Modding Nerf Guns into Overpowered Blasters

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The Modern Rogue : Predict any card without sleight of hand with the Invisible Deck. It's a classic! We're giving away 5 Invisible Decks ($12 value) free for people who enter our weekly giveaway at More on the Invisible Deck: Congrats to the winners of last week's Scam School Academy giveaway: Rylan DeHaai, Dylon Wake, Juan Shogren, Mike Hoteck, and Zach Lathim.

LordDraconical : Thanks duders!

『ɹǝddǝdɯɐS』 kys : These guns are to OP. They need to be nerfed.

dogenator : We need episode about graffiti/tagging.

Hayden L. : I just want to say thanks to the modern rogue channel for inspiring me today to customize my own nerf gun and it looks hella cool. What a great video

Ed Dank : *Its Nerf or Nothing*

harris nisar : next episode: jumping on a bed... of nails

TheBlueEnd : Who else went to grab their own nerf gun for no reason?

Kevin Lassberg : This is my first time seeing content from y'all, and after seeing this first video I have subbed and binged your whole channel, and it's now 4:35 AM. You guys put out amazing content, keep it up!

Matt Stan : "Thats how you lose an eye" looks down barrel.

Lightening : Lord drac has been noticed for his skill

Andrew Dannels : My girl and my Nerf guns both drowning and I can only save one... catch me at my girls funeral with some blasters cuz it's Nerf or nothing.

falcon lover : Technically I didn't shoot razor blades, I shot a needle out of my gun. And it stuck in my wall. I also made the fatal mistake of shooting my brother.

GTBravo : 2:36 "look down the Barrel"

Jonathan A. Wahl : 8:05 I wish I could upvote you twice

Orlando Tragic : The gun looks like something from mass effect

John Anongos : New sub! Loved how these videos are edited for the audience. I appreciate that it's easy to follow

Duncan Kinsman : i'm cringing at how oversimplified this all is

Butters35 : i feel incredibly bad for the editor

GreyHulk2 : "Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf modder!"

N8 Worth : man i love this channel. this video was so fun to watch!

Ethan Walker-Jones : "That's how you loose an eye." Proceeds to look directly in the barrel

Ben Apsley : Okay so we have Modern Rogue, which uploads great, well edited, educational content. They have 410,000 subs. Then we have Pewdiepie, who uploads barely edited shitposts and has 56 million subscribers. I don't understand people.

mik3Z : Cringy old dads play with their children’s toys

Jim West : Imagine: Tested + Modern Rogue. This was soo close!

IamShaki : Am I the only one who jumped when they shot the modded nerf gun at the camera?

JakeOCRandom : just HAD to push it over the 29 minute and 35 second mark :(

UberHaxor Nover : 3:50 "Resulting in a 22% increase in spead" you'd think at a high tech place (lol) like the Modern Rogue Headquarters they'd have spell checker

shrimpboom8 : I can't believe you guys are already referencing previous episodes

Akwáho Wolf : Arent you from that one sereis of life hacks?

MrCake : 0:50 the guy to the farest left looks like he is in his mid 30s while the guy in the middle looks like he is in his 20s while the guy to the far right looks like he is in his mid 60s xD, what is this the bearded men club!

JellyRolls : Man Children.

crAzy51gUy : I know what I'm doing this weekend

Jack Pellow : Oh shoot me ...... oh shoot me 😂😂😂

J : more long vids pls

savage cabbage : 8:45 hey so can you take out the orange bar that is blocking the pressure release thing or will that ruin performance

Hammer ToeNail : 4:18 your telling me that that is 70 feet away?

twitchyflash : 2:50 When the guy who knows how expensive camera stuff is waits for the impact.

Fritz Moises : Wow at your title when the nerf blaster is stock you call it a gun when it is upgraded you called it a blaster

BritishGamer : 500k subs 😱

Infinity exe_ : I'm only 13 but I feel like you should have been wearing gas masks or something when you were spray painting

Fernando Augusto Zamprogna : I once watched a video of a guy shooting a nerf dart at mk2 something for you to try out as well

Dinamus : You still have the dorky orange trigger

Mauricio Carranza : Where have I seen that guy in the middle before... I swear I recognize him from somewhere

OriginalMeme : Cool! This is the first video I watched from these guys and they already remind me of the myth busters!

Antomeen : reddit/r/nerf ????

The Bone Master : Its... called... a... DART NOT A BULLET!!!

savagekhalil : Real fans remember scam school

J Man : Words are actually based off of the common bullet

Spookster : You guys remind me of rooster teeth... idk why