Primitive Technology: A-frame hut

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Zairin : Seeing the turtle got me curious... If he lives out here, how does he get food? Obviously a turtle would be a pretty good food source, but he didn't take the turtle. He also had those nuts. Does he go vegan for these projects?

dat calculation tho : #1 on trending! YouTube is finally doing something right.

Шамиль Гаджиев : It is with great pleasure watched the video. Thank you for the good video, dear friend. Hello from Russia.

jarek506 : in the future I intend to be a caveman

مرتضى الفاطمي انصار الشيعه : دعم عربي لترجمه

Made in BALi : Keren

Aditya : *FIRE MAKES IT GO AWAY!!* That caption cracked me up so hard😂

열정 YouTube : 재밌다.

Sue Potter : This youtuber literally just reposted & took credit for YOUR entire video on the wattle and daub house ..... right on down to the description!

själklart : Hey! could you show us some primitive cooking technics :) or is that not in your field of knowlage? great channel


UnPhayzable : As long as it has wifi, it works

william mclachlan : How long does it take to make the axe head (roughly)

Austin the Knife thrower : At the end where it rain you could have made a barrier to keep the water from flowing in the front like a barrier of rocks

David's workshop : Make a metal tool plz

The.Dark.Skyfall : Bonjour ! Vidéo très intéressante et sous titres appropriés, le montage est maitrisé et efficace, les vidéos sont toujours intéressantes. Pourquoi n'y a t'il pas de parole ? Je pense que sa pourrait être encore plus intéressant ! Continue j'adore ça et je me couche moins bête le soir.

WAL33D MAS : Congratulations on 7 million subscribers

H20 Nomaly : i want to see him build a mansion

Sergey C : How about crafting a Girlfriend?

wisnu yoga : Can you make a chest

Andrey Eugenievich : Waiting him to make big booty woman from natural latex collected from rubber tree. I`m just worried he is allways so sad looking (>_<)

War Monkey : Congrats on 7 mil

Nonstop Gamer YT : I SUBSCRIBED

Kapitein Damian : do you want making a knife pls? thanks

R.a.g.e : You should definitely try bow fishing or fishing with spear but for youtube maybe better would be basket fishing.

BirdFeathers YT : Wow u must be skilled not to stab ur hands

AdventureSportFlashlights : Seems like you really have a lot of good natural resources to choose from where you are. If you know how to work with them that is :)

좀비고 Aces 클랜 : 한국인인사람 손~

*RealAlexFan* YT : What do you do when you’re done making it? Do you take it down?

محمد الحازمي : ماشاءالله اتحدا واحد يعيش مثله له سنوات من وين له نت😅

Keith Delmo : I really wanna see you tame a pet wolf or somethin. Edit1: Like a documentary or somethin while it's growin up. Edit2: You can add the clips after a video about a project you've done so viewers have something(other things aside from the finished project indicated by the title of the vid) to look forward to. :) *JUST AN ADVICE FROM A VIEWER WHO APPRECIATES YOUR VIDS AND WORKS :)*

ivox : damn

IMLBG : Can a person live in wild full time for all life?

栗林圭 : 日本語字幕ありがとう!

FlamingMonkey0 : archaeologists in the future are going to hate him

Hughman 284 : 120 Years later: "Now kids, as you look to your left you will see the hut of a man who survived the apocalypse in a hut made of Youtube Subscribers."

Village Food Life : Wow! Amazing Dear Currently #22 TRENDING on YouTube. Thank You for show us Primitive Life. Nice House.

Jebus Crust : He knows da wae

antonio caetano : similarity or coincidence?

Sinbad 344 : *What Minecraft Mod is This?*

Humanomoly creature Another me : I'm going to expose his name his name is John plant

Unicorn Flex : I love how your new property is kind of like a season 2 of Primitive Technology. It's an actual story that progresses and I sort of love that.

Humanomoly creature Another me : He,s Australian

Илья Воронин : Снимай ещё видио

Wahyu 554 : Uncle please make a video about metal forging

Mike Roustom : Bravo

Kraig Adams : Only channel that I have notifications on for

User 2 : Can you make Kebab in your stove Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

parker weber : Do you ever have to worry of venomus animals or bugs

Paracord Unlimited : Try and make something powered by a water wheel