Adventure Time x Alicia Keys - Bacon Pancakes

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Yama Maharaja : When you're outta gas, so you must use the fire from this mixtape to finish making bacon pancakes.

Piotr Lawniczuk : I am slowly becoming addicted to this song.

Jay Elle : Why is this so freaking good????

MileenEonica : I turned 0:11 to 0:22 into a ringtone. It is splendid.

Strontiummuffin : adds so much more meaning to the song

Antonio Palomo : where is the 24H version?

themikepotter : "Bacon pancakes makin' bacon pancakes Take some bacon and I put it in a pancake Bacon pancakes that's what it's gonna make BACON PANCAKES !!!"

Laila Lowe : Alicia keys would be proud =^=

Greyson Royale : It's like a nightblogger fell out from tumblr on to youtube.

sesshomaru880 : :/ I want this song on my ipod

Cameron MacDonald : Can someone do the world a favor and somehow technomagify a full song out of this? Anthem status.

Rita Wasie : how can I get this as a ringtone 😂😂

Ife onasanya : greatest duo ever

Jupiter Fox! : Dimaggio brought me here lol


Yamil Escamilla : What time is it es hora de bailar con alicia keys

Proud Cree Woman : addicting

Gevon Sutherland : I hate how good this is. I am angry at this perfection.

Úcon con : Bacon pancakes, eh?

lickle callum : the world needed this thank you

clever name : this is such a masterpiece

Paige Young : This is awesome 😍😍😍😍😍😉

Alberta Burnett : I love this awmazing (awesome and amazing) remix

Kamil Wajda : You could call him Jake-Z.

Renata Cervera : Holy Cow! 

Shamera Brown : Now. That's. Lit

Ed T : Make this a full length edit man

Emmanuel Melgoza : I approve this. 

javilalaland : merece un grammy :')

Faith Moar : This is literally the good shit xD

Denise Oquinn : Umm, Joe likes that mm bacon

Neon_Wolf_312 : wth XD

RoeRoe : make a full SOONNGG

mrabudi1 : "concrete jungle wet dream tomatooooooo"

Kelsey Urton : why had this been on loop in my mind for like 2 weeks?

Not You : How many times did you guys listen to this?

Nicholas Adrati : History’s best music crossover

shelshock shel : Best remix ever LOL.

Dave Lewis : The 61 dislikes on this are from the Litch and the 60 other accounts he made to dislike this

BananaLizard : 2000-03 niggas rise

Brett Higdon : Concrete jungle wet dream tomatooooo

Kaazal Yeet Also Kermit the Thanos but yeah : Why is this actually really good

bella spanish account : my dad laughed so hard that he cried

Rahul Bhardwaj : I cant stop replaying it

Matt Dorfman : this is relevant to my interests

alex rivas : More remix like this please

glamgirl5 : Jake and her are good😆😆😆baking pancakes😆😆😆😆

Sujatmiko Sujatmiko : Hydra iconic memes

TheEthug : Baking pancakes, making bacon pancakes, take some bacon and i put it in a pancake, bacon pancakes that's what it's gonna make, bacon pancaaaaaakes........ Making pancakes, making bacon pancakes, take some bacon and i put it in a pancake, making pancakes that whats it's gonna make. Making pancaaaaakes. Making pancakes, making bacon pancakes, take some bacon and i put it in a pancake, making pancakes that's what it's gonna make. Making Pancaaaaakes. Making pancakes that;s what i'm gonna make, making pancaaaaakes.

Funny Wolf : Jake-Z