Ariana Grande Carpool Karaoke

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The Late Late Show with James Corden : Hello. I'm Ariana Grande. I MUST be carried.

Mr. Grande : That moment when Ariana Grande can sing Ariana Grande songs better than Ariana Grande.. Edit: I made a Rap Battle with James Corden and Ellen 😅 It’s my recent upload! 🔥

Ilse Kremer : THAT'S WHY SHE WAS WEARING THIS ON HER HAND... The Escape Room hahahah

John Anthony : Man i'd carry her around 24/7 without even saying a word

Alex Ha : who's here after realizing that the escape room video posted today was on the same day as this

Kyla Monique : Imagine being on Victorious with this voice playing a socially awkward girl instead of the main character

Sheldon Evans : *She's easily one of the most vocally talented musicians alive.*

Jerry W : So actually this is recorded after their 'Escape Room' visit? Ariana screamed a lot in there and still sounds like this. I'm sold.

Rui En : she’s literally the best female vocalist of this generation hands down

Rubi Salloum : ariana: i must be carried *i think we ALL must be carried*

Rebel Monroe : Her sense of humor is amazing. I love how a lot people really think she is a Diva. Its funny cuz she is really relatable. 💜

Nathan Holles : We finally know what happened to her hand.

Jenni Baller : victoria justice has left the chat😂

Black Rose Beatz TYPE BEATS & RAP INSTRUMENTALS : 📂Documents └📁Music └📁Ariana Grande └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

Angelica Amora : I love how sarcastic she is about being carried everywhere 😂😂😂 I would do that too omg ❤️

Steph : Honestly ariana has one of the best live vocals ive ever heard

S S : now we know what happened to her left hand....

1410joanne : Her voice gives me chills... she's phenomenal 😱

Lynette : Wonder how long James rehearses all these songs, he doesn't miss a beat, freaking good!😉

sy my : 3:49 I love how she perked up when he said, "I think you got one of the best..."

Midnight Creations : honestly ariana has one of the best live vocals ive ever heard

Jemima Stone : why did i just get a vision of james corden doing carpool karaoke with freddie mercury and the rest of queen *cries*

Lauren Kern : aRiAnA cAnT sInG *Can you not hear*

PT Sam : Her face at 3:50 ah so cute

ALADDIN SAIYAN : I never took the time to discover this artist properly, in a casual situation, in a chill, she is very kind and funny, a true authentic person. This show is one of the best i know and i also loved the one with Adele. Peace and thank u for these good moments

Dr. Sten Ekberg : Her natural voice sounds so much better than what we hear on the radio.

Rubi Salloum : i bet y’all didn’t know that ariana never took singing lessons

Numair : First time James didnt out sing the artist

Oscar Ortega : My girl dont need autotune she has an angel voice like if you agree 😚❤


evakaleigh : i cant even hear the difference between the studio and her except when she does some extra runs. holy shit her voice is everything.

Aadil Hussain : James corden the night before memorizing all ariana's songs 😂

Susie Synth : I'm 40 and I'll admit I don't listen to new music at all really. Except for synthwave and underground stuff and maybe a very few new artists. Like Drake's song with Michael in it lol bomb! Lol but anyway this young woman is very talented and I had no idea until recently when I heard her sing live. Her new album has a late 90s vibe. I like it. I gotta give her props man she's truly got an amazing voice. I'm a huge fan of MJ,Prince,Whitney and everything from metal to pop to new wave but I gotta admit I wanted to think she had no talent. I blame the music industry for the bland shit they produce. I had no idea she actually had an amazing voice.

Hely :D : Her teeth is brighter than my future

Amie Booy : James: ‘The traffic is so bad today’ Me: ‘It might help you out if you were actually driving on the road and not parked in a car park’

Chelsea & Franz : what size would you like? oh I’m gonna get a *grande*

Angel Doig : i love how james just realises hes being outshined and accepts it because ari is a FREAKING queen and a half dont @ me

Hana Suleman : 3:59 when my teacher asks ‘have you done your homework’ 😂

Inês Cruz : 8:35 that moment when Ariana Grande has ruined you for every other women on the planet

In my feelings : she's so charming and sweet. I loved seeing them go into Starbucks and see more of her sense of humor. Her impressions, her talent, her authenticity. I like Ariana more and more.

OutsideTheBox : Ariana really sets the bar for this generation of singers

Abigail McGowan : If you go on James channel, the escape room video was filmed right before this because Ariana has the bandage on her left hand from when she got hurt in the escape room. *mind blown*

ernieburt : Who else noticed that Karaoke and the Halloween Escape Room happened on the same day in August?

Leon Pont : We now know why her hand is taped

del Nicole : 1:12 one word, WOW

ScarlettP : "I'm going to get a Grande" Ariana is so hilarious

Enchanted Wolf : I’ve never heard Ari swear more than that escape room li’e if u agree comment if u disagree

Justin Jones : Ariana has a great sense of humour. lol love it

ciaran kavanagh : Now we know how she got the bandage !!

I’m not Pegasoos : Omigosh I would totally ship James Corden and Ariana Grande 👏🏽