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FriendlyFire2830 : "I've been playing this game for a little bit..." Attempt: 4,367

PinkFloydrulez : *attempt 4367* "i've played this a little bit" 

Skillz : Michael's Jersey accent is hard in the early videos

HazzaSoFly : Wow I remember watching this when i was 11/12...

Zebe Geeplussucks : I'm sad Michael lost his Joisey accent.

miss Gee : aaaaw~ I miss Michael's heavy Jersey accent.

Chemical Spider : rage quit: flappy birds

peepers : he reminds me so much of karkat jesus christ

KravenGoesTeemo : This was when Michael was the equivalent of Angry Video Game Nerd..

xXRedWolfXx : poor khype ;-;

Brittany Davidson : 4366 attempts!? Goddamn..

Caleb Moore : The captions are so accurate did someone write these?

Helen D : I'm 87% sure you're actually Karkat

Mariah Alterio : Makes me laugh every time I watch this


eXTCy : hmmm... he has a real Joysey accent in these early vids lol!

Victoria DeFebbo : Good lord, I remember how I discovered this from Homestuck videos where they used this audio for Karkat's voice. And I fell in love instantly.

Substances05 : 4000 ATTEMPS SHIT

SomeDudeOnline : It's just a different version of flappy bird

Cystezz : HOLY Crap Michael actually sounds like hes from New Jersey in this video :D

Zoie Barber : "I've been playing this game for a little bit" *4367 attempts" 

Pixel : Michael is much less Jersey now. But he's still the best Achievement Hunter.

Chenoah Kent : Do geometry dash now.

Israel Barrera : One of the videos that got me into rooster teeth 3 years ago :'3

LatinoBossHD : Playing for a little while ... 4366 tries ...

930bestvideos : 3 years later, BioHRay would become the new K Hype.

ThatQuirky Boi : Is that Sting from Fairy tale??!!!

Dec Murphy : This came out in 2011 in watching this in 2016 Feeling old 👴🏻

Mafumafu : he hates triple spikes like dashie games xD

John Smith : iron pants for next game its like flappy bird but 100 times harder

Merkzz : holy crap over 4000 goes

Austin Williams : These old rage quits are the best. I love how much Jersey is in his voice here :D

Simon Goops : this level is so easy

Giggity x Gamer : anyone else here from Michael's GameTime with Burnie?

TheBlue10 : Lol,i love how he noobs all these games on purpose :D

Nicholas A-T : 4379 attempts... That's a lot of work

[RS] EddyTheOliveira : Tfw you change Geometry Dash's practice mode song to the one in this game. ...now I can't stop thinking about that "fairies around a harp" quote every time I practice a level >_<

Saidee Purcell : This was the first video I saw of Achievement Hunter back in 2012 and I haven't stopped watching since 😂

Peter Gorman : 4000+ tries, what a trooper

yoel romero : "I've been playing this game for a little bit" Attempt 4367 LOL

lupine3333 : kinda reminds me of jimmy ,Michaels son in GTA V

Sigyn Lokean : Karkat for sure lol

Tom Jerry : You cant beat the classic rage quits

Samantha Contreras : 5 years? Nice. I remember downloading the game because of this video. I even managed to beat all the stages minus one.

Just AlexBot : karkat :v

Seanny D : This was my first video when I found out about Michael.

Sly Gaming : RIP Michael's jersey accent

KweenKitKat : _Woah._ 2017 anyone?

TheMaxDivision : He swore 68 times in under 4 minutes!

Brandon W : 2017 Stand Uppp!!