You Have NO Choice - George Carlin

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Educate Society : "It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."

Alan Rizkallah : I miss George Carlin... and Bill Hicks... and Sam Kinison... and Rodney Dangerfield... and Richard Pryor... and Robin Williams... Man, a lot of my favorite comedians are dead. Jeez!

Uncle Chopper : Slave are no longer are in chains. They're in debt.

I T : 1) unplug - cut out media entering your mind through your senses. 2) do not buy - don't buy things you do not need. Cable, eating out, starbucks, phones worth over $60, junk food, etc Just don't fall for the consumerism trap. 3) free your mind - meditation, yoga, retreats, contemplation etc 4) purge yourself of the qualities that are dominant in these pigs - greed, envy, desire for control and power etc. If enough people start to truly wake up, fully, to realise the truth of reality and themselves then there WILL BE a revolution! Inevitable.

Thoroughly Wet : I like how they all clap like "Damn straight! He's talking real truth" but does anything change? No

After Skool : This is the first animation we've done from a comedian. Tell us what you think!

Los Psi : I love how all the people clapping probably slept like babies that same night thinking "wow im woke af" and kept doing the exact same thing. If you really want to do something, start being more conscious of your consumer habits. Who you vote for makes little difference, on the other hand who you give your money to defines the economy. THAT'S power.

HardRockMiner : Why did you have to leave us here, George? We need you almost as much as we miss you.

Turin Turambar : My family fell for the propoganda and we left Hungary to move to the US under the premise we'd have a better life. We risked literally everything, our language, friends, culture back home. We were lied to. Now I want to go back. Shit is the same everywhere.

Ruben Reyes : Let’s start a revolution, little by little, who’s up for it? Less talk, more action...

Troglodytic 6 Masses : So much meaning in 3 minutes

Max Boyd : Anyone else think these illustrations are dope Nope? Just me? Alright

Angel Colón : This is why they want more npc’s

Controlled Opposition : George was light years ahead of his time. No one was able to see the the bull like Carlin. If he had decided to run for POTUS he have my vote in a heartbeat, but he was too smart to even consider such a venture. He knew he'd be assassinated in no time flat attempting to (Truly) unite the people of this country

A Skeptical Charmander : All these people cheering and then they go home and do the same shit they've done for the last decade.

Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle : Imagine if Carlin were alive today and found out who the (((big business))) is

YSL Josho : All we need is Jesus everyone stay calm.

Pope On A Rope : *TRUMP 2020!* 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Marko Vozz : As time passes by, I can understand Hitler. And no, I dont like the way he did it.

Victor : "It's called the American dream. Cause you have to be asleep to believe it" 😂😂😂. Basically true because of the rich idiots at the top 1%

MICROSOFT HQ : The older I get the more dumb this is. Any one can make a business it takes work

Carlos Parra : You begin saying that politicians are just puppets of the rich, yet you end your argument blaming the people who is choosing the politicians.

Aaron Swartz : If only I was a 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade school teacher. This would be a lesson done twice a year

Tiber Septim : Freedom is an ilussion

ANightDazingZoroark : humans are evil

Danny, Shaymin, and Friends : Just because a few big businesses tell us their bias doesn't mean that I will believe in their villages. After Skool made it seem like as if we are mindless slaves who are incapable of thinking. We are capable of making decision on our own.

Travis Newman : this guy knew what he was talking about.

Joshua Cisneros : Lobbying = bribery Is there any actual difference between the two besides one being legal?

Pat Doc : Wasn't George Carlin rich?

Ryan Muthui : Online gambling should be illegal too

Lucky Bastard : Have truer words ever been spoken?

Jose Arteaga : Truth. We need more George Carlin's in this world...

Lag Swag : Free-range slaves are more productive than slaves in chains.

dirtdiver5050 : Carlin was AGAINST MALE CIRCUMCISION! Think about that for a while!

Danny, Shaymin, and Friends : Business nowadays do not want mindless slaves doing repetitive jobs, they have robots to do that. Creativity and critical thinking is what they want. They also are careful not to be controversial in a bad way.

David Lyons : This video made me think that he's talking about liberal Democrats sounds exactly like them!

YouTube N' Chill : If George were alive today, I think he would support our POTUS. God bless Trump and God bless the USA!!!! 🇺🇸

Alex Frideres : None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Seablian : Perfect description of the international (((Jewry)))

Karim Bekkouche : George Carlin saw what the so called prophets did not.

HitProof : That's why I want Total War

catwithoutthe hat : George Carlin much like Orwell, quite ahead of there time.

Looking For Yesturday : So depressing, so true

Con Artist : This is not happening only in america but around the globe

myles lynn : Wrong, he is mixing up choice with control. I may not have control over what the government does, but I certainly have the choice to decide who I am and what I do with what’s around me. I have choice, in fact, it is the only thing I will ever own. George is just a sad, bitter old man.

tejash patel : Absolutely true, but people are waking up now.

Mia Vegan : Rest in peace George. You are a legend ❤👏

The OG Dominic : I had an argument with my brother about Obama’s corruption and he kept saying he was “a man of the people”, despite lowering taxes for the top 1%, not doing anything about Wall Street, starting 5 wars and lying to the people who voted for him.

Polski Arrow : So, I prefer not west, but east part of world... good vid!

I BraveHeart : This dude was 100% spot on when it comes to corruption!