Toto - Africa for Brass Sextet with sheet music

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Simetje : You guys look pretty similar!!! 😣 🤗

Syd Ends : SINCE WHEN DOES THE HORN GET THE MELODY???! - french horn player

The K Channel : You know this boi is probably first chair in his section, in top ensemble, section leader, drum major, and band president if he do stuff like this lmao

Drew Waldron : Who knew Tom Holland was so good at this

James Salsman : Seb your facial expressions waiting through the rests are perfect, especially for this song.

Will Walsh : Are you all like brothers or something?

CringeEffectz : Aye I have a quick question..... how do you record the trumpet sound without making it sound really bad LMAO?

Ethan Bates : What’s the plot for the next Spider-Man?

Just the Ice : now we need rick astley then im good for life

Leila Forrestal : French horn is like "Don't worry, I'm fine, I'll wait until the every end of the song to be actually important..."

Kaleb Bradburn : Honestly... woodwinds who?

VladimirDelToro : Good job, sounds awesome, also great acting in spy kids

shistar sol : jake paul's famous, but YOU'RE NOT??

Bethan Moran : It’s 3:36 am. I should be asleep. Why is this in my recommended?

I’m_Dank_Don’t_Judge : Wtf YT? Why is there Portugese auto-generated subtitles? You must be on crack or something.

instagram: nikosrevenge : Im a simple man, i see Toto-Africa, i hit like

hilde van esch : Love the dancing in the pauses :) But besides, I love your arrangements and I'm truly impressed by how many instruments you play at such a high level! One questions: what's like your first instrument? Like the instrument you originally started playing?

Da BJ : I can`t believe this hasn`t gone viral yet! It`s the perfect video for that and still has great content, that is a rare occurance...

Christopher Bryant : Just a quick question or two. 1) Why and how are you using a Flugel horn as a tuba? 2) How come you're soprano trombone sounds like a tenor trombone? Because last time I checked they sounded like a trumpet. 3) what are you using for the horn part? A mellophone? Cuz it kinda sounds like that or a baritone. That's all. Otherwise this is a great video.

Nicholas Salazar : I couldn't even finish eating my Chick-fil-A sandwich... this video was that good!

kalef1234 : Keep this up and your channel will blow up

Dillon Gunter : I brass the rains down in Africa...

The Real Captain Crunch : Who would dislike this

ed p-b : Yessssss this is my favourite song =)

Grant Gibson : I really love the subtle surround-sound effect it has! This is art.

The Blue BlobFish : You truly blessed the rains down in Africa

Sheza Saeed : holy cow, this is amazing. Did you compose your own music?

25th Gamer : Just out of curiosity do you also own a traditional style French Horn rather than the melaphone not hating on the melaphone in-fact if you could tell me where to look for a melaphone I’m melaphone I’d appreciate it because I already have a Holten Double Horn but can’t play that in pep band, but anyways all of that is besides the point just which French Horn traditional company do you use if you have one?

ProKobe : I spent like a third of the video believing that was a normal trombone you were using

Running_Boy_12 : THIS DEAERVES SO MANY MORE VIEWS! Granted I am as a player but this so GOOD. Kind of calming actually, you have great tone

Ethan Cirks '20 : better than the original

Nanuuk : This is absolutely amazing. Keep up the work 👌🏽

Ewout Geentriangeldus : Hehh hehh , finaly someone that makes my day. Great job , nice to watch

IamsuperSam MrKay : When the song is so godly, you need 6 versions of yourself to play it.

GrimSecrets : This.... This is incredible! Glad it got recommend to me!

John Cena : When one guy plays better than 99% of the school orchestras

Fred Lackey : Perfect in every way... video, placement in the sound field, and, of course, the playing.

Sherlock gamer : Where did you get that tiny tuba?

Tucker Showkeir : this has such a nice charm.

Justin W. : Why have I not discovered this sooner

UNSALTED BUTTER : What kind of clarinet is that

BlueKatie is my religion : When you dont have enough people to start a band

Turwaith : Now I wanna learn a brass instrument! - a clarinet player

DuckingLlama : Just a bit too much treble for just my left ear with the melody. May I suggest Moving high brass to the middle and lowers to the outsides to even out the balance. Other than that job well done from a performance major.

Just_Cresent : Nice use of the mutes!! (Ive been playin Baritone Horn for about 5 years now. And still haven't found a good use for playing w/ a mute aside from when I wanna play and not disturb anyone.)

Samuel Miranda : D O O T S

Pedro Chantada : I don't remember this Marshall's flashback on how I met your mother

LuccaTv : Muito bommmm (Brazilian)

8 Bit Trumpet : Really noice playing. I need to learn how to play my soprano bone. Subbing!

GTI's4Ever : Nice panning across the stereo image. Very nice listening in headphones. Congrats