The Lumineers - Angela (Official Video)

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Check out the official music video for "Angela" by The Lumineers Cleopatra is the brand new album from The Lumineers Order on the Official Store: Order on iTunes: Order on Amazon: Order on Google: Visit the website: Facebook: Twitter: Best of Lumineers: Subscribe here: #TheLumineers #Angela #Vevo #Indie #VevoOfficial

Comments from Youtube

Abbie Schmidt : The piano at the end is just magical

Frankrado : Many of us can't find home, even when we're there.

Jason : Here's the divergent paths: Sleeping on the Floor - Either she "left this town" and went with the guy, got married, got pregnant, OR she never left. The end. Angela - Either she gets back in bed & stays with the guy she had married, OR she leaves and starts a new life. Cleopatra - Either she drops her son off with the father she left, OR is coming home to the man she married because she never left him in the first place. Moral of the story: Go out and have YOUR adventure, because all the paths would've be different had she just stayed home. Truly beautiful.. made my heart swell for life.

The Prince, the Rose & La Muerte : every single frickin day i think about taking the keys and driving....driving till im lost....and never looking back. God it hurts how much i need to leave. I cant do this anymore.

Justanotherstylee : this video makes me so glad I'm not the only one who feels alone. I don't mean lonely in a sense that I don't have a girlfriend or wife or whatever. It's something deeper than that. alone in that true art is loneliness and that the few who are privileged to harmonize with its vibration; live terribly misunderstood lives and are criticized and categorized by society are the only ones who can know true beauty. but while its lonely.. its moving. inspiring. and electric.

Aleksandra M : [ TEXT ] When you left this town, with your windows down And the wilderness inside Let the exits pass, all the tar and glass 'Til the road and sky align The strangers in this town, They raise you up just to cut you down Oh Angela it's a long time coming And your Volvo lights lit up green and white With the cities on the signs But you held your course to some distant war In the corners of your mind From the second time around The only love I ever found Oh Angela it's a long time coming Home at last Were you safe and warm in your coat of arms With your fingers in a fist Did you hear the notes, all those static codes In the radio abyss? Strangers in this town, They raise you up just to cut you down Oh Angela it's a long time coming Oh Angela spent your whole life running away Home at last Home at last Vacancy, hotel room, lost in me, lost in you Angela, on my knees, I belong, I believe Home at last Home at last Home at last Home at last Home at last Mmm

BlackSkorpion1991 : if you dont get goosebumps when he sings "home at laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast" you are dead inside.

movievids : After almost 2 years, I finally put the pieces together and finished this puzzle. The Lumineers made this up perfectly. The videos, the story, the signs, everything. This is simply amazing.

Melissa Ngai : Uhm maybe it's the hormones, but I was on the edge of tears during this whole song and then the ending piano just pushed that one tear over and I'm so emotional now haha.

626fighter : My good taste in music, brought me here.

Ferry : melhor música que existe

Dave Conrad : America could be so beautiful if artists were allowed to design society

Rebecca : 'The three ladies motel', Ophelia, Cleopatra, Angela. Love it.

mike g : The best music comes from people who put their heart, sweat, tears, and blood into the lyrics and instruments. You can feel, see and hear their heart, sweat, tears and blood.

Nathan Johansen : Fun fact: The Three Ladies Motel is actually The Harvard House Motel and is on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Harvard Blvd in Hollywood.

CGgoat06 : 3:25 Three Ladies Motel -- Cleopatra, Ophelia, Angela INCEPTION

De Tudo Um Pouco : brs, cadê vcs? música linda!! n consigo parar de ouvir

Johny Salazar : For those that are wondering about that last piano part. It’s called “patience” & it can be found in their album Cleopatra.

Isabela Pereira Vieira : Que música, meu Deus. ❤️

CAMILA VILLAVECES : Me siento tan feliz de que "The Lumineers" exista, como logran transmitir tanto con sus canciones, son realmente increíbles, magníficos, se pasan de excelentes!

Rikki Buck : When she starts dancing, smiling and just letting go in that parking lot all by herself and the song starts really picking up it hits me right in the feels

Gab L : i have discovered The Lumineers and i am happy

Eder Mira : Siempre que oigo su musica me inspiro y me dan ganas de ir a pasear por otros paises 😊 un saludo desde aqui de el salvador!

