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Ross Pate : Eugenes worst line... I'm Negan

The Eastside Show : people been saying I sound like Eugene from Walking Dead, but I don't hear it when I speak.

God Enel : Eugene is the funniest character by far.

Pirate Elgin Of the Sinked Ship : If eugene dies in twd im not gonna watch it no more

Hamza Khaliq : Does Eugene ever smile? I love how he always keeps a straight face while making all these funny lines.

celestialbuffalo : When all is said and done eugene will be the one left standing.

Badjoke Maker : I just love this guy. He looks like Bill Hicks and talks like sheldon Cooper. And he walks like a child. How can't you like him?

Andree Tungcab : If Negan kills him or Aaron Im done

Trinity Danielle : Eugene is my boyfriend💕

Anne Boleyn : I'm sure Eugene has aspbergers syndrome. Judging by the way he speaks and general behaviour.

Burger Pants : Eugene is my baby oml I'm so worried about what they're gonna do to him at the Sanctuary 😭

Flyboy Steven : I hope Eugene is the person Negan killed....i can't stand him...he talks like Boomhauer on King of the Hill....can't understand a word he says

Luke Hogan : Abraham: I almost killed you! Eugene: yes ...... there is that 😂😂😂

TacSav253 : "I cannot abide a reality where you are the chosen navigator over a son of the South, who has successfully negotiated the travails and vagaries of journeys both real and virtual." - Eugene Porter


Roxanne Bernabe : Lmao Josh is a comedian so it makes sense that he's so hilarious! 😂

tiffany oates : Eugene runs so stiff and it's funny as hell how is he not dead

EvaMVisser : Eugene is just your guy if you need a good laugh

Ibrahim Tarawally : Half the times Idk what Eugene says. Why can't he just talk normal.

itheparrot : Darn. You forgot the parts where he took the pistol and shot the walkers and drove all the walkers away using a van like the zombie apocalypse survivalist kickbutt charater that he is. Honestly that scene was his one of his best moments.

SouthCalifas619 : Im cursed with having a eugene face, thats why im still a virgin

REDBEARD : I just met a girl that said I sound like him, I have to stop being her friend now.

Bunny Chan : wow i never realized that eugene called abraham the smartest man he met, a large compliment for a character who defines himself on his intellect alone. rip abraham u wer my fav character, even slightly more so then daryl

RapidWoWPrime : That's classified.

coles leftelbow : Eugene has been my favorite character since he came on so now I'm watching these and waiting for the Negan/Eugene episode.

Angel Boy : Like if you love Eugene! <3

Jonatan Hansson : Wheres the when one where he uses the phrase ''Hunky Dunky'' and '' The envy of all corns'' :D

sarah sequeira : I love Eugene so very much ❤ he is probably my favorite character in this show. I hope he doesn't die

nyer : does he ever smile in the show?

Andree Tungcab : My Favourite Characters: Eugene Father Gabriel Jesus Aaron Glenn Abraham Rick All of the Kingdom Residents The Remaining Alexandrians Some Hilltop residents

Al Mlg : Bill Hicks

JCF Julian Cebrian Flores : 😂🤣😆

fiqipraramadhan : Not an uninteresting character but i just cant stand him, hope he dies.

Dam Son : He so cringey

Methre : I can't understand how people like this character, I think it's the worst played character since a long time in a TV show.

Acid Trungpa : That fat pussy didn't had any good line in the show. That's the worst acting I've ever seen in my life.

T Mayo : screw Eugene and his rhetoric! what a tool !!everybody to this point has gotten laid ! Rick.....darryl..the red head dude...hell even Carl got close ...but this prick eugene...is afraid to save his own life...and lose the goddam mullet u loser !! I wanna punch u in ur fat sissy face !!

Babidi : if they let that Negan dick murder Eugene im just done with the show. though they never should even take their golden nerd out on runs anyway, keep him safe and thinking back at home base.