The right (wrong) way to open a can
The correct way to open a can

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A reponse to a viral video seen on Facebook over the past few days. Because, as we know, it must be true: I saw it on the Internet.


The Root Boy Cooks ! : "I saw it on the internet" Famous last words.

CptKirk FPV : horizontal is the correct way to use a can opener. that is how they were designed. you may use it however you like but you were taught incorrectly.

giraffe.editz : So this whol time i have been using my can opener wrong?! I just set in on its side and beat the crap out of it until the food comes out.

John the Creature : Hey well at least it's way safer than the wrong way lol

Lenore Ellis : I feel the same way you do. I would not trust it either. My husband has started doing it this way. Sigh.

emilletich : Thanks for tip. Since I hate digging the sharp lid out of the can when it usually falls in, I think this is a good alternative. Anything I use from a can gets dumped into a bowl or pot, quickly rinsed and thrown in the recycle bin, so not too concerned about sharpness. As for paper, tear off before opening.

Tom Slak : ALL opened cans & lids are sharp and should be kept away from children!! To prevent paper from label ending up in can contents simply remove label first (no brainer dude).

OC_VILLAIN : Why change a good thing,. ? Why deal with a sharp can !! .

oldschooldiy : It has to be your opener! Mine doesn't leave a sharp edge or spill any juice! Also no paper in the contents!!

Tin Minute Book Reviews : Thank you, that was very helpful

Gee Dubb : You can wash the can out and use it to chop onions, garlic and whatever. I use it to chop green Chile and jalapeño to make salsa. Thanks for the video

Christine Hart : Better than breaking every manual can opener I’ve owned. Thank you !!

Briar Rose : Thank you for this! I'll try it. I'm sick of always fighting with my can opener. BTW, THE Best can opener I EVER had was a tiny military one given to me by a Viet nam veteran. I think it was called a P-38.

Doug Chandler : Hey man, Awesome friggin countertop! Thanks for sharing! (-:

Lily Eturnal : I just did it. It really does work and I also spilled water all over. Edges are sharp and dangerous.

smilus joel : Both ways are dangerous. I like the 'new' way.

Dave Clark : Either way you do it you're left with a sharp edge. Either the can itself or the lid.

the poor flexer : Me to I saw it in Facebook

Michael King : Shit..i been using a knife most of the time💪😂😂

Kenbo Jones : I think it all depends on the can and/or what the can is made of. I've seen some cans where the lip is too high to open it from the sides. I've also seen some cans that when opened, left a nice clean smooth edge with no protruding shavings.

N C : Don’t do it metal shards from the can get into the food

Paradroid : I like the “wrong” way as you can drain the bean while opening it. And you can control how much of the lid should attach to it so you can rinse the beans using the tin.

Kevin Packard : Take the paper off before you open the can.

Wizrd : Thank you 🙏🏼

Doug Chandler : One way works every time and the other way only works half the time. Kids will figure this out long before adults do so maybe we can learn from them! Have a good day and thanks for sharing!.

Christopher Souter : I have been opening cans in this way for at least 30 years. Depending on the contents, I always open cans in, (or next to), the kitchen sink. It is relatively easy to extract the tiny paper shavings. I live alone, and therefore, the presence of children is not a concern. Also, to my mind, either the can edge or the lid will be very sharp and require careful handling, regardless of which can-opening method is used. It is impossible to avoid creating a sharp edge, but I find that I prefer the sharp edge to be on the can, rather than on the lid, which could possibly be protruding from the top at a rather dangerously prominent angle. However, the can opener *DOES* need to have been designed to operate in this manner. At the time I started doing this, (in the late 1980s), such can openers were very new on the Australian market. (Australia is the country of my birth, the country where I currently reside, and the country where I'll probably die). One final point: Most cans in Australia now come with ring-pull lids, which are great for most things, with the exception of thick or highly viscous liquids, such as concentrated soups or sauces, in which case, I usually open them with the "sideways" method as shown in the video, as this makes it much easier to extract *EVERY LAST LITTLE BIT* of the tasty soup or sauce! Anyway, that's *MY* 2¢ worth! **

Summer Wood : Thank you for sharing

Calvin Sullivan : I just buy my soups, broths or whatever in a box, then you don't need a can opener. Vegetables are better fresh or frozen anyway. I can't stand canned carrots anyway.

JudgeDread 305 : Don’t touch the sound of edge dummy

Alia Garcia : @lessdomakeup

Colin Lloyd : Your whole reasoning against doing it what's is the best way is that it leaves the can sharp yet so does the other way, when you do it the so called "new" way you seperate lid from can at a weak spot and makes can openers last way longer since you aren't cutting threw thicker lid metal

Keith Brookshire : I'll try this on my next can opener expedition. I think I may like this better.

Derrick P : Game changer 😂

ZachX200 : this is the right way

Nick Freyermuth : Thanks opening cans for years I guess you learn something new every day. I give it a try

Paul Nestor : Interesting, I think I’ll do it the old fashioned way. Thank you for posting. Great videos.

mike cubes : price chopper cans? what state are you in?

Abdulahi : It worked 😄

Darkfury Gaming : The new way looks great the old way one I hate when the top gets into the can which you'll have to use you are free not to get it out.

Laurie Lambries : I have a long, thin bladed knife that I use to zip the labels off. Either way gets paper into the contents. And you should for recycling purposes anyway. The labels go in the paper bin.

Melissa : THANK YOU. I’m so tired of seeing the “you’ve been using a can opener wrong your entire life” posts when the horizontal method is more dangerous and makes a huge mess!

psylocke : mandela effect in actual

TheMotoguse : I don't know how I've managed to live this long without knowing that. Of course, if I had been opening it the other way, I would probably died years ago because it's so dangerous.

Daiymian : The edge is going to be sharp regardless. Be it the can or the lid on either way you open it.

rideswithscissors : I bought that can opener a few months ago, best one I ever had! Made in USA.

Ford Ferguson : Quick way to make a biscuit cutter.

Baron Thomas : fair enough

Allegra Chloe Sivalingam : Don't try it with tuna 🙃🙃🙃