Modding Nerf Guns into Overpowered Blasters

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LordDraconical : Thanks duders!

『ɹǝddǝdɯɐS』 kys : These guns are to OP. They need to be nerfed.

dogenator : We need episode about graffiti/tagging.

Hayden L. : I just want to say thanks to the modern rogue channel for inspiring me today to customize my own nerf gun and it looks hella cool. What a great video

Walcom S7 : Hey Brian and Jason, if you want to see some REAL NERF Blasters, gimme a message on Discord. I'd love to build you something... more satisfying.

harris nisar : next episode: jumping on a bed... of nails

Andrew Dannels : My girl and my Nerf guns both drowning and I can only save one... catch me at my girls funeral with some blasters cuz it's Nerf or nothing.

TheBlueEnd : Who else went to grab their own nerf gun for no reason?

Kevin Lassberg : This is my first time seeing content from y'all, and after seeing this first video I have subbed and binged your whole channel, and it's now 4:35 AM. You guys put out amazing content, keep it up!

AJ Green : I love how there was no onscreen pop-up warning that said "Do not shoot dog turds under any circumstances."

Matt Stan : "Thats how you lose an eye" looks down barrel.

GTBravo : 2:36 "look down the Barrel"

EpicChannel : Those guns are really overpowered.. the developers need to *nerf* them!

FireDramine7 : Remember. Always repaint your gear and it's gonna be better automatically. Example: Apply decal to car -> +300hp

falcon lover : Technically I didn't shoot razor blades, I shot a needle out of my gun. And it stuck in my wall. I also made the fatal mistake of shooting my brother.

Isaac : The gun looks like something from mass effect

shrimpboom8 : I can't believe you guys are already referencing previous episodes

Butters35 : i feel incredibly bad for the editor

Jonathan A. Wahl : 8:05 I wish I could upvote you twice

Jim West : Imagine: Tested + Modern Rogue. This was soo close!

John Anongos : New sub! Loved how these videos are edited for the audience. I appreciate that it's easy to follow

JakeOCRandom : just HAD to push it over the 29 minute and 35 second mark :(

GreyHulk2 : "Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf modder!"

Ed Dank : *Its Nerf or Nothing*

Duncan Kinsman : i'm cringing at how oversimplified this all is

Up down Wizard : Shooting red ring my favorite passtime

Gno Gno : Jarhead reference lol

Koco Kix : I guess that nerf just got buffed

MinecraftTestSquad : Woah, that top gun in the thumbnail is probably illegal. That thing is buffed af. That'll put holes in armor.

JoeSandy : I just noticed that you guys look like Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Anyone else see that?

N8 Worth : man i love this channel. this video was so fun to watch!

Fredrik Flo : N.E.R.F stand for Non-Edited-Rogue-Flinger

Damian Blue : HOW TO MOD A NERF GUN: take out everything inside of the nerf gun put a real pistol which will fit inside of the nerf gun modified nerf gun complete.

Christopher Colman : 3:50 "Resulting in a 22% increase in spead" you'd think at a high tech place (lol) like the Modern Rogue Headquarters they'd have spell checker

Ethan Walker-Jones : "That's how you loose an eye." Proceeds to look directly in the barrel

Nimai Liam : aww man i wish my nerf gun could shoot giant red circles!

TheNinjaNonce : You can see the 3D model of the plastic key in the background

Asinine : 0:13 Mr. Brushwood, I don't feel so good...

Vamp Lightening : Lord drac has been noticed for his skill

Gino Brugman : The Modern Rogue is the only channel where I like before I watch a video. They're gonna be sick anyway, so I might as well like them immediately :)

mik3Z : Cringy old dads play with their children’s toys

sleepingninja quiettime : Awesome guys, its my first time seeing your channel and I get a prop channel as a bonus

Gavin Christenson : Y'all might want JLaserVideo's input before y'all attempt NERF flamethrowers or iceguns, guys! I mean, he makes stuff that will *HURT*, and if he and LordDraconical got together and had a brainchild....May the gods have mercy on us....

Paul MacAllister : Bill needs to be a third member, his channel is great and so is you guys', it makes sense

GreenDrank82 : I'm not sponsored by the following statement: You guys should check out the youtube channel Tested with Will, Norm and Adam plus many others as well. If you like this channel it is safe to say that you would like Tested channel too. On another topic this was one of the best episodes I have seen of Modern Rogue, dummy. :)

SaecilusTheSeer : GO AWAY BAD GUYS!

Philosoraptor87 GD : In the distance test the modified blaster was at a higher angle

IamShaki : Am I the only one who jumped when they shot the modded nerf gun at the camera?

Ernest Chan : 11:24 "Go on" -Brian Brushwood 2017