Bitforce - Go Go Power Rangers! (Live at 502 Bar)

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DecimateGamer91 : i approve. (a 90's kid)

The Creepiest Of Pasta : absolutely brilliant

Janfrederik Van den Berg : haha the guy in the crwd wearing a pokemon hat

Inside the Empire : This is so Sick i loved it

King Greed : 2:27 Is that freaking Sammy from DoubleToasted??!!

Bob Ross : saw these guys at the cactus club in Milwaukee the other night. they kicked ass. awesome show. awesome costumes. MC Chris was pretty good too.

Marcinex : Friggin Epic!

Based Hercules : Do you have a recorded version of this I can download/buy anywhere?

Santana On Da Beat : I know I'm late af but they straight ripped that shit!!! 🎸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘

Valkery Black : Best cover ever, thanks for uploading 👍 good sound and bring back my childhood memories 😁


John Gilliam : "Theyyyy've got....." serious goosebumps. That's what they've got.

Владислав Ившин : What a powerful performance! Great guitar guy and Marty McFly on made my day

Levi Shlomobergowitz : I didnt know EatMyDiction ia guitar player

Regan Jonas : These guys r cool

Dante : I call on the power of Titanus and the Ultra Zord!!!! *theme starts playing* 😢😢😢

Erry Sandi : the guitarist nice

blt189 : I don't usually comment, but how the F do u book these guys!?

Jon Baird : *IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!!!*

Joel Marques : best cover

Hootabell : I hear metalcore