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LA Turtle : your moves are weak https://represent.com/evanbreen

Lurre 10 : I'm watching this at 3 am. I have to watch this again tomorrow to see if it's actully as genius as I think it is. It could also be I've been drinking joints.

Shadicon : Dude how do you think of these? What kind of beer are you smoking out of your ass?

Proxsea : Really appreciate the angles of your characters so it actually feels like they're there when "behind" the camera; also your eye movement in direction to where the characters are too. 10/10

Kevin Dunahoo : Usually when viners make longer videos they ain't as good but this was hilarious! Awesome vid

Gracie Vaughan : probably the funniest thing I've ever watched..

Will Taylor : The music in the background makes this video 10x better

who cares : I feel like knowing this dude in real life would be such a blessing

Nellie Vaughn : I am not high enough for this.

Awesomeness Hippopotamus : Drinking Game: Try to explain this to your friends without showing them the video

Eric Merdink : you're mad creative how you can tell a story with the illusion of 3 different characters

Kirsten Negri : I met this poor man in a Wallmart and I asked if he was from youtube, if he was the smoke beer guy, said it was funny and ran into the bread isle like I had robbed a bank. I didn't even wait for him to respond. I forgot hIS NAME. If you are reading this I'm sorry. It was so bad I hope you were a little high and you don't remember it at all.

Shayaan Usmani : Watching hops videos is the only thing keeping me from killing myself...

PondosWorld : ahaha this guy is bringing back the old youtube!!! i swear support this man ..Love your shit bro

David Atwood : WHY ARE YOU SO FUNNY??? Every Video is GOLD

MintyAnt : I can't stop watching this, this is freaking hilarious. "Yeah that's right: We're gonna smoke beer.... outta your ass"

Sam Fordyce : Legit the most confusing video of this year

ObscureChan : this is a misunderstood gem

Kaia Butler : How do u come up with this?? Ur fukin hilarious dude 😂

Jason Kasparis : Are you by any chance, related to Neil Breen?

Ranger TX : i want to know all the drugs that were used to make this video.

MattShea : Didn't know you had a Youtube channel. Glad to see you do :D

Mr Mammal : Can you smoke beer out of a Limpwurt Root?

ruberband29 : I watched this high.. and I am seriously confused. I like it!

NateGUYYY : definition of comedic timing...reply to me mr breeeeeeeeeen :)

Sam B : a modern legend

SovietGrazz : The horrific part is that as much as the video doesn't make sense, it also simultaneously makes PERFECT sense.

Murtaza Nanabhai : He was his mom all along, how lovely

The85F0X : is anyone else wondering if you can smoke hops now and get drunk and high?

CookieMountain : Dude you are next level

Martin Jones : instant six pack after watching this video

Tanner Little : Classic Xander

sAAki - NEW CHANNEL!!! : So...DO we smoke beer?

akidnamedcam : This man needs to be on Comedy Central asap

L'Carpetron Dookmarriot : This is the greatest thing I've ever seen on the Internet in all my years of leaf. Stay awesome Evan!

xander : Nice to meet you, Evan.

Annastacia Thomas : You're like if Mitch Hedberg and Chris D'elia had a hilarious baby who was funnier than both of his parents.

Santamanfunk : I must show the world this masterpiece

Aestroth : I've found myself coming to this particular video time and time again when I'm having a shit day. This is pure gold.

Jords Wick : My brain hurts

Heather Mariee : Dude!!! Hahahaha Your content would be so good for a web series!

Eric Lewis : I've never subbed because I was genuinely entertained, but kinda bored and it was funny at the time. I subscribed to you because you are actually hilarious and play each character so well haha. When have you ever seen someone play all three characters, with the exact same look but still be able to tell them all apart so well?!!??! Awesooooome!

Mimi Likes Tumblr : This has 420k views rn

Randeep Singh : Oh god i can't keep track of which dude is which dude

Logan Smokes : are we smoking beer?!!! #fuckyea #hellatight

Ethan Sapp : Dude! You took the speed and hilarity of your vines and made it flow in a full length video. This was amazing and hilarious.

Humblemonk M : Kids today, smokin' beer and pot out of each other's ass's! LMAO!

Cole Somm : I smoke hops on the daily

Rondell Boylan : Is it wrong that I binge watch your vidoes and vines when I get stoned?

Ol' Birdman Jenkins : SOlid gold brah *youtube please put in thta 100 emogi icon thanks*