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God Enel : Eugene is the funniest character by far.

The Eastside Show : people been saying I sound like Eugene from Walking Dead, but I don't hear it when I speak.

Pirate Elgin Of the Sinked Ship : If eugene dies in twd im not gonna watch it no more

Hamza Khaliq : Does Eugene ever smile? I love how he always keeps a straight face while making all these funny lines.

Ross Pate : Eugenes worst line... I'm Negan

celestialbuffalo : When all is said and done eugene will be the one left standing.

Badjoke Maker : I just love this guy. He looks like Bill Hicks and talks like sheldon Cooper. And he walks like a child. How can't you like him?

Andree Tungcab : If Negan kills him or Aaron Im done

Trinity Danielle : Eugene is my boyfriend💕

Anne Boleyn : I'm sure Eugene has aspbergers syndrome. Judging by the way he speaks and general behaviour.

Burger Pants : Eugene is my baby oml I'm so worried about what they're gonna do to him at the Sanctuary 😭

Flyboy Steven : I hope Eugene is the person Negan killed....i can't stand him...he talks like Boomhauer on King of the Hill....can't understand a word he says

Luke Hogan : Abraham: I almost killed you! Eugene: yes ...... there is that 😂😂😂

TacSav253 : "I cannot abide a reality where you are the chosen navigator over a son of the South, who has successfully negotiated the travails and vagaries of journeys both real and virtual." - Eugene Porter


Roxanne Bernabe : Lmao Josh is a comedian so it makes sense that he's so hilarious! 😂

tiffany oates : Eugene runs so stiff and it's funny as hell how is he not dead

EvaMVisser : Eugene is just your guy if you need a good laugh

REDBEARD : I just met a girl that said I sound like him, I have to stop being her friend now.

SouthCalifas619 : Im cursed with having a eugene face, thats why im still a virgin

Ibrahim Tarawally : Half the times Idk what Eugene says. Why can't he just talk normal.

itheparrot : Darn. You forgot the parts where he took the pistol and shot the walkers and drove all the walkers away using a van like the zombie apocalypse survivalist kickbutt charater that he is. Honestly that scene was his one of his best moments.

Bunny Chan : wow i never realized that eugene called abraham the smartest man he met, a large compliment for a character who defines himself on his intellect alone. rip abraham u wer my fav character, even slightly more so then daryl

Angel Boy : Like if you love Eugene! <3

RapidWoWPrime : That's classified.

Jonatan Hansson : Wheres the when one where he uses the phrase ''Hunky Dunky'' and '' The envy of all corns'' :D

sarah sequeira : I love Eugene so very much ❤ he is probably my favorite character in this show. I hope he doesn't die

coles leftelbow : Eugene has been my favorite character since he came on so now I'm watching these and waiting for the Negan/Eugene episode.

Andree Tungcab : My Favourite Characters: Eugene Father Gabriel Jesus Aaron Glenn Abraham Rick All of the Kingdom Residents The Remaining Alexandrians Some Hilltop residents

nyer : does he ever smile in the show?

Ninja Squirrel : Bill Hicks

JCF Julian Cebrian Flores : 😂🤣😆

fiqipraramadhan : Not an uninteresting character but i just cant stand him, hope he dies.

Dam Son : He so cringey

Methre : I can't understand how people like this character, I think it's the worst played character since a long time in a TV show.