The Truth about Black Friday
The Truth about Black Friday

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john j ninja : U dont save money by buying..

play dead : I don't support this manupilation. Thats why all my beats are buy 1 get 1 free everyday of the year except on black friday!! Get your beat today you know you need 2!!!

Grixi : In sweden they higher the price a week before and then just put it down to the regular price when its black friday

Wheatboi : Growing up desperately poor my parents would just buy random cheap crap. Quantity and appearance mattered more than quality because they couldn't afford anything we really wanted like a 50 dollar video game. But as a result my bedroom looked like I was a horder. They'd guilt trip me whenever I tried to throw anything away. So, my strategy, is to listen to what my wife and kids actually want and buy a few items for each of them. No, the tree isn't buried in items and I can almost hear the corporate tools reading this hissing that I'm a communist for not wallowing in this disgusting orgy of spending. But I'm debt free and going to stay that way despite the best efforts of corporations and their lap dogs.

Aperture BMX : Use Black Friday as a tool. If there's something you were planning to buy anyway, like a new lens or a new laptop, take advantage of Black Friday to pay less for that one item. Don't go crazy and spend more because of the savings, turn Black Friday around and make it work for you instead of against you.

Amanda Ruiz : Not only does Black Friday rip people off, they take away people from thanksgiving dinners. It’s sad.

I Don't Know Elisa : That’s why minimalism is good 😍😍

Laerke MA : I never go black Friday shopping because I just really can't be bothered lol

Terri : Black Friday is so chill when you shop online

Josh Rone : Completely agree with the need for intentional buying aspect of this, and that you won't find happiness in material things. With that said, no company is forcing consumers to buy, or show up to their stores. Individual accountability, and financial literacy is the key, not blaming marketers for doing their jobs.

Jammy Jam : I dont know about others, but I use black friday to specifically purchase the items that I normally deem outside of my budget. It just happens with some items, that black Friday is the only day of the year where these items become affordable. Thus, I pick them up.

Xavier Robinson : Doesn’t matter when your poor 😔

dear stella : you save even more when you don’t shop 😂#broke

M : “Fight over tv’s, hair straighteners, and Furbees like some fight for access to clean water” 💔💔💔💔

brightbite : I'm truly tired of those stupid haul videos! Please, people, STOP flaunting your wealth and privilege! It is uncouth!

InterPress : I’m new to your channel and the reason I clicked is because you look like a younger version of Micheal from Vsauce. But I ended up staying because of the content.

Arthen : That’s the phrase, “don’t buy into the hype”.

Kayla Martinez : I’ve been Black Friday shopping (right when they open) every year for the past 6 years and I’ve never seen crazy crowds! And I live in one of the biggest cities in the US lmaO

liveyourbestlife : Buying stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t even like! - Heard that on the Dave Ramsey show!

Haley Tathem : The worst part about this is people bring their kids out in this madness... it’s child abuse, so sad

kErmEt : T H E. N E X T D A Y 99 percent off

Lauren Kelly : I really want to keep watching your videos all night but I have to go to bed so I can get up at 5am for work. Great job! I'll be back tomorrow!

The Ultimate Reductionist : 4:20 to 4:44 It's sickening. The stereotype is true, no matter how bigoted you may think I am: all those shoppers speak English.

Nessa Goes Wild : Thank you. You really use this platform to make a difference.

MK Twins : This made me question why I'm a marketing student

Rocky Desert Flower : R.E.I. Closes for Thanksgiving and all Friday, They are #1 on my shopping list for that very reason

Bjoern Schumacher : the best saving on items is,when you dont buy them because you dont need/want it.

DJ Watson : Thrift store shopping is the best shopping.

Philip Jade Cold : Funny how grocery stores dont offer black friday deals on food something we actually need

adn : I've never went shopping during Black Friday in any of my 20 years. It's simple really, the concept attracts me, but the result doesn't.

WHATS MY NAME? : you fear of people being in debt I fear of planet and how this materialism and konsum destroy everything in their paths :(

Milkias S : Your mom gay that’s why there Black Friday

Deson Cunado : You've helped me found myself and my genuine happiness. Thanks Matt!

Kevin B. : Went to buy a TV. Came home with nothing because they're still overpriced.

I'm just trying to be relatable lol : Black Friday is such a hype

Ron Chua : Don’t buy in to Black Fraudday

Kevin Vue : This a beautifully well put together video. Keep the work coming.

hope : wow love that you tackled fast fashion and consumerism. also old navy lol

sedameansstrong : I was like “don’t I make the best deal by not spending money at all?” haha

Annie : I swear you are the best youtuber ever. You are just so real and down to earth! I love how much effort you put into each video! You are changing the mindset of so many people, that we don’t need to buy into Black Friday. I myself felt guilty for not going “Black Friday shopping”. So, I thank you for making this video.


knchn : OMG ! R u for Real ? Couldn't believe ..... M watching u for the first time n Man...... U have an impact on me . I always felt I did land up buying more than wt I wanted everytime I shopped but still had the feeling that I din have much , but after watching u with the facts and figures changed me somehow . A Big Thanks to u .... Keep up the Good work Dude ! Luv Ya 😘

Naim Rahman : After watching this video, i'm actually grateful for the way i grew up - begin satisfied with just enough. The basic requirements. What was needed, not what i wanted.

EpicN : “The best deal you’ll ever get this Black Friday is to not buy into the hype.” Well said.

jeffnoisette : 3.8k dislikes? I will never understand 🤦🏾‍♂️

LukaSDaily : This video is just.... PERFECT! Editing, music, inserts, voiceover, pace, length... Mad respect! Really impressive 🔥💪🏼

Erik Schmidt : This dud is the best

WolfSaves Games : Wooooooww they will kill a person for a phone or food these people are PURGE

Derran Lawston : *Walmart has left the chat*