The Cryptid of North Alabama - Soft Spoken Story Time
Creepy Cryptid Encounter Story Time with time lapse drawing

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My second personal story time. This is 100% true, I swear. I wrote this one out else I would not have been able to narrate it calmly. Let me know which type you like more. As I live and breathe I swear to you this is what I saw, the true the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have yet to hear any stories of anything like this thing, have you? This one should be loud enough for you to listen on speaker while you do other stuff, but you can also turn it down for headphone use.


Parker Mae Audio : I use to be supppeerr into cryptozoology. I love stories like these :)

Mark Schlingloff : Very wicked, I think the White Wolf handled it and took care of business!

Swamp Dweller : Spooky story 🙂👻

TDNS ASMR Interviews : pssssst. Hi Pockets! Waves!

lani : Here from reddit... new sub! Very interesting and glad you got away from that creature 😱

TheLegendaryWeegee : You're from Alabama? Hell yeah!

TrustNo1 : It seems like a reptilian encounter

juan soto : Sounds like the Rake maybe? Great story an sorry about your encounter. wut a D*ck Ex- Boyfriend. If my wife tells me something like that I wouldn’t question her, we’d be armed to the teeth instead.

Nierhardt : Is this a true story? :o

James Jones : Here from reddit