Primitive Technology: A-frame hut

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dat calculation tho : #1 on trending! YouTube is finally doing something right.

Verry Jupiter : what region and country are you doing this ??? please answer

IBeast : *What Minecraft Mod is This?*

david Swole : Primitive Technology "How to live off the grid" "The Government wants to know your location"

Con Steven : I love this channel because it's so relaxing compared to so many obnoxious YouTubers who talk too much

Adam C : That house is nicer than mine

Sergiu S : When are you gonna make WiFi?

KoalinRandom : Many admire him, but the real hero is truly... His shorts.

Nicewolf : Make a primitive Jacuzzi

Triact : Arks new update looks intense

TA Outdoors : Love the no BS approach to your videos. Everything is straight to the point. Even the captions: "Putting in Post"... No messing around...Thumbs up

Nabam Ojoey : Survival mode after being dumped. 😈

LordDelakar : Holy shit I just discovered that if you put on captions it tells you what he's doing and why.

Nina Scott : How does he shave? Where does he upload from? Where does he get his clothes? I have so many questions! This lifestyle seems awesome!

Wafer Waffle : This is someone who goes onto naked and afraid and somehow makes a mansion after a week

x50 : Buy a house? That's funny, just build one in the woods for free

チャンネルなんでも : 日本人いたら👍

BirdFeathers YT : Wow u must be skilled not to stab ur hands

EzNh : Make a door bro

Jebus Crust : He knows da wae

Aditya : *FIRE MAKES IT GO AWAY!!* That caption cracked me up so hard😂

TheDorianTube : Where are you? : ( I'm having heavy withdrawal symptoms

00comm : I odly feel the sudden primal desire to seek a mate right now. But seriously I flipping loved that this had no talking, no music, just straight business. This is such proof that a tightly edited well done video doesn't need fluff if its supremely interesting. An absolute joy to watch. Freaking Bravo. This is the kind of stuff that Discovery should be getting, an entire series of from scratch village building.

MetroidChild : Minecraft hardmode (probably the most unoriginal comment made ever)

Fernan De Terfenx : When wideo?

Justin Odisho : It appears we’ve entered the straw age

Wes 1337 : Your definition of “hut” and my definition of “hut” are very different.

thepurpleman 137 : yo tell me why this dude looks like James Franco

Anonymous 100110 : Why you don't put it the floor rocks?,you can tep on rocks and no in the dirt anymore :)

Yasin Sarıkaya : Where is the new video?

Mat Hantu : 1 minute late and its already have 5k view

Cayenne Pepper : 저번달 왜 제꼈어요? 뱀한테 물리기라도 했어요?

xSevimsiz Oyuncu : Minecraft Life XD

محمد الحازمي : ماشاءالله اتحدا واحد يعيش مثله له سنوات من وين له نت😅

Freezies : 1.8k palm fronds downvoted this video.

The Erotic Movie Review : And still has better Wi-fi than half of Cheltenham..

natka :D : *_yyy....pozdro z polski...XDDDDD_*

Blunt Brother : I enjoy watching his calm smooth pace. Never angry or discouraged.

Crag Mc : Can't wait for the next video man! Please keep doing these, they're amazing. Very compelling viewing

Rute Christiano : BR ALGUÉM???

Squid SQuiddly : One of these days I am going to get the confidence to go out into nature unprepared with nothing but my 2 bare hands, proudly attempt all this, and die

mj100013 : Wherever I lay my axe. that's my hut.

Abdul Wasay : Hay make underground house or tree house

Humanomoly creature Another me : He,s Australian

Eric Cartman : Are there cassowaries in your area? If so, how do you avoid getting attacked? Love your channel keep up the good work!

Mr. Brapfel : Is this the "real life" everyone is talking about?

Resul Celik : Where are you?

Ravi Sharma : How about a q & a video in the future?

macarion : It seems like you're running out of ideas.

YoungTheFish : The new Minecraft graphics update sure looks realistic