girl throwing puppies to the river (stop animal cruelty)

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FXHP Nova : Lol I laugh at shit like this!

Maddie Bedford : YOu should get arrested

Mike Fisher : when the cops find her she should get the same thing


Colton Keller : I would like to throw her in that river when she was that little

Dylan Mahnke : What a sick basterd

Duane Newson : Omfg....the hell is wrong with her. I'm sad

hậu phan : go to the straight hell

Karma Jones : why would you do that to new born puppies that hasn't done anything to you to begin with you are a devil from hell

Haru Takanashi : I feel bad for those small little puppies and if they had parasites in them at least take them to the vet so they could fix them up that teen and the person who was holding the camera should pay what they have done to such innocent little cute puppies I wish they had a better parents then them ),,;

Caleb Beecher : It dosent matter these puppies were sick you could have saved them by taking them to an animal clinic and getting them the right medicine i hope you die the same way those puppies did and when your crying for help someone is just gonna drop a weight on you and laugh.

jayuzumi13 : Gurl what has a right to drown those cute puppies if i was a puppy dog and those wear my baby pups i would bite u and save my dogs

Jonathon Ovens : thay did not do nothing to you did that I agree with other people you should get put in a massive bucket and get thrown into the Pacific ocean

Scourge BloodClan : If I find her I'm going too tie her down, cut her open, tear her organs out, cut them up and make her eat them....and shove a meatball in her eyelid XD

Kevin Limbu : I hope both of them will have their butt bit,hair ripped off and thrown like that poor puppies to the ocean by all the doggies in the world!!!!

Mungo_ : 69 people support animal cruelty

Sophia DeNault : Someone throw her in shark infested waters and let her drown

Emma Bassett : Onley someone would do that if they were a gypsy pissed up in the head hope the police find ya and kill ya inicent little puppys wtf is wrong with you they are onley little like you you downi

Bitzotech : +Chloe Spence the person who published this video wasn't the person who the the puppies in the river just saying

Katies Fashion/Beauty! : Wtf why would someone do this to a new puppy 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😣

Maria Becerra : That's just wrong I wish that girl trowed herself in the lake

Black : This girl deserves to be drowned

Two peas In a pod : I jack you up I don't care how old you are I know your phone number and your address I'll stalk you for your ENTIRE life if you don't take down this video

Alis Volinsky : בת זונה תמותי אמן יבוגדת זונה מה את זורקת כלבים קטנים

Leo's Mobile Car Wash : That was cool I would of actually of preferred blowing them up

ColourOfAir : There black they can't swim

Viktor Andersson : The worst thing is, she is doing this with joy.


pero perić : I am acctualy impressed with that girl and I wish I knew who she was. I know it's normal tretment of unwanted animals in our lands, and I've done such things myself, but seeing such a nice young girl throw them like that was so cute. And how she enjoys it, awwww, I wish I was there to witness it with my own eyes.

