Primitive Technology: A-frame hut

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Prabin Gupta : In the future I would love if he gets a diamond play button without even talking a single word..... What a legend

C8 Cheese : I’m just here taking notes if I become homeless

Blunt Brother : I enjoy watching his calm smooth pace. Never angry or discouraged.

Hava F : And over here you see me, too lazy to clean my room let alone build one

00comm : I odly feel the sudden primal desire to seek a mate right now. But seriously I flipping loved that this had no talking, no music, just straight business. This is such proof that a tightly edited well done video doesn't need fluff if its supremely interesting. An absolute joy to watch. Freaking Bravo. This is the kind of stuff that Discovery should be getting, an entire series of from scratch village building.

dat calculation tho : #1 on trending! YouTube is finally doing something right.

Cheese Pro3322 : If his on a TV show of survival he will win like if you agree

Freezies : 1.8k palm fronds downvoted this video.

LC Scout : "Hmm, I don't seem to have enough thatch." *Pans to old hut*

Ya Boi : Primite Technology: Establishing the Soviet Union

Adam C : That house is nicer than mine

Emin Azak : It is so satisfying to watch him slap the woven wall with mud. 😍

RVpro_ o : What is this texture pack called?

Baoanh Huynh : Ai là việt nam giơ tay nào

MetroidChild : Minecraft hardmode (probably the most unoriginal comment made ever)

Justin Odisho : It appears we’ve entered the straw age

Bill Box : Primitive Technology, thank you for your inspiring work. I Love all of your videos, they are truly amazing. BTW, It appears the number of likes for this video is locked at 199k so as to not allow you to get 2K or more Thumbs Up. Which I noticed was allowed for the thumbs down side. The number was 199K Likes when I arrived, I clicked Like and it did not change the number for me when clicked, only the color changed stating "Added to liked videos". I cant say it's an agenda, but if it is, it has me wondering ... What is Utube afraid of? A man thinking for himself and not needing assistance? Your work is awesome and the dislikes for your work must be bogus. God bless

Beachedwhale 41 : Did this guy make how to basic

K S : Отдельное спасибо за русские субтитры!

Veaceslav Stoianov : Настоящий выживальщик

TA Outdoors : Love the no BS approach to your videos. Everything is straight to the point. Even the captions: "Putting in Post"... No messing around...Thumbs up

Mikhail Gaming : Wow... I like ur channel Im only 11 years old But im already planning to go to a province if I become an adult And i will bring my best friends too.. XD

シュークリーム : 日本人いたら👍

Иван Рябов : Первый русский))

Bayu Fadhilla : I'm impressed that you know the name of the rocks Not many people know types of metamorphic rocks

Squid SQuiddly : One of these days I am going to get the confidence to go out into nature unprepared with nothing but my 2 bare hands, proudly attempt all this, and die

Looty’s loot’s loot Eh : If he goes on naked and afraid then they would have to change the title to naked and not afraid He wouldn’t even say anything the during the entire show

Meme Catcher : He couldve saved so much time when he made the stone axe by getting 3 stone blocks and 2 stick.

retak : real life minecraft

Gabz Rae : Is this Minecraft I need to download this version now!!!!!!!!!

CoolGuy10002 : When I saw the turtle and him picking up the rock, I expected him to beat the shit out of the turtle. But no, he just picked up more rocks.


soulnova : How many hours did it take to finish?

Ashley Persaud : He made a bigger hut and moved from the smaller one

GewoonGuido : 8:15 deez nuts


Saroya Arts : This should be titled "How to survive on an Island"

Rodrigo Cardoso : Esse cara parece com os Astecas

MERVE KULAKLI : Helal reyizz

ThE MiStErIoUs : Devo ser o único BR vendo esse homi das caverna

magzire : Must be the only successful YouTube channel never spoke one work

景山縁里 : 0:12~0:20 ☺👍

mundo louco da isa : ai love


Vidar Vidar : Он дурак бляять???Стекловаты захуярил в кровать

TryMike4instance : at this point you must've built a whole village of huts

agelos belivanis : Καλά ρε ηλίθιε ... Την κάμερα στην ζούγκλα που την βρήκες;

cesar amadio : Esta muy bueno👍

PhuketBungalow Info : what is wrong with the 2000 idiots disliked the vid?

T N Y YouTube : I follow you 1 Milion subscriber but I have not heart