Modding Nerf Guns into Overpowered Blasters

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cincinnati funk : this might be one of the worst things I've ever seen. You guys should go ahead and get a cardboard sign and head over to the street corner. I have more respect for actual beggars than this bullshit. lame and fail.

LordDraconical : Thanks duders!

AJ Green : I love how there was no onscreen pop-up warning that said "Do not shoot dog turds under any circumstances."

Mike Wazowski : The Modern Rogue "attempt" to defuse a bomb

UberHaxor Nover : 3:50 "Resulting in a 22% increase in spead" you'd think at a high tech place (lol) like the Modern Rogue Headquarters they'd have spell checker

Greg Hiller : Ha was just about to mod one

*Harambe* : But is it Halo: Combat Evolved pistol levels of over powered?

Lightening : Lord drac has been noticed for his skill

Paul MacAllister : Bill needs to be a third member, his channel is great and so is you guys', it makes sense

Ben Apsley : Okay so we have Modern Rogue, which uploads great, well edited, educational content. They have 410,000 subs. Then we have Pewdiepie, who uploads barely edited shitposts and has 56 million subscribers. I don't understand people.

falcon lover : Technically I didn't shoot razor blades, I shot a needle out of my gun. And it stuck in my wall. I also made the fatal mistake of shooting my brother.

Jonathan A. Wahl : 8:05 I wish I could upvote you twice

InsaneProductions : How did you guys get Stephen Hawking to do your intro?

Infinity exe_ : I'm only 13 but I feel like you should have been wearing gas masks or something when you were spray painting

dogenator : We need episode about graffiti/tagging.

Røman : nothing like eating a straight up baguette watching The Modern Rogue on a friday afternoon

Paul Aguirre : i miss you guys man

Freddy Benson : Cool! This is the first video I watched from these guys and they already remind me of the myth busters!

This guy : People who like comments because they are told to are idiots. Even if it's ironic or uses reverse psychology.

John Anongos : New sub! Loved how these videos are edited for the audience. I appreciate that it's easy to follow

Tyler Tillman : The dart trajectories were a nice touch. Good work Brandt.

WhiteShark : i feel incredibly bad for the editor

SP Hunter : Gotta say, the editing in this video was really well done. Without little details like the circles around darts or tracing the trails, it would be hard to tell what was going on. The editing looks nice on most other videos as well, but it was pretty noticeable in this one.

Marvin Tjew DH : omg you guys are from hacking the system

MinecraftTestSquad : Woah, that top gun in the thumbnail is probably illegal. That thing is buffed af. That'll put holes in armor.

Joe McBride : I was so happy about this video, then they started on Adam Savage :/ More serious note - shouldn't there be a safety mark on the tip?

Sean reilly : Plz do more props

Meowing Badger : Yo that's the dude that does bar tricks

Jesse Patch : lol i take it they read my napalm comment on the styrofoam knife video

Christopher Morrison : Just came across this channel recently, feel like this could be the next channel to absolutely blow up. Awesome dudes, well produced, well edited & great content.

Hayden L. : I just want to say thanks to the modern rogue channel for inspiring me today to customize my own nerf gun and it looks hella cool. What a great video

Thomas The dank tank : Op means original poster that's that

Francisco Cerda : Had to pause this to go look up Voyagers!...thanks Brian

Anaira Yrots : I love how these are all just married men, but really they're all just absolute children.

Jan winkelmann : GUYS, I'M BEGGING YOU, RECORD IN 4k Resolution! PLEASE!!! :D

WhenItCounts : ITS A DART

Dartboy! : It's funny to me that they're calling the mega cycloneshock, "the mega ones." I guess they can't read the name of the blaster on the side of the blaster

The Gamer88 : I can't believe I you guys made it on the 20th spot on outrages acts of science

P3PP : ''That is how you lose an eye!'' - loads the gun and points it at his eye... 6:15

Ian Burnham : "and thats how you lose an eye!" *immediately looks down barrel*

MattXD : Do they not have their own show on TV? They NEED one. The quality, the content, every time they upload it's like the best day ever.

RC maniac : Just play airsoft but great video tho luv its

The pumpkin king : Who gives a shit about this prop guy he just learned this shit from drac at least he is mentioned

ariel ulloa : title should be "buffing nerfed guns".

Mike Klock : What does Brian have on his apple each that makes it look like it's glitching out? It's around 2:04 if I remember. It's throughout the vid on his watch if you look closely... anybody know? @brianbrushwood

Chris Davis : You guys blow all your money on editing?

Ethan Hardy : Nerf darts are actually based on real calibers for instance the regular nerf dart is the same size as a 50 caliber bullet


Maui Randall : That editing must have been annoying