Xbox One X Classic Unboxing w/ Jon

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Aldy Waani : thank god this one properly filmed with a phone... not with the wasted RED cam. *rollingeyes*

Echocookie : Only really watched cause Jon. I've already seen an unboxing of this.

Limp Wibbler : Out of any of the 100 Xbox one X unboxings, this is the one to go trending. The live streamed on an IPhone one. The one where 90% of the crew doesn't give a shit. The one that was done on the fly. I love LTT, I just find it funny that they go trending, by not trying or caring.

Obi Wan Kenobi : jon needs to learn how to not talk over people... hella annoying

Wouldn't It Be Cool If : Fyi, hate to rain on the box excitement parade, but that shipper was designed with the print on the inside intentionally . It wasn't a last minute realization for them. In the E-commerce industry this is done a lot to prevent theft as you mentioned. There is usually an upcharge from the corrugated vendor to have print on both inside and outside. In this case, it doesn't look like there is print on the outside so this wouldn't have cost them more than typical one sided printing. I am not fun at parties.

Ben Mitchell : Anyone else just cringe whenever Jon starts talking..?

Shalmal Soni : Jon doesnt want Linus to touch anything

Jacky Fu : They could have just shipped that box in a box problem solved..

UNSTOPABLE40 : I don't know why but I just hate Jon for some unknown reason, something about him makes me just not like him. It's not you it's me.

Diako Jalal : Really annoys me how Jon talks

Brendan Meehan : Does anyone else find Jon's voice absolutely repulsive?

3Qstm : I Like Jon as a co host, his a bit more serious. He has a very logical perspective on life, he's very informative. nice vid

Solwayuk : When the box is more exciting than the console...

Seth D : Why is Jon such a weirdo?

Michael : *Fat ps2 unboxing*

T R E V O R : I loved this Xbox one unboxing which came in a cool Xbox one box included An Xbox classic box with multiple boxes inside carrying the Xbox

rehman arshad : I kinda liked Jon's Input since Linus is more of a pc guy...

Jesus Saldana : This ain’t got nothing on the Gamesphere😤😤

dfalt : I'm getting a headache from the shaking camera right now. You guys are better than this. Plz fix

Moisty : John is unbearable.....

Smoked Rhombus : Console Peasants

52vmtp : 9:15- Damn Jon just pulled the console out of linus's hands like a dude who didnt want his browser history to be seen on his phone lmao chill dude.

Chas : It sounds like Dennis literally cummed in his pants at 9.30 minutes in when Linus rips off the front sticker off the Xbox! LOOOOL

maxi2643 : oh. I thought it was jontron :( im dissapointed.

Daniel Lopez : I would like to see a three way comparison between the same games , on the different consoles ie. XBOX ONE Vs. XBOX ONE S Vs. XBOX ONE X, comparing the visual fidelity upgrade, game loading time, and if the 4k 60fps aspect of it has weird stutter issues as reported on some forums.

jack johnson : philosophical question...... Does being a Gamer make one weird or... does being weird make one into a gamer? I personally think its the latter as if these people (Not talking about linus) had normal friends in highschool they wouldn't be bored out of there mind and stuck in an anti social vaccum leading to actual socialization making them mormal instead they stuck in front of there friend the computer and when they eventually left highschool and found friends they had became so antisocial and even more weird that the only friends they could find were other werido gamers and there they continue to stay to this day ignoring normal things like music concerts, parties its really quite sad avctually

Admirał Holdo : F#!? This s!?# ouya is the best! Edit: thanks for likes all you people

aikouka : Linus, can you guys check out how noisy this is while playing 4K Blu-rays for the full review? When I upgraded TVs, I upgraded my Xbox One to an S version, because it would handle 4K content and play the UHD Blu-rays for me. Perfect, right? Unfortunately not. I found out the hard way that the Xbox One S is considered a great bargain for a UHD Blu-ray player, but it's greatest con is disc noise. You can easily hear the disc spinning while watching movies, and it's somewhat distracting. I ended up going to a Sony UBP-800 and then an Oppo UDP-203 for Dolby Vision support.

James Campbell : I was just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this; will this new CPU (Spector and Meltdown) bug affect the CPU in the new and old Xbox? like is the shinny new Xbox one-X 30% slower now? I thought design flaws and bugs were covered under warranty? Thank you-just bought a new Xbox one-X Why is Dell trying to push CPU upgrades on Alienware laptops when they know they are defective? I think this could go deep. But my Question about the new Xbox one-X

DistortedStar 0026DT : In a way the one x looks like a fat ps2

Exodarion : I like this form of linus, the real linus, unscripted and not annoyingly cheesy/silly

Sam Haeverans : 1:15 That designing team is definitely thinking inside the box...

StarBoyz : Compare this to a PC of the same Cost

Galih Rivky : Jon = The American James May

Jason Hudson : If Jon is your expert console guy and he doesn't know off by heart the specs for this console then you should look for another console guy. It's been known for months that the CPU is based off Jaguar (if a slightly updated version) and that this console is smaller than the Xbox One S, its even smaller than either Xbox 360 Slims.

Lester Avellan : Can we have a depth look at xbox one x and a graphic comparison too the PC.

Steven Holley : That catch with the box art is spot on. Really separates you guys from everyone else. One of the most professional channel on Youtube.

barath4545 : Where does that Peter Gade badminton jersey in the background come from? ... Linus is a badminton fan?

Ash H. : Why is this not in 4k? Is that not the X1X's shtick?

Exodarion : All content should be like this, uncut, uneditted, it really felt like i was hanging out with you guys

Mitar Stojanovic : Those game cards are codes for them...

Aaron Madsen : The guy filming just snorted a line before this vid

NovaLegion : X BOX ONE X ENO XOB X

Munjee Syed : Well some how this is 50th on trending bet yea didn't expect that linus

Jaedyn Chilton : They put it unlisted but it goes on trending youtube pulling pranks again

PaynPlay play : weird seeing 720p on this channel lol

dbagdi1998 : I was more interested with what linus was doing with the box than the xbox itself lol

Marky 360 : Wow a surprisingly low rez video on Linus's channel never thought I'd see it.

jmelzer : Have they really never seen Planet Earth??? Everybody has seen that.