When people like to use their mouth

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Tommy Callaway : Lmao, your production quality is improving a ton and the content is remaining perfectly stupid. I love it.

JoJo Lerner : Here from Phil's secret link o da day.

Aiden's Face : This video made me very uncomfortable.

Not Arleigh : The moment I started licking my fingers to turn a page or count bills, I knew I became an adult.

Duncan Donuts : Your vids are 30 second nuggets of goodness

JD Webster : Dude you're actually hilarious keep up the great work

Eugger : Filthy Franco

Tipgoifaf : Bro I just found your channel and I'm in love. Seriously. Father my children. FATHER MY CHILDREN.

CrackerMilk : So GOUDA

Kyle Skerjanec : LMAO. -secret link...

andromeda : amazing

A great : i subbed before you created a channel

Andrew : Red Cardigan Tito has met so much weird people

Musa : Is anyone not going to talk about how he shows his credit card when he says "cash" and show his cash when he says "credit"? Look it up people.

Zach Digital : i use my mouth to pee

SpoilerofGames : Amazing

NikolaNiKucu : That escalated so quickly, epic xD

Sam Shane : thanks, phil!

Nikomaru kara Hirado-shima : I like using my mouth, too. So difficult not chewing a pen, ugh. Lol!

Chancey Dicklord : goddamn

Infinitemagic : the end OMG

Thomas Hamilton : fourth

Howtodothis : Iiii love it. Keep it up pls. its good shit

alexander raeling : hahaaa true

Matt Scott : great video

Bran Jay : Thanks Dad

Ghost Bread : Your skits are so goddamn entertaining, I could watch you all day ngl

brewski118sempire : This make me chuckle. I work in the service world. I have a flashlight I use all the time, and the best I find to hold it is of course in my mouth.

RTYeeng : this is triggering

Morgan Montz : sound effects game on point

rubysauce : I just discovered this channel but I already have an 8 pack from laughing

Matthew Veltri : Your videos are consistently funny, great work man!

Meko : this is too accurate

Mark Black : This is fantastic!

Abraham Padilla : Damn, can't keep up. All people in these videos look the same.

James K : Filthy Frank 2.0?

jakebreaker : The story of a desperate man running out of patience and hand sanitizer.

It's Anoki : When people try to wipe off screen smudges

SpicyMcPancakes • : Tito, Please

the orange dragon : Lol

Bonnie095 : how much for that apple?

Yudith Idelis : That was so uncomfortable, I loved it.

Kat McKenzie : I just subbed.

Jason Freedman : LMFAO

senabet : HILARIOUS LOL, very true also. thank you

Trond ee : philip defranco sent me, and i subbed

Crystal Dylan : I regret clicking the secret link, Phil how could you do this to me. Broke my heart

water5000 : 0/10 not realistic enough. teeth aren't stained black at 0:20.

DragonReignx3 : Out of all of your videos this one triggered me the most

Cydainien : You really got me with the last scene