Jackass 3.5 - basketball balls

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Cena Jackass 3.5


HanzoJonzo : Mtv's version of Dude Perfect

Fuyu_Seishin12 : It takes skill and whatever balls they have left to do trickshots like that. XD

Mike Standing : Apparently it took them hours to get each shot.

ChasetheKraut : So much testicular abuse.

Christopher Fuentes : Those guys are nuts.

therionman52 : 0:26 - Croatian flag!

Cinereo : the bridge one is the best because you get the anticipation

Daniel Hulse : They should do this with the dude perfect guys!

Zach Haywood : Steve-O wins at life

Brocks Onix : trick photography.

Billy Rigney : 0:44 skillz

Vicente Silva : this is the other version of dude perfect xD

Le Lenny : This is like some dude perfect shit XD

Alejandro Sanchez : the rob dyrdek one was edited see if you pause at the right time the ball disapears

Randy Arons : that was great

Leo Joseph : Not sure if it was basket ball or balls !!

Beau Ackley : 1:0 - It looked like it hit his shirt.

BlackRushNL : We do?

Dylan Alexander : And we wonder why they don't have kids

Caomhan Budhlaeir : that must'v hurt alot

Adam Turner : the new dude perfect

Gandalf the White : this is the most skillfull thing ive seen them do

sapperuncle : Glad they can't reproduce.

DrinkWine : yup

KRISH CHAND : watching guys getting hit in the balls for 2 minutes..... my time well spent

Cuzinits : No way dyrdek got hit there, look closely.

Pewzzzz : Perfect aiming skills

nukkiable : well if you look closely you can see there is some yellow line on the ground so he knows when to drop ball

Jared Profenna : dude perfect meets kicked in the nuts

Hasan Gozgoz : Dude Perfect nuts version

TheBioBeast : Not that I am agreeing with him, but the "RIP Ryan Dunn" posts are really getting old now.

TyvillexxD Gᵅᵐᶥᵑᶢ. : DESPUES DE 10000000 MIL INTENTOS xDDDDDD


Ante Ilić : at 0:19 croatian flag

Steve Parsons : Guy at 0:38 sec didnt get hit he faked it

likeomgutube : **

Justin Frazier : looks like a challenge for dude perfect

Ruaraidh Gillies : youtube"

likeomgutube : shut the fuck up child

Ruaraidh Gillies : 1:26 GTA V

Ian No name : Hey it's the good version off dude perfect

David Kerr : Dude Perfect?

darthvader4hire : man i wonder how many takes it took to get those shots!??

FrenchBreadMontana : John does

Randy Jackson : and thats why no one from jackass has a child

davidskater16 : Lmao it hit rob 100% 35 was a hit.

Quackleberry Pop : This is what would happen if Dude Perfect had a thing for hitting each other in the balls

davidskater16 : Holy shit knoxvilles got sum balls.....Well maybe not anymore.

WeavePap : Excuse me? I don't see U giving the man any respect either. So again, stfu.