Jackass 3.5 - basketball balls

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TheWaste88 : They are surprisingly good at hitting each other in the nuts from long distances.

HanzoJonzo : Mtv's version of Dude Perfect

Fuyu_Seishin12 : It takes skill and whatever balls they have left to do trickshots like that. XD

ChasetheKraut : So much testicular abuse.

Mike Standing : Apparently it took them hours to get each shot.

Christopher Fuentes : Those guys are nuts.

Daniel Hulse : They should do this with the dude perfect guys!

therionman52 : 0:26 - Croatian flag!

Khalil Zemzami : they should make sure they have kids before this

Quackleberry Pop : This is what would happen if Dude Perfect had a thing for hitting each other in the balls

Justin Frazier : looks like a challenge for dude perfect

DjDz : a lot of these are fake.  the ball is hitting hteir stomach and stuff

TyvillexxD Gᵅᵐᶥᵑᶢ. : DESPUES DE 10000000 MIL INTENTOS xDDDDDD

David Kerr : Dude Perfect?

Jeremy Stanley : the best shit EVAR

Jason Marshall : Can we take a moment and appreciate these idiots accuracy

Billy Rigney : 0:44 skillz

MissTaiSah : They are creative and clever!

Adan Cruz : Excelente montagem!!! Enganou bem!!!

Andres Ortiz : Soy yo o estos putos hubieran sido mejor que Jordan!

Jerk My Crank : The skill isn't in throwing the ball, but in standing there to take it when you know it's coming

Jose Rosas : hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Le Lenny : This is like some dude perfect shit XD

Kenny Randall : Disclaimer: Neither basketballs or balls were harmed in the making of this film.

Metal Puncakes : Is this where basketball trick shots came from

Gilbertdu62 : Johnny at 1:40 is the personnification of joy

GAU-8 Avenger : Lol like Dude Perfect but better

Brayden O : Jackass - innovators of bruised balls.

Vinder 2 : Thay are not going to have kids😂

Harry B' : And you still watch dude perfect

Manuel Garcia : Is johnny wearing a shirt with the steam logo?

Regular Sauce : Oh god

ITZ YO BOII DEE : 1:22 los santos

Christopher m : I would so wanna do the plane one

thegoldenwalrus : way better than dude perfect lmao

DARKPX : I always knew jackass was half fake but still how they didn't edit that part 0:36 (maybe that guy have his nuts on his feets)

Frost : Reminds me of "Oh my Balls" from Idiocracy

Alejandro Sanchez : the rob dyrdek one was edited see if you pause at the right time the ball disapears

Rudy Perez : Dude perfect should do these things

Matthew Carrano : how can they still have kids...?

Jesus Cortez : who needs baskeball rims when you have peoples balls

jack Bulman : 0:35 such a fake reaction. it didn't even get near his nuts!

Frank Miranda : There's no way they're having kids now

Vicente Silva : this is the other version of dude perfect xD

Bailey Mc : the real dude perfect

Satan : Excellent CGI

kevin klein : Pewzzzz wat a moffie

Zach Haywood : Steve-O wins at life

Brocks Onix : trick photography.

Austin Dickerson : Don't try this at home! 😃