inspirations for cool outfits/look

HBH40K Gameplays : WTF, there was a Noise Marine over there, the one that supposed to know how to dance Industrial

I'm Derp : Lol the last part. That guy behind her, slowly moving downward escalator getting ready to snipe her with barrett. Hahaha ggwp.

Demolished Graves : Polecam sobie podłożyć pod taniec arabskie techno i szybkość 1.25 XD

Angelique Cronqvist : Cyber Goths,Jedis,brake dancers,elves,Cat Woman and Super Mario dances togever...nice,very nice...

Santiago Rodriguez Guillen : happy for the for being there, I am happy fore I was not even in the country when this happened, a win-win

krlx : zanime grubasuy

CyberGoth Demon : She is so talented

Crap Bag : sayomi is so beautiful!