5 Biggest Threats to the Internet Right Now

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Dark5 : Sincerest apologies, but Dark Docs is delayed until tonight or tomorrow. I uploaded a new cut of this video without the endscreen voiceover, but of course it is stuck in review... because YouTube. Anyways... thanks for watching and please consider joining the Battle For the Net: https://www.battleforthenet.com/

I am not Dale Gribble : Can you make a dark 5 list about EA games please?

malakh of yah : That background beat is Badass! I'm bobbin my head 👨 all the way through this video...🕺hot damn !

12 26 : >AJIT PAI Dark5 confirmed consumer of memes

DatIrishGuy : Ajit Pai has such a punch-able face...


Peatrude : Don't you hate it when someone hacks into your yoga mat?

EG : Satoshi has no reason to do any of those things though unless he wants to destroy the vision he created

thadan99 : WWIII is now. Do not panic. Remain on watch and learn to code also remember to buy a few of those doomsday food buckets.

Maskedduelist 13 : #6 Dark 5's voiceover.

Baba2020 : they're a lot of angry trump supporters in this comment section.

Zero II : Do people really have such low faith in the free market, even though its the free market that allowed them to become successful in the first place?

Angel Gauge : why not just kill anij pai

Robbo McChicken : I grimaced at the thumbnail

Justin Noker : what's scarier? every Dark5 video out there, or the thumbnail of this video?

Frederick Zabala : Thumbnail look like those uncanny valley age processes missing persons photo

Funny Vids : Everyone here is on a watchlist including this channel

Stewart Savage : Luckily i can still use pen and paper, and i don't mind reading a book instead..

Kelvin S. : If Ajit Pai there will be a vigilante out there who would either Ruin him Financially and His status, Kill him, or his Family. So it's his poison.

WorldGuiness Comments : This channel is not as good as it used to be.Please do more vids that have to do with space,galaxies etc

cesariojpn : Nothing on Social Justice Warriors. Weak.

MANDRAC : thanks murica. Thanks for bringing death to net neutrality, sopa and all that shit, windows breach that lead to hospitals not working, data leak and so on and so forth. Continue what you are doing! According to holywood and other piece of propaganda that comes out you're still the best country in the world...

spider love : what does this mean for internet pornography?

Tgame15 : C’mon you really milked this idea didn’t you. Channel is going downhill unbelievably fast

Short Fuze : Net Neutrality should be number 1 on this list.

Nikola Tasevski : Russian fake accounts inc

Obama Gaming : This channel isnt as good as before each time i watch less and less

Luna : I thought that this was gonna be a meme because of the thumbnail....disappointed.

TheIrminage : Totally wrong on net neutrality. Look into what it will allow google to do

southtexasdeath : sounds like an ANITIFA trannie

Tealwraith : What do billion dollar companies like Netflix, YouTube, Verizon and Comcast have to do with people getting free expression on the internet? You mean, Netflix that is constantly streaming video into millions of homes should pay the same price as every other company even though the bandwidth is so much more? Youtube is effective censoring right wing media, but that is called net neutrality? Don't like Ajit Pai, huh? Racists.

Captain Of The Lost Seas : 😂😂the thumbnail is such a meme I shouldn't be laughing this is some serious shit going on

Zubin Bal : I support Ajit pai ...,,👍👍

Koos de la Rey : The number 1 threat is the Google/Facebook/YouTube monopoly censoring us into oblivion...

Raul Martinez : There needs to be greater consumer protection and greater accountability towards the reckless actions from large businesses. The Equifax data breach put hundreds of millions of people at risk for identity theft and yet Equifax only offered a one year trial for identity protection and only a maximum of 500K in liable damages. It was not the consumers fault for this breach, it was Equifax's fault and yet you have people in Congress who are accepting money from these companies in order to help them get away with facing costly lawsuits. Then you have Ajit Pai, a former attorney for Verizon, proposing to remove Net Neutrality and categorize the internet as a non-utility in order to give more power to Verizon and Comcast to charge certain websites and deter innovation from start up online projects. Some people will argue that repealing net neutrality will encourage greater innovation from ISP's yet they don't realize that it will give them greater power in charging online service providers by threatening to throttle their websites and then screwing over online users such as yourself. There are only three major internet service providers in the US which means there are hardly any competition in order to encourage innovation and fair prices for consumers. This is not a fair market anymore because there are only three major internet service providers who will either buy out/merge with their competition or they will financially constrain small internet service providers. The only winners in these recent changes will be Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T while the losers will be consumers and online services/websites.

amsyar Zero : When Ajit Pai's face is in the thumbnail of a Dark5 video, I knew I had to watch it. WP!

cgraham6 : Exactly why I refuse to participate in the IoT to any degree whatsoever. My computer connected to the internet is quite enough.

Random Name : We need to revolt

Joshua Steed : Logged on at just the right time!

marco heras : Don't hack mah yoga mat

Nah Fam : Why TF do you make us read I've read enough it's like you did some of the work and left us the rest i hate this...(sarcasm)

Gabe Hopkins : That moment when the scariest part of the video is dark five's voice ( previously unheard) at the end.

R3D_Fps : When Ajit Pai ignores the hundreds of comments on the FCC's webpage... NOTICE ME AJIT SENPAI.

joeys DaD : THAT THUMBNAIL THO😂😂👌🔥🔥🔥

SvenStadt : So-called "Net neutrality" isn't about what it seems. Companies like Verizon ALREADY throttle up or down their data rates based on usage and plans. Companies like USPS and UPS and FedEx also charge extra for overnight delivery (kinda a rip-off, from personal experience, package arrived 10 days later even though I paid extra). IMO, government shouldn't tell internet companies what they can and can't sell or do. Every consumer has the right to their own choice.

Larry Sullivan : The biggest threat on the internet? Racist frog memes

Whyisthere Aholeinmybutt : Came here for the music, like always it's prime

farpointgamingdirect : Hate to break it to you, but Trump's "attempts" to roll back net neutrality pale in comparison with the damage done to it by Obama and his cronies.

CannedMemes : That thumbnail was too scary that I don't know if I should click the video or not that thing could bite me in any moment

blessed astolfo bean plushie : fuckface ajit