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All I have to spend is 10 dollars. Gales snack bar has been serving it's community for over 30 years. It's a small store front so if you blink you'll miss it. It has a old film style feel to the old rustic venue which is actually fitting because it is placed right next two a few film studios that take up quite some space on Eastern Avenue. Gales makes you feel as if you've entered into the twilight zone and into the 60's with it's cheap priced items and old clocks, trinkets and posters. The real antique of it all is it's old diner priced food that cost merely bus fare. Or a few coins you food in an old pair of jeans in the dryer. #cheapeatstoronto #torontoeats #cheapeats Gales Snack bar - 539 Eastern Ave Subscribe to my channel - Donate to the channel - Download: Royalty Free Music source: YouTube Audio Archive Link: (you must be signed in!) Facebook - Instagram -


Alli and Will : Gales is the best! Loved that place when I worked in the area. I think I went there with you once or twice years ago with Nick actually?!

lejeuvideo : and thus the prices of that joint increased tenfold...

cybercroneca : Gale's milkshakes are the best!

MikeZ32TT : Nice video but put the 10 facing the right way up lol

Adlin Ling : It's way more exciting to get an onion ring with your fries than to get a fry with your onion rings.

James Bradford : lol deep fried in-house = fresh : Thank for sharing CHEAPEST RESTAURANT TO EAT in TORONTO

Lori Lumax : Thanks for this video.. sharing!

Alexandre Radburn : Oh man I really wanna visit this place now if I go to Toronto. Please please still exist and not be ruined by the time I get there for that awesome looking cheapo burger.

Baraka Gitari : How is this possible

JAG Gaming : Nice video from Toronto as well will definitely check it out! 👌

Uncle Ruckus : thats cheaper than philippines

Esie Kecil : Indonesia more cheap mr,,but Kanada is modern country,

Delirious23 : I've just spent nearly an hour trying to figure out which skit show I remember you from, and I've finally figured it out: FND Films (jk you're from Digitom). Hehe

Life Aficionado : There's no way these things cost 1.30, 1.75, and 3.25 cents.

DGR : This place was on my bucket list and I finally went there with my husband one day. I wasn't only amazed by the price but I couldn't believe how good the Chicken Club Sandwich was.

Logan Smith : How did I not know you had this channel? Boiiiiiiiiiii

ᴖᴥᴖ : Really well edited!

Headless Chicken : I drive by there on my way home all the time running along Eastern till it turns into is it I never knew about this place?

Paul Saul : I like that 24hr diner on Dupont (whatisthename) but I will definitely go to Gail's next time in Toronto Thanks for info

Alf P : You're Suspect!! 5 course meal? You had three items

6K TM : Cheaper than Mcdonalds? Mcdonalds has a dollar menu....

The Foodie Nation : Wow, great content

Peter Ghai : Do they have samosa's?

Oliver Pillmore : no cheap any more...

Llumys : Weird. I believe it.

Jase Strictland : If you think these are 80s prices with an 80s menu then you're way too young to be doing this throwback. This type of billboard ordering and prices are more the late 50s and early 60s. You young whippersnapper, you!

Brent Robinson : The best place for the budget

sarge727 : Wish i could get a tart for 50 cents. They usually charge me by the hour. Oh, also remembering that these are canadian pesos, so theyre damn near worthless already. Incredible value for the money

Gagan Gill : waste of time honestly when u speak u sound like ur depressed there is cheaper places than this and tbh theres crazy good food here in toronto im guessing ur broke step up ur game spend money and maybe ull get subs but until than honestly I want to remove u from my posts u seem like ur dead inside.