The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Intro Opening Cutscene / Cinematic [HD]

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Avatar Korra : I watch this just for the voice acting.

Ravus : Men of the north

LastKnownMeal : 5 Nilfgaardians disliked this video.

Zach Machin : Is there actually any way to say "Men of the North" without it sounding epic 😂

POWERFUL Furtive Pygmy : The north bleeds! flogged by war! my favorite part.

Timzel the Fabulousss : Is it bad that I know this entire thing by heart

Luke Naim : ...OR HAVE THEY LAID THIS BURDEN ON OTHERS! ... on so called, "Witchers"....

Afrika009 : Does the man even have a credit? I can't find him. Incredible voice

Jon Doe : Dude this feels like the voice actor is making a speech for the 300 Spartans.

Sasuke Uchiha : the nefarious force called MAGICK

hecking Bamboozled : i cant be the only one here who loves the background tune 2:06 - 2:16

Mp Extory : conjunction of the spheres was an inside job

Vojtěch Vázler : I just love that voice :3

Zefurin : Each time I start the game, I stop moving and I watch this... just to immerge into the great ambiance of this epic game...

Rex Mortem : Best speech of all time lol

shinyfrenchfry : For everyone asking, this is supposed to be Radovid speaking

Wolf Mask : This guy is a racist, ignorant, bigot. But he does give us a good setup to what's going on.

Connor Mac : 2:35 Gives me chill to the spine every time

XO Abel : The North bleeds. And Radovid V the Stern will send the nilfgaard empire back south across the yaruga river. when winter comes the red eagle will spread it's wings and the north will be free

foxstar612 : The North bleeds! Flogged by war!

Captain Hindsight : Thumbs up if Emhyr won the war! Sadly, Radovid won the war in my playthrough. ):

Wizuraii : The air was filled with smoke and bloods....opppsssss wrong game.

Gram T : 1:28 Wait, is that imagery implying Yennefer was an old witch?

Meriç Sakarya : who's the voice actor of this? anyone knows?

Christian Rashotte : 1:15 Evil star of david

James Bradford : The narrator sounds like Vegeta....sort of

Mitozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz : my daily dose

Thiradell : quite possibly the best opening cut-scene ever

truehit : Great voice work. But I should mention that Russian version sounds even better!

Paddy Curé : NIGH is the time of madness and disdain

Kùrǿ Ökâmî : Amazing voice acting!

Ryan Accorsini : Where can I find the music playing in the background?

XxshooterxXD : and yet you do not PLEAD?

Redorik : I have a feeling this cutscene was the moment leading up to when Geralt was stabbed with the pitchfork, and the events transpired with the Wild Hunt which caused the games' storyline to unfold.

harrkion : can you please tell me the OST used in the wild hunt part of this video?

ss ri : Sounds like a speech from 300

miriam daniel : I'd like to know what software was used to make this animation pls. Does anyone have an idea?

MoHamed HoSam : none will fight this war in our stead ..

LordVader1094 : FINALLY! I've been trying to find this opening for ages but all that came up for "intro" was the cinematic cutscene at the start of a new game. Honestly though, the voice work in this makes me want to convert to the Eternal Fire. BURN THE WITCHES!!!

Ruddy Antonio Japa Soto : Does anybody knows who is talking? I mean is a character from the game?

ogostos : this is cool. but russian version is cooler

Stefan Rasmussen : Its a damn lovely game :)


Jan Michael Vincent : The medieval Alex jones

Beatmyguest001 : Who is the voice actor? He sounds similar to the narrator of Mordheim: City of The Damned too. They almost have a welsh accent on some of the words. I love his voice.

Cody Guerrero : Who is the voice actor for this scene? He's amazing.

siegfried : ''The north bleeds. Flogged by war'' this line give me chills

namekman01 : i think i just realized 1:28 was yennefer. she used to be an ugly hunchback, but she fixed that with magic

Loyal Servant : You all need to listen to this in Polish

Charles Kiss : 1 word EPIC!