You Have NO Choice - George Carlin
You Have NO Choice George Carlin

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George Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008) was an American stand-up comedian, actor, author, and social critic. This quote is taken from his last stand up routine, "Life Is Worth Losing" (2005). To get the After Skool Graphic Novel visit our site Please support After Skool on Patreon so we can produce videos more frequently. These animations take a tremendous amount of Time and effort. Your generosity helps to keep this channel alive. Thank you! For more interesting videos, please subscribe!


Uncle Chopper : Slave are no longer are in chains. They're in debt.

Thoroughly Wet : I like how they all clap like "Damn straight! He's talking real truth" but does anything change? No

I T : 1) unplug - cut out media entering your mind through your senses. 2) do not buy - don't buy things you do not need. Cable, eating out, starbucks, phones worth over $60, junk food, etc Just don't fall for the consumerism trap. 3) free your mind - meditation, yoga, retreats, contemplation etc 4) purge yourself of the qualities that are dominant in these pigs - greed, envy, desire for control and power etc. If enough people start to truly wake up, fully, to realise the truth of reality and themselves then there WILL BE a revolution! Inevitable.

Vass Apos : I love how all the people clapping probably slept like babies that same night thinking "wow im woke af" and kept doing the exact same thing. If you really want to do something, start being more conscious of your consumer habits. Who you vote for makes little difference, on the other hand who you give your money to defines the economy. THAT'S power.

mycatisromeo : Slavery didn't end after the civil war, it was modified to include everyone.

Con Artist : This is not happening only in america but around the globe

Panda Bear : If money is where you find your happiness you’ll always be poor.

Troglodytic 6 Masses : So much meaning in 3 minutes

A Skeptical Charmander : All these people cheering and then they go home and do the same shit they've done for the last decade.

tcsharrett : U do have a choice. So be ready to face criticism, hate, indifference, and being shunned for not doing what's "expected" of you.

Angel Colón : This is why they want more npc’s

Just A Guy Production : Lobbying = bribery Is there any actual difference between the two besides one being legal?

Rockovissi : This is more relevant now than ever.

Jose Arteaga : Truth. We need more George Carlin's in this world...

ParanormalPat : 110% truth. Carlin nailed it as far as I'm concerned.

I BraveHeart : This dude was 100% spot on when it comes to corruption!

Vartolu Saadettin : Hear thee; pornography is a psychological weapon that has dire biological consequences.

Lag Swag : Free-range slaves are more productive than slaves in chains.

William Eargle : Man this really says alot about our society

Unorthodox : So fucking ahead of his own lifetime! George Carlin, The Legend! Cool illustrations bro!🤙

Aaron Swartz : If only I was a 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade school teacher. This would be a lesson done twice a year

Victor Cabanelas : Beautiful video! RIP George Carlin,.

After Skool : This is the first animation we've done from a comedian. Tell us what you think!

THE Q : Yet, no one REALLY does anything about it. Conform & obey. .......Have fun

Grappler senpai : I've learned more in 3 minutes than all of highschool.... Thank you

catwithoutthe hat : George Carlin much like Orwell, quite ahead of there time.

triniti korneli : Good speech. The people don't care. Because they are evil. The americans are responsible for everything in America. They like their bosses. No matter what they do. Just that's it. It's a problem everywhere. Not just in USA.

Mia V : Rest in peace George. You are a legend ❤👏

walter byrd : I think this more relevant today, than when he originally wrote it.

Mulani Aleem : Continue to smoke the dope and feed off the fear that fuels this cruel system..

5 Min Keto : George Carlin saw what the so called prophets did not.

Play it Purple : Its called the American dream because it's their dream not your dream...... get it😶

BAD BROODX13XXX : Man speaking the truth rest in peace George❤

Retro917 : They need to create a board game based on everything mentioned and called it Capitalism, an upgraded spinoff to the Monopoly and then game of Life put together, leave Sorry out ..

Andrew Wishon : Free will. Next video please.

Grab A Sandwich : I would LOVE to see you do this for Carlin's bit about saving the planet!

Alex Frideres : None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Wurminator : Join your local anarcho-syndicalist union and take back control with you fellow workers! Solidarity Forever!

greg taylor : "You can't win you can't get even and you can't get out of the game." The crows from the movie The Wiz.

aubrey alvarez : Okay, and..... so what is the solution since you seem to know everything? If it runs so deep and wide? How do we fix it?

aubrey alvarez : Okay, and..... so what is the solution since you seem to know everything? If it runs so deep and wide? How do we fix it?

Danny, Shaymin, and Friends : Just because a few big businesses tell us their bias doesn't mean that I will believe in their villages. After Skool made it seem like as if we are mindless slaves who are incapable of thinking. We are capable of making decision on our own.

Ayava Kyavata : For further reading, see Ted Kaczynski.

MyLinuxToyBox : What a great combination:  After Skool and George Carlin

CurbsideUnderwood : FACTS... I love the smell of revolution in the morning.... it smells like... VICTORY ✈️🔥🌴🚁🤠

HardRockMiner : Why did you have to leave us here, George? We need you almost as much as we miss you.

Priority Male : "NotAnythingYouOwn." -Song @ CampPhar Chronicle @soundcloud

Samer Antar : donald trump DOESNT RUN THE UNITED STATES and forbes richest AREN'T REALly THE RICHEST

Ivory Mantis : I enjoy commentary like this because everyone just mumbles when you ask, "Okay, this is the situation. How do we fix it?" Then you see that lots of people are apparently fine with being slaves.