The Cryptid of North Alabama - Soft Spoken Story Time

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Spooky Boy ASMR : I use to be supppeerr into cryptozoology. I love stories like these :)

Mark Schlingloff : Very wicked, I think the White Wolf handled it and took care of business!

TheLegendaryWeegee : You're from Alabama? Hell yeah!

Swamp Dweller : Spooky story 🙂👻

lani : Here from reddit... new sub! Very interesting and glad you got away from that creature 😱

Cal : Great storytelling right here 😏

TDNS ASMR Interviews : pssssst. Hi Pockets! Waves!

TrustNo1 : It seems like a reptilian encounter

James Jones : Here from reddit

juan soto : Sounds like the Rake maybe? Great story an sorry about your encounter. wut a D*ck Ex- Boyfriend. If my wife tells me something like that I wouldn’t question her, we’d be armed to the teeth instead.

Nierhardt : Is this a true story? :o