Strangers with Candy - Morals

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pricelessposition : Reallllly miss this show even more than my virginity!

gunter smith : This was one of the best shows ever.

Mad Pierrot : Would I have sex with Amy Sedaris? Yes. Would I have sex with Amy Sedaris.. Dressed as Jerry Blank? I just don't know.

brian85013 : I've always felt Amy was worthy of numerous Emmy Nominations!!! at the very least for this role. A Karen Walker ahead of her time.

Glory M : Miss this dysfunctional show.

heddagarbage : One of the most quotable shows ever.

Clare Kelly : "I'm damp as a cellar down there...all mildewy." 😂😂😂😂

Pandorafix : You're just trying to brainwash me into being happy

Beata Calvy : Reading is bad... none of these people would have been hurt.

Beau Berry : I'm not sure if I should follow these morals. They seem bad but they speak to me.

David Scott : One of the best television shows.

Mr. Clyde Devoe Bailey : Fuunnny! Got to love warped senses of humor!

Tadesan : I saw Stephen Colbert, Will Ferrell, and David cross. Of course the lead cast are all geniuses themselves! Did you see anybody else?

White Trash : George W. Bush had a daughter.

Steve Gorrell : omg I LOVE Jerri

mrzoperxplex : Does Tammi Littlenut enjoy anal?

Brian Milone : very funny show

Cheryl Ferry : this show was ahead of it's time

packleader87 : she does have a bran.

Tadesan : Good times!

Dale Holmgren : Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background of the Invisible Love episode during the makeout party?


Randy Leifer : Morals in a one-half hour TV show attempt to resolve the issues laid forth in the previous hysterical 28 minutes.

Ed Flores : Sounds like Tonsilsed Dump's set of Morals and Values

donald alvary : I love you so much hugs

Nathan Shabazz : Goldmine

caitlin rodriguez husband Caitlinrodriguezhusband : They got FHS! 

Tom Minogue Hastings : you are a virgin so long as you pretend to act like one.

communistjesus : 4:00  Come on Winona Ryder you've gotten lost yet again... It is FLAT POINT HIGH SCHOOL...  NOT SACHS FIFTH AVENUE.. Oh Wino :O*  when will you learn :O(.. Oh by the way, current public schools are facing TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES.. So, please DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU... THEY ALSO HAVE SECURITY CAMERAS...

Laurie Reynolds : I really DO like black people! It just took a white person to prove it to me. Ha ha ha!

mammita2000s : stupid funny show

subsamadhi : Sometimes when life is too painful it's just better to be....a that works for me.

Mikeyt369 : 3:00 David Cross

Michelle Sage : LOL! Standing at the urinal. This show rocks.

dstreamerII : Show Gave Me More Enjoyment Than Movie! Among My Favorite Contemporary Comedy

hermione middleton : LOL If your going reach for a star reach for the lowest one you can

Tod Roulette : I Do like black people. It only took a white person to teach me!

Take Detour : I'm not pushing you away, I'm drawing me closer to myself.

avabara : Lol That's not hard to believe...I've noticed most extravagant characters are based on real imitates life ;D

boat6float : Jerri Blank is actually based on a real person. Yes, a REAL person. ...and you don't have to pay $30 for this show. Look for it on Ebay

Iamdr3wski3 : I remember the movie, but I've just found out this was a show. Time to dl this

suspendedfromthemoon : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

velocirrober : It used to be on Netflix, but they removed it. It's definitely worth the $30+ that it sells for on amazon. I strongly recommend it.

Nicole Jane : 'if you're going to reach for a star, reach for the lowest one you can'

Joe Shmoe : I have never seen this or heard of this show before . This looks hilarious .

irishcoffee : She has the best earrings

fash-killing onion : if you're gonna reach for a star, reach for the lowest one you can!

TheMoviedude2012 : I love Strangers With Candy! I watch it on DVD all the time! Yeaahh!!

John Wonder : now remember jerry,a problem is never as permanent as a solution!

John Hintergardt : If you're gonna reach for the stars reach for the lowest one. I could have used this advice in high school.