How To Pogo

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Pogo : God what a mess. Haha. Awesome video though. 😁

Xabio Arts : "and quantize bc you suck" honestly one of your best vids yet

Ique : I had to quantize this comment

Net-Nerd : *Top ten anime returns*

Wiseass : Last time I was this early, he sucked at a cooking channel.

Lil' Jello : Oh, I didn't expect to see a How To Pogo video, that's awesome :) My brother literally ran into my room and announced that there's a new Imaginary Ambition video, so we dropped everything to watch it haha

Nerd City : Damn I haven’t thought about Pogo in years. Remember when his username was Faggotron?

Ark : highlight of my week

Reynaldo Q : How to Snail House

Manav Ghosal : This inspires a strange nihilistic depression in me. Thank you sir.

jojo reference : Woa, this is an actual tutorial

Fox : You forget though. Pogo uses melodyne to pitch the samples so they sing. <3 Edit: Took a guess and I was wrong. Should have been more specific, Cheers Pogo.

Kappa Nova : Less crazy than some of your other ones, but the video still has more plot and emotional depth than a blockbuster movie. I like it

Captain Furry Twainbeard : hearing aids. ffs

okay scoby : How to Meme *music edition* ?

Lord Kek : I think the overlooked part of this whole video that it was completely centered around the “hearing aids” pun at the end.

Tipsy River : God fucking dammit, can't you for once make a funny video without the song actually being really good? Why you gotta kick me when I'm down?

İbne Piçin Tekiyim : I would still eat that nugget.

The Family Bovine : Seriously was looking forward to this one <3

imfcboy : We need a “How to Mac Demarco” vid next!!!!

Kristian Zantua : F L I M

Wiseass : Came for the cooking, stayed for the music.

Oskar Svensson : Yeah... Hearing- *aids-aids-aids-aids-aids-aids* **aids-aids** *aids-aids-aids-aids-aids-aids* **aids-aids** *aids-aids-aids-aids-aids-aids* **aids-aids** *aids-aids-aids-aids-aids-aids* **aids-aids**

Light : When's the next You Suck At Cooking episode?

XLandBroZ : 50 views boys

Therater2 : my ear believes in miracles now

thekilled : How to atlas?

Thatoneguythatlikesthenumber 27 : Second

- Clod - : Is this also how you make in love with a ghost?

KatFoode : *Sees new Imaginary Ambition* *nearly breaks mouse clicking so fast* love your vids man, youtube needs more creators like you :)

JaJurrian : fuck I love your videos man keep it up!

Mocchoi : Woah the music meme man has returned!!

Rabbit Rin's Bad At Gaming : Full version song when

Noah Melville : You should do How to Tyler The Creator

[ Thatguy ] : I love your creativity and videos it makes me feel inspired to go out and try these things and get into them because I have a strong interest within music and beats but I feel that me, myself can not fathom such great quality of work like when watching your vids I don’t know anything you are talking about but I just love the process and how you’re able to explain how it is done so thank you for these great videos I seriously want you to know how much appreciation comes from them.

Aidan Gray : How to Eden???

Ryan Bigguy : This one was almost TOO useful

ItsJustinTime : that chicken nugget lived a _-good-_ life.

Paulina Barszez : Great vid! Maybe for a next vid, how to aivi & surasshu?

Raccoon 205 : Omg omg you posted

Nicolas Aguilar : "Los Clásicos". Are u hispanic, Imaginary Ambition?

you're mom gay lol : Flume or droeloe pls?

bannigbaitum : How to Tyler, the Creator

Rocka30XL : When's the Death Grips song coming out?

Iza Ornelas : One of the best step by step vids I've ever seen 😎✨

M. E. : I really loved your "nuggets of emotion", and it really made me think about how you came to that idea, like .... (DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T LIKE TO THINK AT USELESS STUFF) You searched for a word to define the right kind of "loopable" sample you were searching for, and those samples are "fast-food-able" in a way, so you named it emotional nugget ?! Or does it go in the other way, those samples in essence, are like fast-food food, they do not need to be cooked (created), and are ready to be eaten fast (usable). (Is my english to bad to be understood? I'm french) Was that your point or am I far away from the explanation?

PastelLights : You should do how to shawn wasabi

Lusty : Yay nice video

Gabriel Andrés Tula : Another great video! Thank you, you are one of my favorite channels in all of YouTube. Keep it up

Anime is a big mistake : Now to wait another millenium for another upload.