Langur Monkeys Grieve Over Robot Monkey

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Jack Wilshere Were : OMG they behave just like humans. I liked the part where a young one was hugged by her mum

Once * Army : Omg their motherly instincts.. It's just amazing how they have the same feelings as human or maybe they have more feelings than a human. Sometimes we see what humans can do. We see on news how some mothers can be cruel to their children.

CJ P. : I’ll probably get hate for this but most of this is just good editing. The monkeys seem mildly interested in the lifeless robot, but unrelated shots of the monkeys holding each other were spliced in to make it seem like they were all mourning together. Clever.

Mario1611 : They probably still get around every now and then to talk about the time that little Retarded Monkey died. 😂😂

Once * Army : I think I'm crying right now😢

Arclight Sama : Someone need to tell them the truth 😢....

Alejandro Bardo Laserna : They can make a religion out of this

Amusing Kiwi : TO ALL PARENTS, please do not drop your child off of a tree. Lmao

Ray Santosh : Animals are much more better than humans. this video proves it. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Day’Me Willems : It’s incredible how they hug for the same reasons we do

Vijay Chaurasiya : Humans are lossing humanity but animals are still have emotions...

Dino Last : So no one told them it’s was just a prank ? 🤔

Lunar Wolf : Animals have feelings too, so care for them RIP robotic monkey

Sam Lane : That was actually the sweetest thing ever when she picked the baby up and held it😭

Josi Lulu : Langur monkeys have feelings too this is so sad btw

Jennifer A : I wish someone could tell them it was a robotic monkey 😢

Austin Stone : Im crying over a fake dead monkey and idk why?

Te Kauri Watene Kapea : Mother nature is so beautiful

Mina Chandra : So,sad

Ray Mak : Oh my this is so touching

april00026000 : Now you made them depressed, just let them do their monkey shit in peace damn

วรากร มูลเซอร์ : 😭😢😭😭😭

Adriana Godoy : Que lindos los monitos

KingN. : 1:37 this just proves that all animals have emotions.

superjaded1234 : My heart just broke into a thousand pieces 😥

Danielle James : im literally crying even though it's a robot

Colleen Jones : The look on her face when she picked it up, was like omg did I just drop it?

siddharth Choudhary : Heart touching video

Elizabeth Clark : Animal's have the same Emotions as Human's and it's motherly instincts, or They have more Feelings then a human ever would, just by watching this omg, this little family of monkeys 😭❤

lily happy : They got fake people showing face love to them straight up to their face

Årt Mania : that was so heart touching

Tyler Gillcash : This is when they need another robot monkey to come in and raise the little one from the dead. That would be pure entertainment to see how the pack then made it there king

Вера Савина : Я плачу....

Kripke The Chameleon & Friends : 💓Untamed 😚Hearts💓

Jason : And people still don’t believe we share a common ancestor

GalaxyFandomTrash : When it dropped and one of the monkeys picked it up I literally felt heartbroken they don't know it's a robot their going to grieve over it for a long time I'm guessing

Hanif Shaikh : Soooo sad video.even.i am crying right . Aap ko mire yee bat right lagi hoto like and comment please.

OseaPTL : When that random duo partner jumps of a cliff..😢

RAZ0229 : *Who Made Those ROBOTS???*

Coolrh13 : Plus were they checking it pulse? I imagine animals would from basic instinct (especially more intelligent primapes) possibly recognise a pulse means a creatures alive and none means it is dead. Still the robot when even meant to be alive lacks a pulse

TJ Israelsen : I thought youtube was over prank videos

Aaron Benhaggai : Y would u trick them like that its not right

Coolrh13 : It kinda is like the scene where ash is turned to stone in the Pokemon movie and pikachu’s tears revive him. I was half expecting and wanting for the robot to start moving whilst they mourn it, it’ll be a miracle and will amaze the monkeys. I would say they’d seem happy but I feel they’d probably just all loose interest.

Sanjay Kumar : SANJAY

Sky : Oh my god this is just... so beautiful and so sad.

Justin Y. : Damn synths manipulating the community

EXTRAKINATOR X : Director: Its a prank!!!!

Nirmala Pathak : Sooooooo imotional every creature can feel pain n happiness like human

Aly Smoothiepup : This is actually so emotional omg...

pankaj khatri kkc : Shram kro unki be feeling h