Langur Monkeys Grieve Over Robot Monkey
Langur Monkeys Grieve Over Robot Monkey

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*** Buy Spy in the Wild on DVD or Blu-ray now (UK): *** (Affiliate link) Langur Monkeys Grieving! Langur monkeys mistake the motionless robotic Spy Langur Monkey that was accidentally dropped as a lifeless baby langur and begin to grieve. Clip from episode 1 'Love' of our new 5 part series "Spy in the Wild" starting Thursday 12th January, 8pm on BBC 1. If you’re in the US, watch "Spy in the Wild: Love" on PBS starting Feb 1 Narrated by David Tennant Series Directed by John Downer Music by Will Gregory SPY IN THE WILD, A NATURE MINISERIES, a John Downer Production for BBC, PBS and THIRTEEN Productions LLC, premieres Wednesdays, February 1-March 1, 8-9 pm ET on PBS stations. Watch more clips from Spy in the Wild - Chimp Adopts Genet Kitten From Programme 1 'Love' Follow John Downer Productions: Twitter Facebook Instagram


Reno Uzumaki : “One seems to want to baby sit her” Monkey drops baby out of tree...

Oddball Kitten : Imagine the humans watching this through the cameras and just thinking "Shit"

Monique Monreal : Stop playing with their feelings😭😭

Rosyid Wahyudi : One monkey must be like "chill guy, this is fake..." "shut up, you with human conspiracy theory!"

I’m a Legend : The one who picked it up and put it gently back down was so sweet😭

A'n'B Gaming : *They are more compassionate than human these days...*

Eccentricka1 : Omg. They actually comforted eachother like family members at a funeral @ 1:40.

Blu : Timmy was always a bit weird, he just sits there most of the time, he might be boring, but he's still part of our family. We all love him, and it was devastating when that clumsy Maria dropped him.

necessitousfox : And yet there are people who claim that animals don't have emotions. This brought tears to my eyes.

Keodo : These monkeys have more emotional support than I do.

Lion El Jonson : They protec They attac But most importantly Their robot friend is never coming bac

Abhishek S : Even if this is an experiment, but I feel that playing with their emotions is not fair

jaya sharma : Oh my god! That's so lovely, humble, and better than humans

Legally Indian : Humans don't come to see their blood relatives at funeral due to personal grudges.

HalloIchBinDieGabi : " he was crazy but he was our brother "

LizMarie Diaz : Oh look what you did! You broke them! They have depression now Carl!


MAN AWAKES : Animals show more compassion than humans 🙄😑 Except for the monkey that threw the baby robot monkey😅

1911 Maxter : 0:31 *Dropped on dirt* 0:34 *Picked up on grass*

Dani Wipprecht : Look at what you did You gave them depression

LOOPS BROTHER : "One seems to baby sit her" *drops baby* Monkey: *surprised pikachu face*

Zeus Mob : Unintentional cause of mass anxiety, loss, grief and depression among the whole colony now.

Johnny Britten : Can someone please tell them that it was just a prank.

Shan Chu : I feel so sad...I had to run down three stairs just to hug my 🐈...animals are precious

9 : Nice, this is what my family will not be like when I die

Ummati Muhammadi : Oh my God 😮😮😯😯! They actually comferted each other like family members at a funeral 😮😮... They are very caring and loving with each other 💕💕..

M & M : Expectation: "We will have flying cars and Hoverboards by 2020". Reality: "Monkey doll with a built in camera"

PessimisticSwine : They didnt add the part where they had to sacrifice the accidental killer.

Thanos Baba : Actually that wasn't her fault She thought that robot monkey will stick with her stomach as most monkeys do but robot monkey wasn't developed enough that it can perform.. Wait.. You guys have played with their feelings

Tony Toons : And then you realize the 2nd cause of death in American Babies... *Is murder.*

Shaik Bannu : They are not human's.. That's way they show unity love and trust each other...

jhova187 : 🤦🏻‍♂️ We can learn a lot from animals. Give peace a chance ☮️ ✌🏻

Star Studio : It clearly shows that in case of emotions humans have became robots. Even monkeys are more emotional than us.

Captain G : What if the robot wakes up after all that crying and hugging

Matt Gonzalez : That is amazing how closely related we are. That was very very cool 👍

Profanity : The monkey that dropped it thinking it wouldn't fall still grieves until today because for him he just killed a young one. Even if he did nothing wrong at all in reality, he will continue to live with that heavy burden of a thought until the end of his life.

Marky Mark : Amazing, we really underestimate animals..

AnimalMetalHeadUK : 01:25 the way the older monkey put his arm around the younger one "come here little buddy, it will be alright", shit made me sob like a baby. They are all comforting each other, this is too much for my cold heart. Some people still think animals run purely on instincts.

Elmo Knows : When all the monkeys gathered around and started hugging eachother :'[ Wow didn't expect this to get so many likes lol

Doors067 : This is the saddest curious george episode i've ever watched

Mohd Manzar Abbas : Hug is powerful thing in the universe

as a indian : 1:59 heart touching moment ❤

Lurisa Skoda : Playing with thr feelings n fooling them......plzzzzz stop

mr gucci : Lmaoo he tried to set it on a tree but was dumbfounded when it fell and was like shit my bad

polarbear17 : All of these videos that I've been lately seeing in my feed made me extremely depressed but also so happy to see how beautiful this world is.

Powerful ASMR : My heart melts when I see this, it is so beathiful

Anand 700 : Congratulations you just gave them depression

Vince Abate : Should of made the robot spring back to life and start tap dancing 🙉

ash kun : This is honestly so sweet... And people said animals don't have feelings.. yeah right.