Machine Gun Kelly - Hair Transplant
Machine Gun Kelly Hair Transplant

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Tanaka : Somebody get him some clippers he hairline is weird 😂😂

Shekler Smokes : Need more hair? Lets talk about it?


shawn 9k : Eminem could've made fun of this, but he chose not to. Respect.

Sarong 135 : It’s a normal thing... wtf is wrong with ppl jeeez

rickey rom : Yall trippen, If I had money I'd get hair transplant too lol. What did yall want him to do? Have a bald head?? Lol

strawhelyperfectx : Don't blame him. Especially in your 20s, that can kill your confidence. He looks better anyway.

2 The Point Vids : Just looked up hair transplants yep thats where the scar on the back of the head comes from......damn that would suck i dont wish this on nobody..😔

michael pas : He had the vegeta hair line

papapapenis : Hair loss is a thing that happens... he decided to go the means of “fixing” it instead of looking bald. So what? Why do people have to be so cruel and mean about everything, damn

Chase Linden : Fuckin beards weird

vituo thug : I'm on Eminem side ,but this is too much braaaah . Judging someone just for hair problem , I have more problems than MGK hair loss and my problem are compareless to Palestinian or Syrian kids dying. This world is too fake to be even considered a human.

Madison Naylor : The hair transplant went really well I had no idea looks great :)

Scott Tyler : "Ain't nothin changed but the locks"

Joe Star : MGK - Bald Devil

Taylor Graham : Bro, Kelly better thank God Em hasn’t seen this video yet.

Brendan Hazlewood : When mgk's corniest line turned out to be his hairline

Ali Alwattar : Let him Rest In Peace

Ohh Fantah : He wanna be marshall Mather’s so much his hairline turned into an M

jeremy goins : What's wrong with someone wanting a full head of hair?

TheConservative Juggalo : Bro, even the hair transplant doctor getting a slice of this beef, lmao.

Ryan McGovern : Eminem if you’re reading this i hope you’re taking notes on this for the response track

Carl Johnson : Yow Lebron Calling MGK Hair Doctor Right now 😂

Hansen Says Take A Seat : Your hair is weird, let's talk about it

Budrow : Water slide looked fun

The Zodiac : And he called eminem 'old'. Hahahaha

Virtuozzo! : "You are acting tough but you are afraid of goin bald ,lets talk about it " :)

Tiffany Nicole : That’s why he clowns on Em’s “weird beard “ cause he can’t grow one!! 😂

Jalen Daniels : lol why are so many people here talking shit? hair loss is GOING to happen to the vast majority of men in the comments. don't talk shit too soon this might be you in future...only difference is you're probably not going to have the money for a hair transplant 🤣

Ecbert Diego : Somebody got him clipper His hair wierd

Bernard Gio Tan : Now I know why he keeps going back to the line about his man bun, he's very insecure about his hair. Must have hurt him real bad.

Terrance Taylor : He got the nerves to be talkin about somebody beard weird and he walking around with hair implants clown

IXth : Seriously someone spent time on this? Who cares - women wear makeup all the time to cover their imperfections, and don't tell me there aren't men commenting here that wax their chests or cut short hair that isn't on their head...

Alex Bravo : I hope Em' dont see this, advance R. I. P mgk.

Kimmy Kimster : Leave my mans alone, y'all wish you could do the same but yall cant afford it

Chaotic Massachusett : Yeah you talk about weird beard and got your transplanted before 30s you bun

Juan Hernandez : Dude has a natural mohawk

AllEnvy : Bro if he balding yall clown him, if he fixes his problem yall clown him bruh theres no win win with you em fans

MEGA : did he lose the hair becose em diss him?

Prateek : This video shows up in my recommendations after all the eminem-MGK drama. Coincidence? I don't think so..😂

T Y P E - B E A T : Tbh I'm a Eminem fan for years, and I always wonderd if Eminem also did a hair transplant, and not mentioning about it on Killshot is a little confirmation...

Mike Iso : theres something in that cleveland water him and Lebron never stood a chance

Ryan Tobin : Lmao and he's talking about someone's beard .. he about to be 30 & Already needed hair plugs wtf

KING POOTIS : Dude: posts anything about mgk Eminem fans: 🤣🤣🤣🤣💩

psalm : Lol 8/10 guys will experience this problem before 28 yes old don’t talk shit so soon

Jewel Haines : MGK is such a good looking guy!! 💜

Jayjay Myers : Thought I was the only one who caught on to this lol

Sam T : 5:00 lowkey fresh look tho

Latnlvr : I heard that MGK mumble raps to his hair to help it grow. So far I see minimal improvement