Fightnight Champ : wtf what a way to give puppies away lmao



Kirsteny Svolger : This has been a common practice for hundreds of years. I don't support it at all, but it doesn't mean you should contemplate murder of the culprit of whomever is doing this (nor the accomplice). Dogs overpopulate rather quickly, and are open hunters and trackers. Don't pity nature, as its wrath is greater than anything that you may ever inflict upon a person. We had a terrible problem with feral dogs in the past. They were chasing and killing skunks, cats, digging into garbage, marking  everything. Our city strongly insisted that pet owners were to keep their pets inside or on their property at all times and encouraged us to shoot---yes, shoot any dogs lingering about without a collar on. Other dogs were killed by wolves, bears, and even deer. Overpopulation is a menace and should be prevented and controlled by any means necessary---preferably without having to kill any animals. It's not healthy for an animal who relies more on its instincts to survive than humans do to purposely cause them to be sterile (neutering, spaying). It upsets the internal clock and can cause aggression, stress, and obesity in animals. Did you know that even PETA kills animals that they shelter due to not wishing to care for them or spend money on them, especially due to overpopulation? Since us, humans, baby nature so much, we keep our animals away from their natural predators which in turn can cause them to inbreed at a sickening rate. It's just how their minds are built to be. The bubonic plague which devastated Europe was caused by insects being carried on rats; rats were breeding at inhumane rats and could not be kept or controlled. My city had rummaged garbage everywhere, chewed up tires, dead animals, and smelled heavily of urine. Keep in mind that shelters can only hold a finite amount of animals before they may no longer support anymore animals...What happens after they fill up too much space? They put down animals; kill domesticated animals. Though drowning or burying alive is what is now considered to be a redundant, outclassed form of putting down, a quick shot behind the ears is painless as it destroys the neurons that can lapse pain---it's just messier, though honestly less expensive. Meanwhile, you're all pissing your pants about dogs. There are animals far more intelligent than dogs (they're pretty fuckin' stupid compared to higher end animals) being slaughtered and poached without any ridicule. Pigs, servals, elephants, dolphins, magpies, jays, crows, ravens, whales...They're all far more intelligent than dogs are and can be slaughtered without ridicule in this world. Do you know what a common whaling practice is? Slicing off the fattiest parts of a whale while it's still alive, draining its blood, and dissecting it while it's crying out. I taught my pet pig, Krakeriid, how to sit by command in less than five minutes without any treats. Despite how smart my little piggy is, it's a common practice to slit a pig's neck and drain the blood right in front of its own eyes with its limbs tied, watching it die and then removing the desired parts of the pig. Dolphins are carelessly mistaken for sharks and killed or caught in fishing trawlers' nets to never be released. Ravens are so smart that they can count, think of the future and past, mimic speech down to the decibel level and note, use tools, identify themselves in a mirror, remember faces for 20 years, and many other things. Ravens have been seen as a sign of death for hundreds of years due to the fact that they were known to follow viking ships to feast upon the dead left by the raiders. The ravens are actually intelligent enough to know that where the ship goes, food is. Why is it okay and legal in almost every area to shoot down an incredibly intelligent bird, one that can remember the fact of the man who shot his family? People think that it's okay simply because the birds are known to rummage through garbage and make a mess...but why is it not okay to shoot down the lesser intelligent dogs that are doing the same thing but more, killing our own animals, peeing on benches, chewing on metal and rubber? It's all a matter of humans babying dogs. They're fucking dogs, they murder and tear apart the animals that they hunt down. It's a bit sad to see torn apart cat flesh on the sidewalk, don't you agree? Ravens actually partially rely on wolves and dogs to tear open the carcasses of animals since their beaks aren't sharp enough to do so. Then do you know what ravens do? They fool and attack the wolves/dogs to keep the food to themselves since they're far wittier than those animals ever were. Nature is cruel, but humans have a choice of being human---but you can't allow a fondness of a certain animal to prevent it from being controlled. If they overpopulate, they cause havoc and die of starvation themselves, alongside with damaging the natural order. ~Antala

Relayswitcher : Hillary Rotten Clinton early years.

nathan007jay : If I saw that person I would kill her

Kirikan Kuu : GOOD RIDDANCE.

IndisputableAttitude : A girl who claimed to be the one from the video posted a separate apology video on YouTube, CNET reported. She identified herself as Katja Puschnik. Under one video frame, the apology said, "I would like to appologize for my behavior. The puppies belonged to my grandma and she told me to get rid of them because they were only 3 days and were ill. They had parasites from their mother. I didn't knew exactly what to do so I thrown them in the river because it was a short death. I did not want to make them suffer. I am really sorry for this :-( "

Casey Faith : why the hell would you do that ? :(

freddie rafol : Yeh bouy cool, dude

Michael Evans : KILL HER BE FOR I DO

raataggi96 theplayerXD : Hahahaha

Nadine Romeo : They identified her.........Thank God.

autorun exe : She got 2000$ bounty

Gregory Lian : hahahaha

E. T. : She is teaching them how to swim. Big deal. The puppies came back home and had a warm meal waiting for them.

freddie rafol : Ahahaha cool dude

Bobiscus Toumazis : I would go up to this women, hang, draw and quarter her, put 3 of her body parts around hurstville,(infested with asians) and let the asians feed of her with dim sim.

Daniel : I Feel horrible for finding it funny

Josh Cloud : Hang her! Swear to God...there's not room on this planet fir people like that. I'm a lover but I swear I she wouldn't want me to cross her if I came across her doing that to those pups.

T 21199 : Wtf is wrong with her....