WATCH: Dramatic footage apparently shows moment of Wonderboom plane crash

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WARNING: Footage may be distressing Dramatic footage has emerged apparently showing the moment of the Wonderboom plane crash, which claimed two lives and left around 20 injured last week. The video, which was being circulated on Twitter and Whatsapp, appears to have been taken from inside the plane by one of the passengers, and shows flames coming from the left wing of the aircraft. The 65-year-old Convair CV340 crashed in Wonderboom, Pretoria, shortly after take-off. It was on a "pleasure flight", an aviation enthusiast said. READ MORE: The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) is investigating the cause of the accident. Subscribe to News24:

Comments from Youtube

Michael Ma : And he had low battery. As if his day couldn't get any worse.

dan kuettel : Reading the video description cracks me up: "appears to have been taken from inside the plane..." OH no, I thought that the passenger was hanging outside the fuselage and had his arm inside the window, but thankfully no. Your description cleared that up for me.

Hannibal Lecter : The plane chrashed because of the weight of this guy's balls!

WJ De Vries : Seemed the guy was panicking more about his low battery on his phone than the fact these may just be his last few seconds on earth.

DJ DA VINCI : Lose an engine in a twin... The other takes you to the scene of the crash. Pilot proverb.

Sandile Ngwenya : This is the scariest thing I've ever watched on YouTube. The cameraman is brave for not screaming, wow.

joeashbubemma : No woman, no screaming. Well done men, stay calm, survive.

Ophiuchus123456789 : He's very relaxed, considering the circumstances.

jeff schnablegger : Thank you for Flying Wakandan Airlines.

bondovwvw : I guess he did not have his phone on airplane mode?

Daniel de Kock : Felt like I was in the plane... scary as hell! Bird came down hard and fast. No flaps? Perhaps hydraulic lines severed? Surprised so few fatalities.

inkydoug : I was glad to hear people moving around after it hit the ground.

Jay Ave : "Thes is getting rilly bahd." Other guy: "Ok"

laiba Rao : My flight is on sunday wish me luck guys😥😥😥

Rach C : Strapped in like 2 seconds before landing, but at least he got it on video.....priorities😵

preston121068 : Love how the biggest crisis on this guys mind is he has a low battery on his camera.

Rodger Draper : Talented pilot

J S : question ... was the take off on 29

Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla : I hope these people are ok.

Sawyer : lol they were about to crash and the guy was so calm and just saying "well, this is getting very bad" XDDDDD lol

Jman G : I love that he put filming the video above his safety, now i can't be mad he didn't film properly.

SWA8080 : The title is "apparently" accurate.

bitcoin web design : As dit ek was sou hulle dai video moes mute!

Pilot Faris : Real brave and strong man, everyone on emergency landings usually feel panic,but after watching this video, I feels there is a few people exist

gabriel sillitt : is that a SAAB 340

essel23fly : A Luxury safari flight on a plane built like 60 years ago??? WW2 had only been over a few years when this plane was built. You couldn’t pay me enough to get on it let alone in Africa

Noah Davidson : As plentiful as the jokes are, videos like these can be very helpful for the investigation effort.

21boxhead : that's why i always sit in the back of the plane

Jj Ts : south african nogs can't into technology

Chris Brand : An aircraft that's rusty and worn out, why was it being operated in the first place?

Connie Pratt : 😨 Thank God for Guardian Angels working overtime...🤗

bruno balzani : *Don't forget to put flight-mode on*

Polish Factor : All survived... :-)

Randy Hankins : " dis is bad, vedy vedy bad". Sounds like Apu when he was in jail on that Seinfeld episode

Melissa Weber : OH MY LORD! Are you ok?!?!

FPVREVIEWS : So that's pretty much what's wrong with twins that do not counter rotate. in order to save money, both engines are the same, and props rotate in the same direction. In this case, the plane lost it's critical engine, leaving only the one that rotates in the wrong direction. the torque, P pastor, and slipstream effect all worked to decrease performance, along with the drag from the bad engine. If the opposite engine had failed, it would likely have been quite a different outcome. I'm a huge fan of twins, and other multi engine aircraft, especially distributed E propulsion, but they are given a bad name by setups like this. Too bad, it was a gorgeous aircraft. We're already building better aircraft for the future, so all will be OK..

TopsideOne : Reminds me of Madagascar 2 😐🦁✈️

Jamal69 Jackson : God damned gremlins always chewing up fuel lines on airplanes 😡

Dr. Zoidberg : It was on a "pleasure flight", an aviation enthusiast said. I'd ask for a refund.

pearlmax : I'll bet all the townsfolk were wondering what the boom was.

Leon Winter : record behavior drag framework missing complex cave quest challenge crisis.

Almighty Loser : Weird... no body seems to be screaming

Ace Falcon : Thank you captain and co pilot for surviving this guy to uplad the video

Martinski Egtgeheim : It was not on a "pleasure flight", it was a test flight with aviation officials on board. It was the last test flight before the plane was going to fly to The Netherlands, where the Convair would be stay in a aviation museum. This Convair was bought by the museum Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport.

Abhimanyu Kohli : Man this is heart pumping and tragic! R.I.P. the departed!

Yagoonando : Watching this right before my flight.

eat me : the person recording this must've had balls of steel !

Phill Walker : "pleasure flight" needs more happy endings.

E36 Racer : Cyclist caused this 🤬🤬🤬