Eminem is not a rapper

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Henrik Haag : do more videos like this

ThunderstruckGaming : I've been fooled all these years...

TurtleKicking : This is my legacy

Kenetic Kups : can I use Eminem to plug my phone into my computer?

Craterrize : There you have it folks.

Jordan Brown : Lmao one guy said do more videos of this

LEJKAHH : I just died

joaquin Velazquez : How many watts the Eminem haves

truesweetguy69 : This sucked, 2 seconds of my life wasted

OmarAlhandoud : Lmfao

Latte AJ : So, can you charge my laptop or what type of adapter are we?

٠ Ycdm ٠ : I CAN ADJUST!

Fernando : jajajajaja

Charlie Leaf : Lol

itachi utchiha : hahahaha so lame

Fyre : Doctor: you have 2 seconds to live Me: This video gets me every fucking time. Damn.

eliezer uribe : Tris is is bull crápula

Flower Blast studios! : X͓̽D͓̽

rideordieguy rideordieguy : WELL THATS TRUE

MINECART76 //Playz Gamez : im not a rapper im an aDABter

B Rabbit : Amaze 10/10

A random Youtuber : I’ve been lied to my entire life

CODE:094682649492649 : Lol

[GD] HopOff : I'm not a rapper, I'm a KFC Box-Meal Halloween Special.