Langur Monkeys Grieve Over Robot Monkey

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Jack Wilshere Were : OMG they behave just like humans. I liked the part where a young one was hugged by her mum

Mario1611 : They probably still get around every now and then to talk about the time that little Retarded Monkey died. 😂😂

Lawrenceka Gujjar Gujjar : Maa to Maa hoti hai Phir Chahe wo apni Ho yeah Janwar ki

LK S : *Indian monkeys are so emotional, calm and kind just like humans.* *They don't hate outsiders or innocent refugees.* *Similarly, Hindus of India accomodated all religions and sects of the world, today India is home to the most diversified religions of the world including Muslims, Christians and almost extinct Parsis.* *Hindus also gave Buddhism to the world.* *Thank you India and Hindus for being so powerful, knowledgeable and accomodative. But time has come for you to resurrect your native values or you may lose it like Australians, Europeans and Americans - natives has lost the land to migrants.*

Fahmi Fahmi : While we are killing each other... animals cry because of a robot made like them

Årt Mania : that was so heart touching

Amusing Kiwi : TO ALL PARENTS, please do not drop your child off of a tree. Lmao

Aditya kumar : They were crying and hugging each other 😥 This video literally makes me cry😢

jagdeep saggo : 1:37 true love of mom and children...touching moment

lahari T : Great video which depicts God's creation....

Jennifer A : I wish someone could tell them it was a robotic monkey 😢

Te Kauri Watene Kapea : Mother nature is so beautiful

utkarsh pandey : They also have emotions like us👌

sRiNiVaS bEnGaLuRu : Animals are best than humans

ANSHUL RATHORE : *Poor* *Monkeys* 😳😳

Arclight Sama : Someone need to tell them the truth 😢....

Sudip Shetty Noojjis : This is such a cruel Social experiment ...Just think these monkeys will have the Guilt till the end of their life ...They would never know that was a robot was a cruel joke from cruel human beings ....who killed millions and millions of human beings without any guily or repentance in world war 1 and 2 and the lies followed by wars even later ... So cruel...feels so bad😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

Lunar Wolf : Animals have feelings too, so care for them RIP robotic monkey

ayan banerjee : 1:35 best moment

pool xd : It is like what have I done ....

TopNotch Idiots : That was powerful

Rohit Sharma : And they said that they are vermin....

Adriana Godoy : Que lindos los monitos

Colleen Jones : The look on her face when she picked it up, was like omg did I just drop it?

lakshmana murthy : At 1:37 that love is 😞

Danielle James : im literally crying even though it's a robot

Austin Stone : Im crying over a fake dead monkey and idk why?

Ramanand Darode : Wow nice Vedio the animala having emotion proved this Vedio is that already exists in the nature

inder kumar lalchandani : Mera chasmaa chori Ker ke lagaye maderchod me bacher

chrisy : Awww you see them hugging that was cute 🐒🐒🧡💛

HiHACKER : Few mins after Monkeys : *IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO!!*

วรากร มูลเซอร์ : 😭😢😭😭😭

Snap: wkw50 : مات ☹😭😭

abhilash alen : Monkey = human. THE TRUTH. SORRY THE FACT

Manoj Mahale : So nice n meaningful Video t🤔🤔 for 21st century's human. 👍👍👍

Salkis Re : I'm not crying... Nope... I'm not crying

chrisy : They have some very long tails

Chanakya : Love still meaningful to the animals.

Anne Corey : They very good they though the baby is real Thank you for sharing Bless you all.

Rajaiah Akula : 0:32 cute

Justin Y. : Damn synths manipulating the community

Janu Janu : Wow wow wow hart touching

dharavath upender : We have to learn something from it

Coolrh13 : It kinda is like the scene where ash is turned to stone in the Pokemon movie and pikachu’s tears revive him. I was half expecting and wanting for the robot to start moving whilst they mourn it, it’ll be a miracle and will amaze the monkeys. I would say they’d seem happy but I feel they’d probably just all loose interest.

Yousuf Syead : Super video soo hot touching

RaCology : The producers magnified the drama in this

vishal hacker : Why you play with their emotions?

Вера Савина : Я плачу....

Fathima : Mother 😔😭😭😭😭monkey is feeling.. An. Human not animal 😰😰😫

Aido Siram : I really loved this video.😘😘😘