Two Years Ago, This Man Was 500 Pounds. Now He Is Two Men Who Weigh 250 Pounds.
Two years ago this man weighed 500 lbs Then he took control of his life and changed completely Very inspirational

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Patrick Demko : Detroit: Become two men

Chanakzzz : 2 years ago, these 2 men who were both 250 pounds. Now they are 4 men who are all 125 pounds.

Jennifer Mabel : Y'all ever just undergo mitosis.

Potatokoke : But he said he weighed 506 pounds. Where is the 6 pound tiny man?

AllPanic ButNoDisco : Its should _not_ have taken me that long to realise this was a skit

MysticMarshmallow : Breaking News: *Man gives birth to himself*

Steward Appiagyei : This isnt even his final form. Wait until he's four men weighing 125 pounds 💪🏾

Rey Rumano : Paul: _I'm 500 pounds and I want to turn my life around._ **Phil Swift has joined the chat** *_"i SaWeD tHiS pErSoN iN hAlF!"_*

BEN SHAPIRO IS SANS UNDERTALE OK THIS IS EPIC : Humans : *Takes months or years to lose weight* Bacteria nibbas :

Dyonus : I messed up somewhere. I went from being a 400 pound man to a 100 pound man and a 300 pound man. Our lives are a living hell!

no thankyou : I was SOOOO confused at first.

Masen Storm : Niggas really out here doing moves

Michael Liedtke : I used to weigh 430 pounds. I tried the same thing, but went to far. Now I’m two men who weigh 100 pounds, a man who weighs 50 pounds, six men who weigh 25 pounds and a 30 pound chicken. If you are going to attempt the same weight loss plan, please be careful

Vidar Gartz : The wife prolly likes this a little too much.

Yasin Omidi : I wish one day i could be half the man that he is

slime and grime : I remember the first time I became four people and that changed my life forever.

F L A P P Y : Imagine merging like in agario at a random time and accidentally swallowing someone 😬

Felix Gutierrez : One dude became two guys that weigh 250 pounds... SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!!!

Newby Ton : Warning! Don't divide yourself more than 17 times Now I'm too light too short for people to see and I can't reach for anything anymore unless it's on the floor

Viggo Åsgården : I weighed 380 lbs. a year ago, and today I'm so proud to say I am now 380 men who all weigh 1 lb. each

Romantic Outlaw : someday I dream of being two 135 lbs women. This video was truly inspiring.

Newby Ton : You may not like it but this is what peak division looks like

SuCc OwO : Better yet he should become 4 extremely lean 125 pound men

Will D : Lmao I was trying to figure out what was going on until I saw Clickhole.

Alan Winters : Next year: Two men become four 125 pound men

DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer : I will make sure I'm like 200lb as an adult and become two 100lb children again

AppleRain : Cells be like:

Anonymous Nonsense : This title has me- I don't even know.

hamibook189 SCS : Nobody: YouTube Recommendations: One 500 pound man becomes two 250 pound men

Antoni Gates : American humour finally caught up. Dope.

Jinx : I’m soo confused Looks at the name of the person who posted it Oh

pxlybius : In the next two years, he'll be 4 125-pound men

Édouard Dionne : I wonder why she is happy to have two men ^^

Jeremy Whitman Kinghorn : "But as we continued exercise, we eventually became four 125 lb men."

Dabg Dag : 5 yrs later the two men are now 500 men who weigh 1pounds

DragoonBoom : My other half is still missing. I miss him every day.

Hmm : Uuh. I'm confused, did he have so much mass he divided himself to 2 people like a cell? 🤔 Edit: dammit it's a skit. Nvm

Meha Anon : I was mad confused by the title until I saw the channel 😂😂

SUPERNOVA : "Two years ago, this man was 500 pounds. Now he is 763 pounds."

Glitzy101 : He eats He spits But most importantly _he splits_

Da Cat Named Eve : Amazing! But how do they get along?

Theodore Bear : These videos are always so originally stupid I can't help but love them. Absolutely brilliant.

Mazeman : Hopefully in another year he can be 4 men who weigh 125 pounds 🥺

Creftospeare : 500 Years Ago, This Man Was 500 Pounds. Now He Is 500 Men Who Weigh 1 Pound.

Riconade : No one: Paul Condon: M I T O S I S REEEEEEEEEE

Sgt. Oh Yeah Yeah : Soon we will have a swarm of little dwarf-men running around.

Dolores Berry : Bruh like minecraft slime when u punch them lol

Alpha-Pathetic Tm : Sheesh Daniel, some of us never got two fathers. *Some of us never got one.*

Kenji The Jazzy : What happens if one dies. Does that mean it will be 150 pounds?