A Star-Spangled banner rendition like you've never seen

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MichaelMcDermott123 : Took one of the most tired songs ever sung and turned into a perfect thing of beauty

Kim Toshioki : Don't know how many times I've replayed this. Can't stop listening to this. So beautiful

Michael Gunter : I love this rendition but as a Veteran born in Hawaii I do not like the disrespect shown by the spectators .

John Keogh : Willie K is a gift to Hawaii, and this world. This rendition raised the hairs on my arms.

David Carroll : Pure Truth... pure Creativity... ALOHA... That is what America IS! And this great , loving Hawaiian man GETS IT! Like Jimi Hendrix' version at Woodstock in '69! That was beautiful! Mahalo Willie.

Hilary Hoffman : I’m a purist about our National Anthem. HOWEVER, this has to be one of the most beautiful interpretations I have ever heard! Goosebumps first, then a downpour of tears! Bravo, Willie K!

sempretallysmom : Thanks for posting this. I read about it in the news. Very touching tribute. Sometimes you need to shake things up a little bit so that people truly understand what the song means and appreciate what the song is about.

Future of Senior Fitness : the best rendition I have ever heard! Mahalo Willie K!!!!

cuddle0000 : Awesome, Uncle Willy K. Beautiful 🌺🌺!

Bucc42 : Can someone show this to Fergie? Not over the top it and it didn't take an extra 30 minutes to bring it home.

J_Jammer : He hit all the right notes despite it being different. Well done.

Matthew Wolfe : The best performance of the US National Anthem by a 👍 Hawaiian named Willie K who made his 1st public appearance since fighting cancer.

JOK : Aloha Willie K. Beautiful rendition.

John Muligan : Pretty killer for a guy going through chemo. Way to go Uncle Willy!

Meggon McCall : Beautiful!

BigBro808 : How did you get a hold of this video? It looks like the same one as on Ukulele Project Hawaiis Page

mhoward48 : That is beautiful! My husband plays the Ukulele. I need to share this with him.

john noe : Holy Shit ! This is the best rendition I've ever heard and there isn't even a close 2nd. This guy needs a Grammy for this.

Luvin Life : People laughing, talking, texting while the Anthem is playing.  People had their hats on!!!  Such an embarrassment Hawaii.

David Carroll : FREEDOM!!!

Merry Walsh : No Ka Oi Maui Boy! 🤙🏽🌸❤️🌈

Joel Iwanaga : Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift Willie K.

Pat Brakefield : Absolutely beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes...

Marc Stewart : His version is deeply moving. Absolutely beautiful. The unexpected tenderness and the raw emotion make this one of my favorite renditions of our National Anthem.

Randall Trimm : One of the best versions I’ve ever heard...

angie 808 : Beautiful!!!! 😊❤️

Jett Cord : YES!

Princessa Stardusty : absolutely beautiful, ... and battling lung cancer. a song with so much meaning and integrity, and such a blessing given from the heart here, wow, ty Willie <3

Gerry Smith : This is really a great rendition. Everyone of all color & race standing with respect. Now this is what the USA is all about. Now of course Felarca, Shanta Driver and the other Communists with ANTIFA, BAMN and the CPUSA will claim it's racist, demeaning to moniorities and everyone standing in the stadium were just tools of the "white conspiracy". According to ANTIFA the song should have been "The Internationale" which is an old Communist song from the 1930s telling how all citizens willingly give up any freedom since "the STATE" knows what is best and citizens only exist for the STATE.

9ner : Amazing. Best rendition I’ve heard.

fleccs808 : Wow!

emass2424 : Diametrically opposed from Fergie

SteadyROK : Dear Uncle Willie K, Mahalo for blessing us with your music, voice, and Hawaiian soul. Please don't leave us any time soon, okay? Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo!!!

peter shaw : this is what our country needs right now.. this.. this beautiful beautiful song... sung like this.. just like this man did... this man really just did that... a moment forever captured and recorded to replay a billion times.

Conner Fields : I don't think this is Feliciano.

Kui Kelly : Soft and Sweet 🎶 From the 💕 Heart and Soul. Chicken Skin, extra Salad. My oh my 🇬🇧 Willie's Island Redition, in the Tradition of Patriotism👌

Trevor Jones : Got to see Willie K at Fleetwood’s with Mick

betondo fukutu : Excellent rendition. A real keeper. Have to say I'm real put off by all those kids talking and joking during it. Our schools don't teach any reverence for the flag, the anthem or this great nation.

Colette : 🇺🇸Undisputedly WILLY K at his finest🇺🇸

Leisa K : Beautiful... Thank you, Willie K.

호세 : I honestly think it's just like any other version people come out with all the time.

Colette : Soars right to my soul❤️🇺🇸

Faith Jay : Incredible

Audrey Ziebol : I love it!! Beautiful!

Chow Fun : ALOHA from Maui🍍

Brian : Better then the original!

Jamshed Kh : Patriotism must be taught in every school and every household. Some people have no idea how lucky they are to be born in this country.

Jyd Badillo : Simply Amazing!!!

K MAX : A great reflection moment for all of us. Mahalo Uncle Willie K......

Xavier Lee : Beautiful!!!