Denisse jimenez sanchez : Alguien que me explique el video en español!!!

César De Anda : Volvo 240 :-D

Nayara A : Todos os dias quando acordo Não tenho mais o tempo que passou Mas tenho muito tempo Temos todo o tempo do mundo Todos os dias antes de dormir Lembro e esqueço como foi o dia Sempre em frente Não temos tempo a perder Nosso suor sagrado É bem mais belo que esse sangue amargo E tão sério E selvagem Selvagem Selvagem Veja o sol dessa manhã tão cinza A tempestade que chega é da cor dos teus olhos Castanhos Então me abraça forte E diz mais uma vez que já estamos Distantes de tudo Temos nosso próprio tempo Temos nosso próprio tempo Temos nosso próprio tempo Não tenho medo do escuro Mas deixe as luzes Acesas agora O que foi escondido É o que se escondeu E o que foi prometido Ninguém prometeu Nem foi tempo perdido Somos tão jovens Tão jovens Tão jovens

Ling Hsuan Huang : Did anyone just watch Sleep on the floor and came here?

Not exactly normal : I have friend who recently took his own life this was his favorite song and when I listen to it I think of him and I just 😢

Anya Shah : This is such a beautiful song. I love the way he sings "strangers in this town" "it's a long time coming" and "from the second time around, the only love I ever found"

chafik souna : I get chills down my spine everytime he says "home at laaaaaaaaaaast" <3

Kylie Evans : Every video comes together. This lady is in Cleopatra and the couple from "Sleep on the Floor" is in the background. LOVE IT!

Daniel Tougaard : She falls in love with a guy (Ophelia). Her father dies and the guy she loves asks her to leave town with him (Sleep On The Floor) but she stays in that town. She marries a guy she doesn't love and has a child (Angela). When she's old and divorced she regrets not leaving town with her lover, back when her father died (Cleopatra). Credit to Swiftologist for this theory.

Bonny Kashner : One of my favorite's just beautiful💖🥀🎭

Jacob Andersen : I often feel like I want to just disappear. Not die, just disappear, like people would lose all memory of me and I could finally have peace and warmth in being alone and with my own company and random strangers. It hurts to fail and know that people care about you. It hurts to know that you care about other people so failing repeatedly must be painful for them.

karthik mugada : In this video motel name is THE THREE LADIES MOTEL and in Ballard of the Cleopatra motel name changes to THE FOUR LADIES MOTEL

Jonathan Ferreira : Essa é uma daquelas músicas que vc tem vontade de tatuar na alma.

Jackie House : People have mentioned the scars, but has anyone noticed this girl and the girl from sleep on the floor have the same wave tattoo?

mayara sato : já tava a um tempinho sem ouvir essa musica.. Mas quando entra na parte do piano, SOCORRO me arrepia até hoje. queria que ele ficasse tocando issso a musica inteira hahah

jaine Gonçalves : Sempre acabo voltando aqui pra ver essa produção incrível! Que tenhamos a sorte de viver isso uma vez na vida.

Franco Landers : Como quisiera tener una banda como ellos ❤

Em Morrison : This song makes me hurt inside... You've definitely succeeded and I'm so proud 😩❤️

Robin Hosking : also am I the only one that noticed the motel is called "the three ladies" - i'd say that's Angela, Ophelia, and Cleopatra right there!

Luna Heavenly : Merci beaucoup, cette chanson ma énormément inspiré ^-^ <3

Nyte_Lite : This song is all about coming to peace with negative aspects of your life.

Talia Christner : My art teacher plays this album so much.. recently a tragedy happened and two of our classmates died. This music has been so therapeutic. Thank you for this.

brubs camila : eu amo o final desse piano

Simon Alexander : Okay this is my "walking-home-beneath-the-city-lights-thinking-about-life"-anthem. Holy hell, the feels.

Yasmim Guimarães : COME TO BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!

Natalya Price : New fan.. I just watched 3 videos of lumineers and CANT STOP CRYING!! What a band to deliver such message to humanity😢❤💞