The Big Interview
The Big Interview

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the highly anticipated interview of the season SUBSCRIBE ► VIDS IN 60 SECONDS ► MID-LENGTH VIDS ► COMEDY THEORY VIDS ► hey Show More and mobile folks. here's a video that can be applied to GoT, to avengers: endgame, to star wars, really any hyped event for which fans will dig for clues. i think it's kind of funny that they happen and they keep following this formula, so i wanted to point that out. and now i have, so i guess i accomplished my goal. great. alright, well i hope you're having a wonderful thursday and i hope your weekend is good as well!


Alex Gilbert : Phil, what can you tell us about your next video?

Abraham Mast : *Recorded in front of a LIVE studio audience*

Jonathan Wilson : Tom Holland take notes

DemiDualist : this is literally what happened with kit harrington on The Late Show. spot on

MrBlahboy10 : Phil my man you're golden

Infected69 : Booger, A piece of solid or semisolid mucus.

Scrutinized Word : who knew hell was such a joke

matt george : Every Game of Thrones interview ever

Thomas : This is quality content

Mark Baldwin : Phil does it again

Kallie Perkins : geez another chris

himanshu sage : Really good acting, Phil.

HeapsGoodProductions : 3,000 views and 0 dislikes! Impressive and well deserved, great video.

Ethereal Beef : Hotter questions

DefaultGen : God this drives me insane.

Luantic : This was great, man

Richard Luzum : I can't believe it's butter. #PHILGANGNICEBOYS

CamBossMusic : lmfao

Mike Fry : Damn, those sound effects are awesome! Unreal editing, amazing job!

Ana Sofy : every interview in the last week with endgame coming out 😂

K.C. Kohler : That boogar tho..

Bop : the project was the bow, and if you've seen it, then you would know