Primitive Technology: A-frame hut

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Sam : Your vids should be half hour long mister

Con S : I love this channel because it's so relaxing compared to so many obnoxious YouTubers who talk too much

KoalinRandom : Many admire him, but the real hero is truly... His shorts.

Sergiu S : When are you gonna make WiFi?

Wafer Waffle : This is someone who goes onto naked and afraid and somehow makes a mansion after a week

Supur Gogetuh : Minecraft got a really nice graphical update.

Verry Jupiter : what region and country are you doing this ??? please answer

00comm : I odly feel the sudden primal desire to seek a mate right now. But seriously I flipping loved that this had no talking, no music, just straight business. This is such proof that a tightly edited well done video doesn't need fluff if its supremely interesting. An absolute joy to watch. Freaking Bravo. This is the kind of stuff that Discovery should be getting, an entire series of from scratch village building.

Blunt Brother : I enjoy watching his calm smooth pace. Never angry or discouraged.

Cheese Pro3322 : If his on a TV show of survival he will win like if you agree

dat calculation tho : #1 on trending! YouTube is finally doing something right.

Cavell da savage : I’ll pay you 80$ to make this for me

なんでもやるよ、優しいだろ : 日本人いたら👍

Hava F : And over here you see me, too lazy to clean my room let alone build one

Bill Box : Primitive Technology, thank you for your inspiring work. I Love all of your videos, they are truly amazing. BTW, It appears the number of likes for this video is locked at 199k so as to not allow you to get 2K or more Thumbs Up. Which I noticed was allowed for the thumbs down side. The number was 199K Likes when I arrived, I clicked Like and it did not change the number for me when clicked, only the color changed stating "Added to liked videos". I cant say it's an agenda, but if it is, it has me wondering ... What is Utube afraid of? A man thinking for himself and not needing assistance? Your work is awesome and the dislikes for your work must be bogus. God bless

not Ainsley : When I saw the turtle and him picking up the rock, I expected him to beat the shit out of the turtle. But no, he just picked up more rocks.

ゆっくりSEIYA : この人森に遭難しても生きれる説

MetroidChild : Minecraft hardmode (probably the most unoriginal comment made ever)

Emin Azak : It is so satisfying to watch him slap the woven wall with mud. 😍

aomsap zaza : เราว่าไม่ต้องตัดไม้เยอะก็ได้เดี๋ยวฝนตกไม่ตามฤดู

cresentcube : Give him a decade and he'll be building a fully functional rocket with only his shorts on.

Ya Boi : Primite Technology: Establishing the Soviet Union

M MUSA : Mantan like

Nina Scott : How does he shave? Where does he upload from? Where does he get his clothes? I have so many questions! This lifestyle seems awesome!

Kodie Britton : Came for a hut cane out with an axe.

Jonathan Araujo : My 4 yo daughter said we should thank you for the entertainment. We are huge fans and love to watch together the videos of the "man of the forest", as she says. Thank you!

Beachedwhale 41 : Did this guy make how to basic

Freezies : 1.8k palm fronds downvoted this video.

Mister Ministr : Он дурак бляять???Стекловаты захуярил в кровать

Николай Кавтаскин : Да что за слабак не мог руды железной добыть печь доменную по бырому соорудить и инструмента нормального отлить или выковать потом 🤛🏿

magzire : Must be the only successful YouTube channel never spoke one work

Veaceslav Stoianov : Настоящий выживальщик


T N Y YouTube : I follow you 1 Milion subscriber but I have not heart

jp tecson : What country do you live ?

TryMike4instance : at this point you must've built a whole village of huts

Mathew Farthing : Every one I’ve watch I’ve wonder is this in Australia

Gabz Rae : Is this Minecraft I need to download this version now!!!!!!!!!


Thạnh Phước : you have the fogre, and some metal right ? why didn't make a machete or axe with it ? stop at stone ages ? :3


retak : real life minecraft

Baoanh Huynh : Ai là việt nam giơ tay nào

Saroya Arts : This should be titled "How to survive on an Island"

Jeffy Paul : Wow what doing?

Justin Odisho : It appears we’ve entered the straw age

Иван Рябов : Первый русский))

SFTV.33 : wooooow ♥♥♥♥

soulnova : How many hours did it take to finish?

Soccer lifestyle : When the new video comes online